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Chapter 367 - A half day of leisure

  Yuan Chengdao eventually joined Yu Bo's team. The two sides may have reached an agreement, Yu Bo is in a good mood, after all, Yuan Chengdao is also considered a strong arm. The two sides may have reached some kind of agreement. The matter between them Li Dong did not ask much, as long as it does not delay the progress, he does not have too high requirements in this regard. Although looking at Yuan Chengdao some displeasure, but that is a personal perception, as for the professional field, Yuan Chengdao ability is not weak, can have Yuan Chengdao help, Li Dong is also happy to do so. Because they have to go back to collect information, as well as make a suitable acquisition plan, Yu Bo people also did not stay much, and far away from the signing of the contract and led people to leave. Yuan Chengdao had just joined the team, so naturally he also had to go over to bond. This guy walked at the end, first whispered a few words with Shen Xi, and then waved at Li Dong before finally turning around and leaving in style. Li Dong glanced at his back and asked Shen Xi: "What did this guy just say? Why do I feel that his eyes are full of deep meaning?" Shen Xi said with a red face, "I said you can not be so careful, at least is a big boss, always with him why?" "That's true." Li Dong smilingly nodded, and then said to Shen Xi: "Forget it, do not talk about him. You should talk to me about what happened yesterday, what exactly did your father mean by that, this loan is not fixed, my heart is always a little unsettled." "I was just about to tell you." Shen Xi said, while pulling out a printed document from the folder in her hand and handed it to Li Dong Dong, "This is what I found yesterday after searching for half a day, just take a look at it yourself and you will know." Li Dong took the paper and looked at it, it was a document jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial government. The document is actually very long, the paper in Li Dong's hand is only a partial excerpt. But this is enough, Li Dong stood in place for a while, and then some understanding: "I said how Secretary Du asked me to care more about politics, but also specifically asked me to care more about the distribution center and fresh supermarket, feelings of the government side and this policy." This document is actually very simple, is a note about the national debt discount loan. Every year, the Jiangbei government and the Ministry of Commerce will select some promising projects or projects related to people's livelihood for interest-bearing loan support. This loan is not from the bank, but directly from the national debt side of the loan, and by the government and the Ministry of Commerce to subsidize the interest, is a very affordable policy. Of course, general enterprises and projects are certainly not supported. But Li Dong is not worried, since the old Du sent a message, but also said the distribution center and vegetable basket project, is obviously to remind Li Dong, focus on these two projects above. Distribution centers and fresh supermarkets can barely be considered related to people's livelihood, the top support is fine, not support can actually be. Since Lao Du has given his approval, it means that if Yuanfang applies this time, the problem is still not too big. Li Dong slightly relieved, asked Shen Xi: "These two projects reported, can be loaned to 500 million?" Shen Xi shook her head and said, "I'm afraid it's a little difficult, but try to public relations, even if there is no five hundred million, three or four hundred million or no problem. The rest we can go to the bank, the national debt side does not need collateral, because this is a government-supported project, as long as we do a good job on the project." "Three hundred and forty million …… if this is okay, after all, the government discount interest, or quite cost-effective." Li Dong nodded, and smiled at Shen Xi, "Your family's old man is high, so that we can not only justify the loan, but also save a lot of interest, earn a lot." Li Dong left half a sentence did not say, that is, the old Du is worthy of the official field a brother, this hand played really wonderful. The original Li Dong is ready to government-guaranteed loans, but after all, this is not a small risk, now the old Du made a policy out, Li Dong then directly to apply for the line. By then, even if Du Anmin a little biased, even if there are problems later, in fact, Du Anmin will not be affected by anything. After all, the distribution center and fresh supermarkets do meet the project application criteria for the interest discount policy, the province through this application, fully justified, all processes are compliant, something happened is not Du Anmin's problem. And Li Dong side also got a benefit, the government discount interest, the money is not a small amount. Several hundred million of loans, even if the loan for three years, the interest is also enough to scare people, and at once saved tens of millions of expenses, Du Anmin this favor sent not small, Li Dong absolutely must appreciate it. Shen Xi gave him a white look and did not say anything, this guy got a bargain and still selling his good behavior. Li Dong laughed and turned to Liu Qi and said, "Sort out the information of the distribution center, and also the information of our fresh supermarkets under Yuanfang, and hand it over to Mr. Shen later." After finishing with Liu Qi, Li Dong said to Shen Xi: "You follow up on this matter, no problem, right?" Shen Xi nodded and asked Li Dong, "Who will go to Sunan?" "Sun, Wang Yue still has to keep an eye on the new stores, and the acquisition of the supermarkets in Jiaxinglong has almost been discussed, so I'll change someone to follow, and I'll be relieved if Sun goes over there."