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Chapter 374 - The Rotten Mud Can't Hold Up the Wal

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Oriental Fishing Village. The second floor is divided into a total of eighteen private rooms, there are large and small private rooms. The largest of them is the Ruyi Hall, almost more than thirty square feet. At the moment, Ru Yi Hall is full of people, a large table full of people, not to mention the table next to the two small tables are also full of people. Li Chengyuan actually did not invite so many people, although he wanted to share the joy with everyone, but also not to the point of publicity. The opening, he called to tell a few acquaintances, a total of only five or six people. But I do not know who spread the news, one after another, and finally think and Li family relations are good came, adults plus children, a total of more than 30 people. It took a while for Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang to settle everyone down and greet them with tea and snacks. After a few words of small talk, a vendor who used to have a good relationship with Li Chengyuan asked, "Old Li, opening such a big restaurant in the provincial capital, not a lot of money, right?" Li Chengyuan cheerfully said, "It's okay, it's just like that." Seeing Li Chengyuan did not say, the other party guessed: "Old Li, tell the truth, spent a million there?" Once they heard a million, other people's ears also pricked up, eyes can not help but reveal the color of envy. The Li family is now really developed, the old Li family's son business even, Li Chengyuan the two actually also opened a hotel in the provincial capital, after sitting at home to collect money. See each other speculation, Li Chengyuan also did not say much, said perfunctorily: "About it." In fact, the hotel decoration alone spent more than one million, plus the purchase of the store spent another three million and some other expenses, a total of almost five million. But the money is not exposed, it is useless to say so much to outsiders. See Li Chengyuan did not say straight, although everyone is a little disappointed, but the heart is still envious slowly, even if a million, that is also a small amount. One million for Li Dong Xu Shengzhe these people, to buy a car is not enough. But for them, one million in the county can buy five sets of houses, they people do a lifetime, maybe in the county can not afford to buy a house. While Li Chengyuan was chatting and farting with the men, Chen Jing dragged Li Lan to Cao Fang and smiled at her, "Sister Fang, Xiaolan's brother didn't come?" Cao Fang reluctantly smiled and said, "Not yet, Dongzi is busy, so it will probably take a while." To say that today the most headache for Cao Fang is Chen Jing mother and daughter, in fact, Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan really did not notify Chen Jing this time. But I don't know where Chen Jing got the news from, and brought Li Lan along with her to Pingchuan. After all, it is a happy event, plus Li Lan also came, Cao Fang and they can not say anything. If in the normal course of events it would be fine, but Li Nanming and Li Qing, the two also arrived today, which is a bit awkward. Cao Fang is now cautiously watching several people, afraid that they disregarded the occasion on the spot to make a scene. The good thing is that Chen Jing and Li Nanming are restrained, plus Li Chengyuan's family is different nowadays, although both sides saw each other, but also did not talk to each other, which let Cao Fang breathe a sigh of relief. Cao Fang was talking with Chen Jing when Li Qing, who was sitting at the side of the door, suddenly shouted, "Dongzi, you're here." Li Dong nodded and swept a glance in the booth again, finally greeted with a smile, "Everyone is here, I'm a little busy this morning, I'm late." "It's okay, it's okay, you're busy, we have your parents to greet." "That's right, Dongzi, you're the one doing the big things now, just get busy if you have something to do, don't delay for us." "……" All the people greeted Li Dong, regardless of their seniority, they all stood up. Seeing this, Li Dong was a little uncomfortable, and after a few more polite words with the crowd, he said to Cao Fang: "Mom, then you greet all the uncles and aunts up there, I'll go down and take a look." Cao Fang hurriedly said, "Okay, we'll be fine up there, you go down." Li Dong smiled and chatted with the people for a few minutes, and then prepared to go downstairs from the private room. Next to Chen Jing suddenly said: "Xiaolan her brother, it just so happens that Xiaolan has not been here, let her go down with you to see?" Li Dong glanced at her, then looked at Li Lan and nodded, "Yes, let Xiaolan follow me." Chen Jing's face was happy, pushed Li Lan, Li Lan lowered his head and walked to Li Dong, Li Dong rubbed her head and said, "Go, go down with me for a turn." After saying this, he didn't look at Chen Jing, and took Li Lan downstairs with him. Li Nanming aside skimmed his mouth, saw everyone was patting Li Chengyuan couple's ass, no one paid attention to himself, some boring, thought about it also followed out of the private room. He was surrounded by Li Qing pulled him a hand and did not pull, and worried about Li Nanming trouble, hurried to follow. …… out of the room, Li Dong gently exhaled. Originally he was also prepared to entertain a down relatives and friends, but just everyone is too enthusiastic, too polite, Li Dong some can not stand, but also lazy to stay more, which just walked out. After taking a look at Li Lan who was looking around behind him, Li Dong asked, "Today is a holiday?" Li Lan whispered: "No, June 1 is not a holiday, I took the day off." Li Dong didn't need to guess to know that Chen Jing did it, she was too embarrassed to come alone, naturally she had to bring Li Lan with her. Li Dong also did not bother to say Chen Jing, Chen Jing although utilitarian heavy a little, but people are not stupid. Li Dong last time heard Cao Fang said a mouth, Dongping side of the small convenience store to Chen Jing to keep an eye on, the little half-year money is not less, every month Chen Jing will pay the money on time, hands and feet are also considered clean, to Li Lan is now much better, this is almost, Li Dong always can not ask each other to change too much. The first thing is to ask Li Lan a few questions about the study situation, Li Lan in the second half of the junior high school, now in school results are quite good, it seems that there is hope for a middle school. Li Dong encouraged a few words, and the two said they had gone downstairs. Li Dong also did not go out, in the hall against the glass wall of the side of a table to sit down, ready to take a break. As a result, just sitting down, he saw Li Nanming wandering towards his side. As soon as he saw Li Nanming, Li Dong's eyes immediately showed a touch of disgust. To say that he is now the most disgusted with who, in addition to Li Nanming no one else, if not for today's opening in the hotel met Li Nanming, usually see him Li Dong do not want to deal with him. The rotten mud can not support the wall, said Li Nanming! Last Qingming home, Li Nanming this guy said he wanted to open a supermarket, at first was ready to join the far side of Li Dong. Later, Li Dong did not agree, but also gave Li Nanming a glimpse of opportunity. If Li Nanming opened a supermarket, you can take goods from the side of the far side, the cost price, the far side does not earn him a penny. If this is a hard-working, flexible mind, turn around and open a small supermarket, not to say that a lot of money, a lifetime of worry-free really nothing big problem.