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Chapter 375: The first wave of expansion and acqui

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Originally, Li Dong was prepared to take Li Lan out for a round of fun in the afternoon. But the car just drove halfway down the road, Shen Xi called Li Dong over. The acquisition of Jiaxinglong is settled, and the person in charge of going to the Ping Shan side to talk about things has just arrived at the company, and is now looking for Li Dong to report on the situation. When Li Dong heard that it was an important matter, he didn't have the heart to play, so he spoke with Li Lan and took her to the company. It was the first time for Li Lan to come to Pingchuan, the first time to take Li Dong's Maybach, and the first time to enter Li Dong's company. In the past, she heard people say her cousin was very capable, and Li Lan's concept was actually very vague. But when she saw that such a large company is Li Dong's, the company so many people also have to listen to their cousin, Li Lan really realized how capable her cousin. The little girl looked at Li Dong with admiration, especially when she saw everyone shouting respectfully, Li Lan was even more admired. Li Dong also ignored the little girl's mind, took Li Lan into the office and said, "You play by yourself, go out to play, don't go downstairs, I talk about something, you don't run around, understand?" Li Lan nodded obediently. Li Dong saw the situation and did not say much, Li Lan is still very obedient, so he did not need to bark a lot of instructions. After he finished telling Li Lan, Li Dong said to the assistant who was standing in for him outside the door, "Tell Director Zhang to come to me." The substitute assistant hurriedly answered, and then made a fumbling phone call. Li Dong frowned slightly, the last time he said he was recruiting a secretary, at that time he thought it was okay to not have a secretary. But now it seems not to recruit can not count on these people in the administration department to work, forget the small things, if you miss the big things, you must be angry. But now it is better to settle for it, although the recruitment announcement was sent out, the personnel side is also stepping up interviews, but still need a few days to do, these days can only use the administrative department side of the people. Li Dong waited in the office for a while, and the director of the marketing department who went to Pingshan to talk about the acquisition hurriedly walked in. Seeing a young girl in Li Dong's office, Director Zhang took a look and didn't ask too many questions, picked up a folder and started to report the situation to Li Dong. This time, the three small and medium-sized supermarkets acquisition by the marketing department director is responsible for the negotiations, the early Sun Tao has actually talked about almost, the last some stuck is the price. Now Li Dong demanded a thunderbolt, and Director Zhang also wanted to cut through the mess quickly, just three days after going to Pingshan, reached an agreement with Jia Xinglong. "Home Prosperity has a total of six stores and one hypermarket, which dominates the retail industry in Pingshan. Before the merger of Hakkaslong, we also talked about mergers and acquisitions with Home Prosperity, but the other side refused. This time, Mr. Sun took a lot of effort to negotiate with the other side, before Mr. Sun pressed the price at 27 million, and Jia Xing Long has been asking for 30 million, so it has not been negotiated. This time, because you said that you can raise the price, I went to the side of Pingshan, to find the person in charge of the family to talk a few times, and finally talked about the price of 28.5 million …… "When Director Zhang finished reporting, Li Dong nodded and said:" 28.5 million is still within the range of affordability, the contract Have you signed it?" "Not yet, this time I came back to report to you, since you agreed, I will return to Pingshan in the afternoon, the contract can be signed tomorrow." "Well, you have all worked hard during this time, hold on for a while longer, the far side is replenishing its manpower, soon there will be someone to help you share the pressure." Director Zhang smiled and didn't answer, busy, in fact, these senior management of Yuanfang didn't feel much hard work. The main thing is that the power is much bigger than before, just like this time, involving tens of millions of investment, which previously had his turn to negotiate. But this time, the Far East is understaffed, he went, in fact, his autonomy is still very large, to talk about the acquisition, up and down tens of millions of things, in fact, he opened his mouth problem. This feeling is wonderful, in addition to some tired, that sense of control is really cool. Li Dong also did not continue to say more, then asked: "The other two how the situation?" "Soon, their two scale is not as good as Jia Xing Long, before the reason for the delay, but also want to see the situation on the side of Jia Xing Long. Now that Jia Xing Long has been negotiated, they will soon compromise. I am going to offer 18 million for the Joy Department Store, and I am going to offer 16 million for the Five Star Chain, so it should not be difficult to negotiate. Li Dong thought about it and said, "Yes, deal with the acquisition of these families as soon as possible. Also, once the contract is signed, immediately let the financial and management personnel of the far side into the other enterprises, sealing the accounts and funds, the matter of changing the license should also be dealt with as soon as possible ……" finished Li Dong remembered that this matter is not under his responsibility, and said: "Forget it, you only care about negotiations, I will arrange for someone to take over the other matters." "Okay, Mr. Li, then I'll go first?" "Go ahead!" Li Dong nodded and shouted to the substitute assistant outside the door, "Tell Mr. Shen and Finance Director Liu to come over. "Got it!" The substitute assistant answered and started to make phone calls in a frenzied manner. Because there will be arrangements for accepting the family prosperity later, Li Dong may have to talk for a long time. Afraid that Li Lan will be anxious, Li Dong said to Li Lan who was looking at himself with his chin dragged next to him, "If you are bored, I will ask the driver to take you out to have some fun or send you to the hotel side." Li Lan shook his head and whispered, "Brother, is it okay if I just stay here?" "Of course it's okay, but aren't you bored?" Two dimples appeared on Li Lan's face and she smiled and said, "No, it's not boring, watching my brother talk about things makes me feel especially handsome." Said also learned a little Li Dong's action, a wave of the hand, cupped his voice and said, "Okay, then it's settled, you go down!" Li Dong saw the situation can not help but laugh, and rubbed her head. After a while, Shen Xi several people also entered the door, Li Lan consciously walked to the meeting area over there and sat down, did not bother Li Dong. Shen Xi asked and knew that she was Li Dong's cousin, nodded to Li Lan and did not communicate too much. In the afternoon, Li Dong mainly discussed with them about the merger and acquisition. The acquisition of Jiaxinglong was just the beginning, and the next step was to accept and integrate the other party's stores with Yuanfang, which was the key part. The bottom staff does not need to be replaced now, but the acquisition of the company, the top must be changed. Not to say that all kicked out, most people will definitely have to step down. And this will need to fill the side of the far side, because not the far side of the self-built stores, the need for a little more manpower. Six stores have to send people over to accept, by the way, to stabilize the army, plus there is a hypermarket, also need professionals to accept, as well as the financial aspects of the review.