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Chapter 370 - The Joy of Treasure Hunting

  Ji Lanxin first nodded, then shook her head and said, "It's to open a new store, but I'm not going to open a separate store." "It's too expensive to open a new store alone, this time I want to find someone to cooperate with. These years you can see, consumer groups are concentrated in shopping districts and stores, with more and more big stores, one-stop service more and more extensive, separate store operation is no longer in demand. I am trying to find a big store to cooperate, rent their counter, and other jewelry stores to learn, and open counters in supermarkets and stores." When Ji Lanxin said so, Ji Yuanzhong nodded approvingly. The advantages of hypermarkets are becoming more and more obvious, this is obvious, supermarket jewelry counters are also more and more. The first few years were fine, these two years as the supermarkets and stores bigger, they are more difficult to survive such a separate store. This is also the helplessness of small and medium-sized jewelers, those well-known jewelers actually do not matter, they open stores, instead of opening a separate store mostly. Why? Because people have this fame guarantee, no matter how far you store open, people trust your brand. But Jinding Jewelry has not reached that point, in this part of Pingchuan, Jinding Jewelry can only be said to be the lower middle class civilian choice of jewelry stores, the real high-end consumption of people rarely come to Jinding Jewelry. And supermarkets and stores are the concentration of the lower middle class civilians, to really open a counter, but also a good way out. Thinking of this Ji Yuanzhong asked: "Have you thought about this for a long time?" "I had a general idea before, but what really made me make up my mind was a person I just met." "Who?" "Li Dong!" "Li Dong?" Ji Yuanzhong thought for a moment, then he asked, "Li Dong from Far Far Away Supermarket?" Ji Lanxin nodded and smiled again, "Dad, do you know where I ran into him?" Ji Yuanzhong laughed and said, "It's hard not to be in front of our house." Ji Lanxin looked at her own father with admiration and said with a smile, "Dad, it's a loss for you not to be a miracle teller." "What, it's still true?" Ji Lanxin nodded her head, and then told Li Dong about buying Villa 16. Ji Yuanzhong thought about it and after considering it for a while he said, "Then when Li Dong moves over, you invite him to our house as a guest and I will discuss with him about moving into the mall." Ji Lanxin said with some headache, "Actually, I have considered Yuanfang before, but it is not that simple. Dad, you probably don't know that Yuanfang has always been mainly a lifestyle supermarket, not many large shopping malls, and has never cooperated with the jewelry industry before, I'm afraid that Li Dong may not agree." Ji Yuanzhong smiled and shook his head: "This is not necessarily the case. Just because you didn't do it before, doesn't mean you won't do it now. The Far East has been expanding rapidly in the past two years, and there are more and more large shopping malls, so sooner or later they will have to get involved in the jewelry industry, and cooperate with us, is a win-win result, as long as the price can be negotiated, Li Dong ten ** will agree." Ji Lanxin think about it, and talk about it is not a loss, looking for an opportunity to invite Li Dong to dinner later. …… Ji family father and daughter in discussing the matter of moving into the mall, in fact, Li Dong in Ji Lanyin after leaving is also considering this issue. In the past two years, there have been more and more Yuanfang stores, and many large shopping malls. Gold and silver jewelry has always been the shortcomings of Yuanfang, not that Li Dong did not want to do, originally he was prepared to do it himself, but later found that the business is too deep, Li Dong did not dare to easily get involved. By now, Li Dong is too lazy to do it again. Eat alone is not necessarily a good thing, but also not necessarily earn more than others, since this is the case, it is necessary to find one or several jewelers to cooperate. Jinding jewelry this is also Li Dong just thought of, in fact, before Li Dong has always wanted to cooperate is that a few large jewelry companies. GDT's fame is still small, out of Pingchuan, know GDT jewelry is really not much, and not much help to the far side. However, if the cooperation is only in the territory of Pingchuan, Jinding is a good choice, Jinding jewelry in the lower and middle jewelry market in Pingchuan is still some fame, and can also produce a win-win situation with the far side. Of course, this kind of thing Li Dong is not going to mention himself. If GDT Jewelry is interested, it will naturally find him to talk, if not Li Dong, it does not matter, there are many medium-level jewelers in Jiangbei. Faraway is now the leading retailer in Jiangbei, he has the choice, but Jinding Jewelry these jewelers do not have much choice. Li Dong is not a good church, jewelry stores in the Far Side, naturally have to pay a sufficient price to do, others to find you good price, they are looking for others, then it is the turn of others to pick on you. The far side is not yet to the point of hunger, jewelry stores in the mall is not a matter of urgency, Li Dong now not panic. No more thinking about Ji Lanxin, Li Dong turned around in the small area, and when he returned to the villa, the hygiene had been almost cleaned up. Chen Rui often comes to live before, usually also arrange people to clean, the villa is not too dirty. Six people cleaned, and in less than two hours, the whole villa was sorted out. The people from the housekeeping company used a minivan to pull away all the things that Li Dong didn't want, and Li Dong didn't look at it much, there was nothing in the villa for him, so he didn't care about whatever was pulled away. When all the housekeeping staff left, Li Dong entered the underground garage. Turn on the lights, the garage is much brighter than before, the housekeeping side of the people should also clean the garage, inside is very clean, ventilation is also good.