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Chapter 373 - The Beginning of Negotiations, Openi

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! With a few hundred million dollars worth of stuff in his hands, Li Dong can't sit still. As soon as Zheng Rao left, Li Dong took Tan Yong a few people to take a trip to the CCB headquarters in Jiangbei and rented a top-level safe deposit box at the bank. From the bank out, Li Dong only slightly relieved. Throwing the plastic bag in his hand to Tan Yong, Li Dong Dong said, "You guys have worked hard these days, take it and turn around and share it." Tan Yong weighed it, and looked at the thickness, I'm afraid the bag is no less than 50,000. I want to refuse, but see Li Dong has gotten into the car, and several brothers around the face full of eagerness, Tan Yong did not say another word. He had a number in his heart, this is probably for yesterday's incident. Although I don't know what was in that box yesterday, and what was in the other pillar, Tan Yong knew that the value must be more than the 50,000 that Li Dong gave him. Gave the money, what to do, these people should have a bottom in their hearts. …… originally Li Dong is ready to take advantage of these two days free, the villa lack of things to buy complete. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The three of them had a secret talk for more than an hour and came out of Li Dong's office, Yu Bo's spirits were high, and his spirit was much more exhilarated. Just now Li Dong gave him a few pieces of information is very important. First, the main opponent this time is not China Resources Group, not Bailian Group, but Wumei, the least favored Wumei. Because now these three are in pursuit of a wholly owned acquisition, and according to Li Dong, if Wumei can no longer take the times, I'm afraid it will give up a wholly owned acquisition, and thus choose to hold. Once give up the wholly-owned acquisition, then the opportunity of the material beauty is more. For the times of the senior management, wholly owned acquisition, which means that they all have to step down, a dynasty, other companies have acquired the times, they are sure no results. And holding is different, holding means that the Times side still holds part of the equity. There are equity, plus they are still old people, when the biggest possibility is to compromise, there is the right to operate, but no actual management, they are still senior management in the future. If other companies can not give a generous price, I am afraid that the times side would rather choose to be held. This is the first point, the second point is the possible bottom price of the times side. This is actually Li Dong guessed, the specific at first because the acquisition did not succeed, the newspaper did not report, he was not clear. But then the news came out that the acquisition of fifty percent of the Times spent 1.2 billion. Half of the equity is worth 1.2 billion, but because it is not a wholly-owned acquisition, the premium may be lower, Li Dong guessed that the bottom price of the wholly-owned acquisition should be between 2.5 and 2.6 billion. And the actual valuation of the times now is probably slightly more than 2 billion, more than 2.5 billion seems a little inflated. This is also the main factor that the group has not been able to negotiate a success, a premium of twenty percent, for the time being, the time is not worth the price. Of course, Li Dong does not matter. Other he does not know, he only knows that in 2009 when Lotte acquisition of the times spent more than four billion. Three years, the acquisition price rose by a dozen or two billion, which is not a small amount, but also shows that the times still have a good prospect, now invest more than two billion, three years, even if the same as in the previous life, without the support of the side of the far side, the times can almost double the value. If there is a joint era and far side, maybe the era can be even better than before, the increase is even greater. Three years to earn billions, this kind of business Li Dong naturally willing to do. Unlike making quick money, the entity, three years doubled, and still worth billions of dollars, this kind of profitability, already worth a big book. After saying these two points, Li Dong and for Bo said the third message, which is also the final killer. If in the negotiations, the far side does not beat the material beauty. Then Yu Bo will have to find a way to reveal to the times that the money chain of the material beauty may break, which is not fake news. In the previous life, the goods have reached an acquisition agreement with the times, but in the end, it ended without a hitch, is because of the capital chain problems, resulting in the final suspension of the investigation, unable to acquire. Now the times side may not notice, but really to check carefully, or can see some clues. Over the past year, the acquisition of other small and medium-sized enterprises, the funds have long been a bit tight, and now to acquire the times, no money is normal. With these three messages, if Yu Bo still defeated, then Li Dong also have nothing to say. Yu Bo cheerfully left, Sun Tao is not in a hurry to go. After sitting in Li Dong's office for a while, Sun Tao said: "Mr. Li, is the price floor of 2.4 billion less? You have said that the psychological price of the Times side is more than 2.5 billion." Li Dong laughed: "That's what I wanted to tell you, 2.4 billion is the price I gave to Yu Bo. To give high, I am afraid that he will not work hard, after all, the relationship between one or two hundred million dollars, the side of the far side also some strain. Of course, to really come to the last minute still can not, you personally appear, the price within 2.6 billion, you can all price." Sun Tao nodded at his words and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Li, as a last resort, I won't use this right." 26 to 24, it doesn't seem to make much difference. But don't forget what this is in terms of, two hundred million dollars is enough for Yuanfang to open five more large shopping malls in Jiangbei. Although Far Eastern now has many stores, but large shopping malls are really not much, five large shopping malls, how much profit can Far Eastern bring every year, think about it all know how important the difference of 200 million. Li Dong smiled and did not say much, and explained a few words to Sun Tao, which ended the conversation. ……6 on the 1st. This day Li Dong is probably the busiest time. Today there are two things to do, first, to Yu Bo and their send-off. The situation in Sunan is very tight, a day later than a day earlier, the preparations are done, Yu Bo people will have to leave to rush to contact with the times. This time there are a lot of people, in addition to the eight people in the Yu Bo team, there are Yuan Chengdao, Liu Qi, Sun Tao, and Sun Tao's two assistants, the far side is also equipped with two cars, plus the driver, a total of fifteen people. Fifteen people, a total of six cars, can be counted as a small fleet. The good thing is that these cars are mainly business cars, and there are only two A6s on the far side, so not many people are concerned about them, so outsiders don't pay too much attention to them. Li Dong personally sent them to the car, and when the six cars slowly left, the time has come to eight o'clock.