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Chapter 371 Two documents

  Li Dong is not a reckless person, although it has been generally determined that there is a problem with the load-bearing column, but not panic smash. Carefully compared with several other load-bearing pillars, and knocked with a hammer, and when he noticed that two of them did sound a little different, Li Dong then smashed up. The knock knock knock sound in the empty garage is very loud. Chen Rui these two pillars are well built, very strong, the outside of the cement layer is also very thick. Li Dong smashed for a while, his hands were numbed by the shock, the pillars outside the cement has not been smashed open. Put down the hammer, Li Dong shook his hand, said to Tan Yong: "Tan, you come, smash slowly, do not smash the inside of the thing broken." Although I do not know what is in the pillar, Li Dong is sure there must be something. Otherwise, there is no need to make it so tight, but also completely sealed with cement, the average person who does not pay attention, live for decades may not be able to find. As for Tan Yong, Li Dong is also relieved. It's not that Li Dong has a big heart, he must believe that Tan Yong is loyal, the key is that the interests here are not enough to make Tan Yong betray Li Dong. No matter what the two pillars are, even if it is all gold, it will be like tens of millions of dollars. If for tens of millions Tan Yong betrayed Li Dong, it would be better to simply kidnap Li Dong and forget about it, maybe earn more. Li Dong lazy to continue to think, with Tan Yong this human perpetual motion machine to help, the pillar outside the cement layer was soon smashed out of a mouth. Tan Yong's last smash down, there was a muffled sound, the sound and the previous smash cement layer sound is obviously different. Tan Yong was a little embarrassed, and did not know if something was smashed, looked at Li Dong awkwardly and said, "Mr. Li, confiscate the hand." "It's okay." Li Dong waved his hand, came forward to take a look at the hole smashed out by Tan Yong, Li Dong some suspicion: "Wood?" Tan Yong is actually curious, followed by a look up and said, "It seems to be a small wooden box." Then he said to Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, still smashing?" "Smash!" "Bang Bang Bang!" With a muffled sound, the cement near the hole all smashed open. Tan Yong smashed for a while hurriedly turned to Li Dongdao: "Li Dong, you first give way, this pillar is not good immediately collapse." After all, it is fake, it looks no different from the load-bearing column, in fact, the top layer of the column is not connected to the top of the garage, and the middle was smashed almost broken, the stone column has some wobbly feeling. Li Dong is also afraid of hurting people, back a few steps and said to Tan Yong: "See if you can take the box out, if not, do not smash, I will let Lao Zheng and them accompany you to get." "No need!" Tan Yong returned a sentence, and smashed a few times, the upper part of the stone pillar has shaken more powerful. Tan Yong saw the situation and hurriedly dragged the small wooden box that had been exposed outward, and it took a lot of effort to drag the wooden box out, but as a result, just dragged the wooden box out, there was a rumble in the garage. The stone pillar finally did not hold up, after Tan Yong took the wooden box collapsed. Gray mist, Li Dong jumped, hurriedly shouted: "Lao Tan? Where is everyone? Is everything okay?" "Cough cough, Mr. Li, I'm fine!" Tan Yong responded, coughing for a while before coming out of the gray fog. Before the two had a chance to communicate, the shouts of several other people came from outside: "Mr. Li, Brother Tan, are you all right?" "Mr. Li, can we come in?" "Brother Tan, what's going on inside?" Just now the movement of the collapse of the stone pillar was a little too loud, the distance may not be heard, inside Li Dong villa is certainly heard the sound. Li Dong while helping Tan Yong pat the dust on his body, while returning: "We are fine, you guys just guard the outside, do not let people in." "Got it!" Hearing Li Dong's reply, several people sighed with relief as the sound of footsteps faded away. When they left, Tan Yong handed the small wooden box in his arms to Li Dong with a gray face, then he smiled nervously and said, "Mr. Li, I'm going out to wash my face, the dust is too heavy, I can't breathe." Li Dong glanced at him, and did not pretend to be noble, nodded and said, "Go ahead, I'll see what's there first." Tan Yong answered and hurriedly went out of the garage, deliberately closing the garage door tightly again on his way out. Li Dong looked at his back and smiled, no one should take anyone for a fool in this era, Tan Yong usually looks naive, but in fact is also a smart person. If the things in the box is not important, forget it, if some of the unseemly things, if he saw, turn around Li Dong heart must have thorns. Now he restrained his curiosity and chose to go out, which is probably the best choice. …… brownish-red small wooden box is not very big, it is also thicker than a laptop, the length and width are about the same, or else the stone pillar can not be wrapped in such a large box. Small wooden box with a small lock on top, the wooden box in addition to dirty a little, it does not look old. Li Dong placed the wooden box on the ground, rubbed his hands, some excitement in his eyes. Chen Rui made so tightly, in order to hide such a small box, and do not know what in the end is inside the things. Squatting down, picking up a hammer to break the small lock, Li Dong opened the box with some anticipation. Waiting to see what's inside, Li Dong frowned slightly, took the thing in his hand, then opened the outside wrapped plastic bag, exposed in front of Li Dong's eyes is neither the passbook he imagined nor any bearer checking account. It was a bulging folder, no different from the folders sold at roadside stalls. Of course, there is something inside the folder, Li Dong casually opened the folder and swept two eyes at the first document. This is a handwritten material, at first Li Dong was not prepared to look at it, but after reading the beginning, Li Dong could not help but continue to read. I don't know how long it took to read it, but Li Dong finally finished reading all the contents of the paper. Li Dong frowned and looked through the other papers, there are handwritten content, there are also printed content, and part of it is a copy. There are all kinds of things involved, some of which Li Dong can not understand, some of which are completely digital, and do not know what it means. Of course, there is still a part of Li Dong can understand, after reading these, Li Dong roughly guessed what the other things are. Li Dong frowned, slowly closed the folder, but the heart is cursed open. Chen Rui this son of a bitch this is not to harm themselves! Pingchuan is so big, there are a lot of rich people, this bastard why must find himself, but also had to sell the villa to himself, the pit ah this is! Can be hidden by the Chen family father and son so tightly, before leaving are afraid to take out the things, naturally will not be Chen Rui casually write the diary. This is a book to protect life! Protection of nature is not the life of Li Dong, but the life of Chen Rui father and son! Chen Jikuan fell down injustice? If it was before, Li Dong can only say should not be wronged, after all, this villa alone, Chen Rui can not explain the origin. But at that time can only say that should, after all, no evidence, Li Dong thought, speculation is only speculation after all. But today, now, Li Dong can say for sure, Chen Jikuan fell not wrongly! And this guy can get back in one piece, should go back to their ancestors to burn a few incense, if not their ancestral graves, old Chen want to retire, the next life it! Of course, Chen Jikuan can save himself, I'm afraid and this document is also related. This document involves too many people and things, and are also heavyweight figures, which if leaked out, Jiangbei officialdom is afraid of a major earthquake.