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Chapter 369 - Golden Tripod Jewelry

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The company's main goal is to help the customers to find the best way to clean their homes. The result is that he has not gone out, Lanshan Manor property side came to the people. There are two people, a man and a woman, the man is in his early thirties, the woman looks younger, should just work not long ago. The two first introduced themselves, then the man handed a business card to Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, from now on you are the owner of the manor, any needs can call this number, Longhua property will do its best to meet all your needs." Li Dong was a little surprised: "You are also directly under the Longhua Group?" The man smiled and said, "Long Hua Property is indeed directly under the Long Hua Group, Mr. Li may not know, the neighborhoods and buildings opened by the Long Hua Group in Pingchuan are all under the direct control of Long Hua Property." This point Li Dong really did not pay much attention to, in his heart secretly said that the Longhua Group is worthy of being the number one private enterprise in Jiangbei. In addition to real estate, Longhua Group's tentacles also extend to many industries. Property company seems insignificant, but in fact, a lot of money to earn, and the property side to the security side, Longhua Group over the years in Pingchuan to open the property can be a lot. If you really want to pull out a team, I'm afraid that the security guards under Longhua are no less than a few thousand people. Of course, this is Li Dong think casually, unless Xu Shengzhe their family brain into the water, otherwise this kind of thing certainly will not do. Li Dong also did not think much about it, lamented the huge Long Hua Group, then said: "Then I want to find a housekeeping company to help me clean up, you recommend one?" The man smiled and said: "Mr. Li, if you do not mind, we have our own exclusive housekeeping company, and in the manor, what do you think?" Cleaning just a little bit of hygiene, Li Dong also does not care about the other party in the end, hearing the man said so, nodded and answered. The company's main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. These are all minor things, the man of the property should be one and all. After these, the man made a phone call back, and accompanied Li Dong chatting for a few minutes, and finally in the housekeeping car to the villa door, the man led the other woman and Li Dong goodbye. The housekeeping side does not need Li Dong more trouble, people are professional, and do not need Li Dong to keep an eye on. Because of Li Dong's request for speed, the housekeeping came with a lot of people, four women and two men, a total of six people. Li Dong said to them some things to throw away, the other did not care, finished these then out of the villa. As soon as Li Dong left, several housekeeping staff whispered and lamented: "Although it's not the first time I've seen it, but every time I see these rich people so wasteful, my heart hurts for them." One person next to him laughed: "People are rich and don't care, what do you feel sorry for. Back to these things to the property side, we pick a few better to bring back, this is all brand-name, some are still new, others do not use, we can go back to use for years." "This is also true, last time cleaning villa 6, their family threw away some unwanted things. Seeing that I was watching, their mistress ended up picking out a few newer things to give me. You do not know, I went back to let my daughter a check, good guys, one of the belts more than 30,000, the number of times used is not much. Back to our family that mouth with, he dejected in the unit for some days." "Really? How come you didn't tell me about this, I said ……"…… several domestic staff discussion sound Li Dong did not hear. Out of the villa, Li Dong also did not go out and got into the van outside the villa door. Tan Yong a few people have greeted, Li Dong waved his hand to indicate that people do not need to be polite, and then said, "Next time I go to Lanshan side you do not follow, Lanshan Manor security is good, security guards patrol around the clock, you stay here is useless." In fact, Li Dong is still afraid of attracting attention, in the villa area parked a van is actually quite conspicuous. And this side of Lanshan are rich people, Li Dong has not seen others with bodyguards into the community, he also do not want to look too maverick. Seeing Li Dong say this, Tan Yong hesitated a little and said, "That's fine, we will wait for you outside the community." Li Dong just want to continue to say that do not need to follow, Tan Yong said: "Mr. Li, we are eating this bowl of rice, if you do not let us follow, this is not to smash our rice bowl? The brothers are not easy, you can't bear it, right?" Li Dong cried and laughed, did not expect the sullen gourd like Tan Yong now also become eloquent. See Tan Yong said so, Li Dong nodded and did not refuse, but thought about it or said: "That's okay, you guys go back to change the car, and do not drive the van, the van is too conspicuous in this side, I have a4 recently not used it, you guys drive away, and then let the company side to you with a car, two shifts." Tan Yong also did not refuse, nodded and wrote down. Li Dong and accompanied a few people chatted for a while, the car space is not large, Li Dong some suffocating, and the people greeted and got out of the car. As a result, just get out of the car Li Dong was almost hit by a head-on BMW, but the other party did not drive fast, Li Dong's hands and feet are not slow, rushed to dodge, which avoided a disaster. The BMW also slowly stopped, next to the Tan Yong a few people are quick to react, a few people quickly rushed out of the car. Three people will protect Li Dong in the center, Tan Yong with another person blocked in front of the BMW. The door of the BMW was soon opened, a young woman in her twenties hurriedly got out of the car, glanced at Tan Yong a few people, the young woman apologized to Li Dong in the center of the crowd: "I'm really sorry, just did not see you, you came out too fast, I did not react." Li Dong waved his hand for Tan Yong to move out of the way, looked at the other party, nodded slightly and said, "It's okay, I didn't care myself, it's me who should say sorry." He is also not a person who stirs up trouble, it is true that he did not care, Tan Yong and their car was parked on the side of the road, he did not look at the road when he got out of the car, and walked directly to the middle of the road. Besides, both sides are fine, the other party's attitude is also polite, Li Dong naturally will not be idle to find people trouble. More than one thing is better than less, the other party also looks like the residents of Lanshan Manor, who knows what the root cause, it is not necessary to offend people for no reason. The young woman smiled and looked at Li Dong, and then looked at the next villa 16, there are people cleaning the yard. A little thought, the woman guessed that Li Dong should be a new resident. Then glancing at Tan Yong, the woman smiled lightly at Li Dong and said, "It's good that you're okay, by the way, you're a new tenant, right?" Li Dong nodded his head. The other party smiled again: "Then we will be considered neighbors, I live in No. 18, my name is Ji Lanxin, get to know each other." Li Dong also hastily reached out to shake her hand and said with a smile, "I'm Li Dong, nice to meet you."