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Chapter 376 - Front page of the daily newspaper

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Because he had to rush back to Dongping today, Li Dong got up very early. After washing up and coming out of the room, it so happened that Mr. and Mrs. Li Chengyuan were also ready to go out. Seeing Li Dong out of the room, Cao Fang was a little surprised, "You're up so early today, something to do later?" Li Dong nodded, took a bun from the table and took a bite, and said vaguely, "I have to go back to Dongping today, that guy Wang Jie is getting married tomorrow." "Who?" "Wang Jie!" Once they heard that Wang Jie was getting married, Li Chengyuan and his wife were a little surprised. Wang Jie they all know, when Li Dong went to school in the past to meet a few times not to mention, later Wang Jie was expelled from school, but also in the vegetable market to support a poultry stall it. Cao Fang was a little curious: "Wang Jie and you are the same age, right?" Li Dong nodded his head. Cao Fang saw the situation can not help but sigh: "Wang Jie are married, you say how this day passes so quickly, it looks like you will have to get married ……" see the old mother said to his head, Li Dong hurriedly interrupted: "Mom, I am still early The first thing you need to do is to get married. I'm only a sophomore now, have not graduated yet." Once these words were said, the two old mouths simultaneously despised him a glance. Still sophomore? Do you know which way the school door opens? Previously in Dongping, the two families still do not know the situation of Li Dong, thought this guy really while studying and entrepreneurship. But wait until Pingchuan, two people know that this guy has long been not to school, in the school side is just a name. But now Li Dong Shengyi do big, the two families also did not say that he had to go to school, this matter is usually muddled over. Cao Fang also did not dwell on this, instructed: "Xiao Wang wedding, our side of the hotel just opened, very busy will not go, you go remember to give us a red packet, a separate package, remember?" "Got it." Li Dong answered and swallowed half of the bun in one gulp. Barely filling his stomach, Li Dong wiped his hands before asking, "Are you guys going to a hotel?" Speaking of this, Cao Fang remembered that the business has not been done, and quickly said: "This is not the Cheng Fu they are arranged in the hotel, your father and I have to go to see, and so noon after dinner also have to send them back." Li Chengyuan also said, "So you have to go today, not at home later?" "Mm." "Then Xiaolan we'll take with us, before we were going to let you take her out for a trip, but now it looks like it won't work." On the side, Li Lan said softly, "Why don't you let brother take me back to Dongping with him?" Li Chengyuan hurriedly said, "That's not okay, it's not easy to come here, why go back so early. Tomorrow is not a day off, I will keep an eye on the hotel alone, let your second aunt accompany you out for two days and then go back." Cao Fang also said, "Xiaolan will stay for two more days and go back on Sunday, let your brother Dong arrange a driver to take you home, you will arrive in a moment." Li Dong nodded and said to Li Lan, "That's it, we've taken leave anyway, let's play here for two days." Seeing that everyone said so, Li Lan gently nodded and didn't say anything more. After Li Dong finished speaking, he picked up his jacket and changed his shoes while saying to his parents, "You don't have to send them to the station later, I'll make a call to the company later and arrange a bus to send people back together to save trouble." Cao Fang laughed at this and said, "Just in time, I was going to hire a car if you didn't say so, now it's a relief." Li Dong put on his shoes and got up, "Then it's settled, I'll ask my assistant to contact you guys later, tell her when you need a car, I still have to go to Dongping, so I won't send people back with you guys." "You are busy with your work, we can handle it." "Okay, then I'm leaving." Li Dong was about to leave when Li Chengyuan suddenly said, "I'll go down too, the two of us together." After that, he said to Cao Fang, "Don't go yet, help Xiaolan clean up and come back later." Cao Fang did not think much about it and nodded in response. …… and Li Chengyuan went downstairs together, and the two walked toward the entrance of the district. Li Dong walked for a while then asked, "Dad, want to talk to me about something?" Li Chengyuan has been a little hesitant, waiting for Li Dong asked, only then said: "Dongzi, yesterday Nanming ……" "Come on, no need to say, Li Nanming guy's business you do not care. He himself is lazy, do I have to support him? Yes, I'm not bad this money, but I also earn money with both hands, our family who is not busy working, you and Mom are so old, for the hotel thing all day long can not sleep for a while, that guy is only how old, muddling through, I care about him why!" Li Chengyuan dry laugh, and said: "Dongzi, Nanming now also changed, he said he wanted to do some small business ……" "Dad!" Li Dong stopped and looked at Li Chengyuan and frowned: "Dad, you believe in the words of that guy Li Nanming? He can change for the better, the dog can not eat shit! I know he is your nephew, you remember the old feelings, but that guy is hungry and no food to eat?