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Chapter 368 - Villa Catnip

  ♂, Lanshan Manor. It was the time of spring and summer, and this side of Lanshan was full of greenery, and the scenery seemed to be three times more beautiful than the last time Li Dong came over. Li Dong drove his Bentley for the first time and felt that it was not a good feeling. From downtown to Lanshan, it used to take nearly forty minutes, but this time half an hour to the entrance of Lanshan Manor. At the door, Li Dong was stopped by someone. The residents of Lanshan Manor are rich, and the security is very strict, although Li Dong drove a luxury car, but there is no registration in the community, naturally he will not be allowed to enter at will. But after all, Li Dong is the owner of a luxury car, the security guard also spoke very politely. First, he asked Li Dong's purpose, whether he was meeting a friend, or was invited, and if possible, hoped that Li Dong would make a phone call to a friend, so that his friend could make a phone call to the security office. When he knew that Li Dong had come to see the house and had become the owner of the 16th single-family house, the security guard was more polite. While registering Li Dong's license plate, he informed his companion to make changes to the information in the database. Perhaps fearing that Li Dong would be unhappy if he waited impatiently, the security guard in his thirties explained to Li Dong while releasing him, "Mr. Li, this is the first time, you won't need to take so much trouble when you come back next time. After our database is updated, the next time you enter the neighborhood, the induction system will automatically release you." Li Dong nodded and was about to drive in when he thought about it and said, "There is a gold cup van with license plate number ×××× behind me, which is full of my companions, please register it for me." The security guard guessed the situation and nodded: "This is no problem, when the car comes, we will also be entered into the system." Li Dong gave a thank you, and only then drove into the neighborhood. As soon as he left, the security guard who had just spoken to Li Dong lamented, "It seems that there is another rich man in our community, and he is following his bodyguards." The other security guard, who was recording information at the security booth, said with a smile, "You don't think about it, can afford to buy a single-family villa is not bad money. 16 villa who used to live in you don't say you don't know, can in that hand to buy the house, you think this Mr. Li is a simple person?" "That's true, but I heard that the Chen family's old man fell ……" "Ahem, these words are not what we should talk about!" "Right, right, almost made a mistake, not to talk about that. Let's talk about Mr. Li, is there a rich man with the surname Li in Pingchuan? You know a lot, give the right number, save me from making mistakes in the future ……" The security guard in the security booth was about to speak when a silver and white Gold Cup van slowly drove over. Two people took a look at the license plate and looked inside the car, then they nodded to each other and gave the van a pass. As soon as the van left, the security guard standing outside spoke again, "It seems to be really fierce people, ah, I looked, five people, better equipped than us. Look at these people, each one is not a soft persimmon, it seems that this Mr. Li identity is not low ah." The other person in the security booth did not say anything, but stared at the surveillance video. Although Li Dong said these people were his companions, and they also roughly guessed that they were his bodyguards, but after all, it was the first time to come over, this security guard was not too at ease. There are a lot of noble people living in the Lanzan Villa Park, if something goes wrong, they can't afford to take care of it. When he saw Li Dong's car enter the villa, the van stopped outside the villa, and no one got out of the car, the security guard was slightly relieved. Then the two continued to chat about Li Dong's identity, a moment to guess whether Li Dong is a rich second generation, a moment to guess whether Li Dong is Chen Rui kind of identity …… security how to guess Li Dong do not care, the car stopped in the villa yard, Li Dong will look around the The villa's environment. The entire villa is divided into three layers, there is actually a layer underneath, is an underground garage. The underground garage Li Dong is not in a hurry to see, first into the interior of the villa, that is, the first layer. The first floor was visited by Li Dong last time, and this time it was just a brief look. Chen Rui's villa is not small in size, each floor has about 180 square feet, the most conspicuous thing on the first floor is the hall. Said hall, in fact, is the combination of living room and dining room, just this one living room and dining room, at least more than 120 square meters. The size of the hall Li Dong does not care too much, but Chen Rui's taste is not quite agreeable. I don't know how this guy thinks, the hall decorations and load-bearing columns, this guy actually painted gold, see once is okay, see more always feel a little tired. Usually look at Chen Rui's dress and taste, this guy is not that kind of profligate mentality, how will think of these things into gold, Li Dong do not quite understand how Chen Rui think. Li Dong also did not look more, really if you do not like, turn around and find someone to redecorate is. Decorations are thrown away, the load-bearing column repainted, which is not too big project, three to five days should be enough, it does not waste too long. Next, Li Dong looked at the rest of the first floor, in addition to the hall, the rest of the first floor there is a separate bathroom, a kitchen, and three guest rooms. Li Dong pushed the door into the guest room to see, inside everything is there, quilts and other things are also there, look at the layout should be used as a maid's room or nanny room. After all, such a large villa, the family is certainly not cleaned up, hire some cleaning and nannies is necessary. Li Dong saw the situation and thought for a moment, he turned around is not also find a nanny and cleaning, such a large villa, expect themselves to clean up, and do not work in the future. After seeing the first floor, Li Dong went up to the second floor through the spiral staircase. The second floor has a total of three bedrooms, a study, and a separate bathroom.