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Chapter 372 - Fifty million Swiss francs

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The next day. When Li Dong arrived at the office in the morning, his eyes were red. After sitting in the office for a while, Li Dong kept yawning, and when Liu Qi sent the documents in, he saw the situation and said, "Mr. Li, didn't sleep well last night?" Li Dong yawned and said, "I slept a little late and was woken up by a few birds in the morning." It is reasonable to say that he lives in the twentieth floor, birds can not call him, but last night forgot to close the window, from nowhere in the morning flew two sparrows, chattering and chirping Li Dong headache. Originally also ready to sleep lazy, so that later Li Dong had to get up early. Liu Qi said with concern: "Why don't you go into the lounge and rest for a while, there should be nothing to do today." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Forget it, you can make me a cup of strong tea, I have to go out later." Liu Qi smiled and did not persuade, went out to help Li Dong brew a cup of strong tea and brought it in. Li Dong took a sip and felt better, then asked Liu Qi, "Does anyone in our company know German?" "German?" "Yes!" Li Dong went back last night, although he mainly read the first document, but the second document he also went online to briefly check. At this time, Baidu had not yet launched the translation system, Li Dong only found out that the text on the document was in German, and not much else. Of course, he is also too lazy to bother with that matter, one by one word to knock out is too troublesome, not to mention a document so many words. Liu Qi thought for a while, shook his head slightly and said, "I don't think I've heard of anyone who knows German, but there are some who know English and Japanese, why don't I go out and ask?" "Forget it." Li Dong shook his head: "Yu Bo and his team have a translator, don't they? If she's not busy, let her translate a document for me, the pay will be extra." "Okay!" Liu Qi also thought of the young translator girl, the last time Yu Bo introduced it seems to have said that the other party knows German. When Liu Qi left the door, Li Dong took out the second document from the drawer. After staring at the document for a while, Li Dong rubbed his chin, a document written in German, what the hell is this thing? Two boxes, one hiding the official private secrets, related to the lives of the Chen family father and son. This one was placed separately in another box, apparently also very important, just do not know exactly what it is. Li Dong heart some speculation, but the document can not read, guess to guess is not necessary, or wait for the translation to come. …… Yu Bo team of that translator named Zheng Rao, the young girl is not very old, at most 24 or 25 years of age. Zheng Rao came quickly, Li Dong is now their big money, translate a document, it is not difficult, Zheng Rao naturally will not be excused. As soon as Zheng Rao entered the office, Li Dong got up to greet him and said, "Sorry to disturb translation Zheng." Zheng Rao snorted out a laugh, see Li Dong face confusion, Zheng Rao hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, you should call me Zheng Rao, call me Zheng translation, I sound strange." Li Dong also did not understand what is strange, but since they said so, Li Dong also pushed the boat, "Then I call you Zheng Rao." After a few words of courtesy with Zheng Rao, Li Dong took out a piece of paper from the drawer and handed it to Zheng Rao and said, "Zheng Rao, help me see, what is written on it?" Zheng Rao took the paper and looked at it, then he couldn't help but tremble twice, not from fear, but from holding in his laughter. The German on the paper was just copied by Li Dong himself. Although Li Dong thought that this document should not involve any secrets, but with the guideline of no big mistake, he still did not give the document to Zheng Rao directly, but copied a few sentences on the document himself. But German and English are a bit different, and Li Dong's first time to write, naturally write some twisted, copied on the paper is even more distorted. Zheng Rao is a language expert, familiar with the German language, once he saw Li Dong write even worse than the words of elementary school students, naturally want to laugh. After a while, Zheng Rao could barely recognize what Li Dong had written. After glancing at Li Dong, Zheng Rao said: "Mr. Li, this is actually not a sentence, but a word. In fact, German and English are still somewhat similar, and there are many common places in them, look at the last word you wrote, which is actually English." "Is that so?" Li Dong looked down for a moment, probably because of preconceptions, before he thought he did not know German and did not care. But now that he looked, it was really English. Li Dong whispered once, and then he said, "Nationalbank?" "Yes, the full name of this word is the Swiss National Bank." "Swiss National Bank ……" Li Dong gently touched his nose, it seems that he really guessed right, it really is related to money. Since the Chen family father and son prepared a secret document to save their lives, naturally they would not fail to prepare the money for running away. Chen Rui, they are now being watched, before the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection side must have checked their financial situation, Chen Jikuan can be safely retired, should be in the money above not be caught too big handle. But through the information last night, Li Dong but know Chen Jikuan not less embrace money. In that case, then he got the money in the end where to go? Now it seems to have an explanation, the money was in Switzerland, only then someone investigated the Chen family, the Chen family, the father and son did not dare to take out to use it for a while. At that time they are too late to run away, take out perhaps more trouble, so finally cheap Li Dong. Thinking of this, Li Dong could not help but be happy, took out the original document from the drawer and handed it to Zheng Rao: "Help me see, is this a deposit slip from a Swiss bank?" Since it is related to money, it is not a secret, and Li Dong is not afraid of being seen by Zheng Rao. Zheng Rao looked speechless, looked at it for a while before he said to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, this is not a deposit slip, the Swiss National Bank also does not accept private deposit business, its role is similar to that of the People's Bank of China ……" Hearing this, Li Dong was depressed and said. "Do not deposit money, then what is this thing?" He is now really some speechless, Chen Rui in the end to engage in what the thing, since it is not money, then Zheng Rao will be seriously hidden this thing why? Zheng Rao did not rush to answer, but read the document carefully once. When he saw the end, Zheng Rao's eyes became a bit strange, staring at Li Dongdao: "Mr. Li, you don't know what this is?" Li Dong did not move and said: "I do not know, this is a partner of mine mortgage to me, he said it is very valuable, and I do not know much to find someone to look at ……" did not wait for him to finish, Zheng Rao lost his smile and said: "Mr. Li, the back The story or do not say, your level of storytelling is not very clever." Li Dong laughed dryly and said, "Why do you say that?" Zheng Rao held up the paper in his hand with a smirk and laughed at Li Dong, "Mr. Li, do you know what this is? This is not a piece of paper, but a gold mountain, are you sure your partner will mortgage this to you? Unless he has more money than he can spend, no one would be so stupid." Li Dong coughed lightly and said, "You don't understand, said partners, in fact, the other party and my brother is no different, a little money we don't care."