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Chapter 377 - Funding constraints

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! As soon as the phone was connected, I heard Wang Jie hurriedly said, "Dongzi, have you moved?" Li Dong laughed: "All into Dongping, do you think I have moved?" "You've arrived?" "What, don't you believe it?" Wang Jie hurriedly said, "No, no, I just didn't expect you to come so quickly." Wang Jie finished and said, "Then you come directly to Cuimei District, I'll wait for you at the door." "Cuimei District?" Wang Jie said, "The wedding house is here, I forgot to tell you, before the Internet cafe demolished after I paid a down payment to buy a two-bedroom, now I am busy here." Li Dong said, "That's okay, I'll be right there." …… hung up the phone, Li Dong commanded Tan Yong to drive the car to the Cuiwei District. Dongping County is not big, less than ten minutes, the car stopped in front of the Cuiwei District. Wang Jie is standing at the entrance of the community looking around, until Li Dong get off, Wang Jie said with a surprised face: "You are not a big Ben? When did you change your car?" Li Dong laughed: "It's been a while since I changed, didn't you see it last time you came?" "What do you say?" Wang Jie rolled his eyes and ignored Li Dong, but circled around the Maybach. The more he looked at it, the more itchy Wang Jie became, and only after a while did he say, "Dongzi, can you do me a favor?" As soon as Li Dong saw his appearance, he couldn't help but laugh: "Want to borrow it as a wedding car?" "Cough cough cough ……" Wang Jie coughed, embarrassed to laugh: "can not ah, this wedding because of financial constraints, I rented an A6 as the first car, the rest are A4. to say in the county is also enough, but The key is that you have a ready-made car, how about giving me a face lift?" Li Dong immediately laughed: "What can be done, you did not find me before, I thought you could not see my car it. Since you have said so, take the car and use it." Wang Jie was overjoyed and bowed with both hands, "Thank you, this is a big enough face! Maybach ah, no matter where to pick up the bride is enough spectrum." Li Dong burst out laughing again, and only after laughing said, "All right, this is a small matter, go to your new room to see, how is the layout?" "Just like that, my cousins and cousins are busy, Wu Mei's sister and a cousin are also helping, I do not need to intervene." Wang Jie had no idea about the wedding room layout, and after this digression, he said, "Dongzi, let's just eat at noon, there are a few classmates coming over in the evening, let's have a meal together?" "Which classmates?" "Wang Xiang, Li Yuan, Huang Yutao …… that and Yuan Xue and Chen Yue." Yuan Xue to attend Wang Jie's wedding, Li Dong is not too surprised, after all, Yuan Xue is now back all right, the previous relationship with Wang Jie can also be, to participate in his wedding is normal. But when it comes to Chen Yue, Li Dong could not help but snicker: "You can enough, let the ex-girlfriend to attend the wedding, not afraid of people up?" Wang Jie laughed bitterly: "I didn't ask her to come, I sent a message in the high school group, saying that you can come over for dinner if you are free. I originally thought that she is not in the capital to go to school, the distance is quite far, now also not on holiday, who knows she called me, said she also came over." "I go, volunteered to come, will not really want to make a big fuss, right?" Li Dong said in a hurry. Wang Jie shook his head and said, "It should not be so, besides she dumped me, to make trouble is also my trouble, which is her turn to make trouble my wedding." "We have to guard against it, don't make any trouble when it comes to everyone is unhappy, I will go to dinner tonight, try her reaction." "Then I'll thank your old man." The two walked and chatted, and in a short while they arrived at Wang Jie's new house downstairs. Cuiwei district is not a new district, built about six or seven years ago, Wang Jie bought a second-hand house this time. The house is a six-story low-rise, no elevator, Wang Jie's house on the third floor. Two people went upstairs, Wang Jie was about to knock on the door, the door was suddenly opened from the inside. The door was opened by a young woman of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, as soon as she saw Wang Jie, the young woman complained: "I say cousin husband, you are too stingy, right? I still just saw the wedding cigarettes, a person can get married several times in a lifetime, before not say buy Chinese? Just now I took a look, why all the Yuxi?" Wang Jie ironic face did not say anything, behind the young woman a 17 or 18-year-old girl hurriedly said: "Cousin, this is my sister, brother-in-law also do not know, are ordered, now say these are useless." The young woman did not relent and said, "How useless? Jade Creek are returned, now go buy China ah! What do you know, your sister married him, it is already enough shame, face is not done enough, who will look up to your sister?" Wang Jie, who didn't say anything before, couldn't help but hum: "How is it humiliating for Wu Mei to marry me?" The young woman was not good-natured: "Pregnant before marriage, is not enough to be ashamed of? Marriage with a big belly, if I were my second aunt, I would not agree!" Wang Jie's face was blue and white, Dongping's culture is still conservative, it's not good to get married with a big belly. But Wu Mei's cousin is also a bit too exaggerated, in fact, Wu Mei is only three months pregnant now, without looking closely you can not see that she is pregnant at all. Wu Mei's parents have no opinion, which is her cousin's turn to speak. Wang Jie some want to top a few sentences, but thought better of it, the day of the big day, the open also useless. Not to pay attention to each other, Wang Jie to Li Dong reluctantly smiled and said, "Dongzi, you do not want to see my new house, go in and take a look." As a result, Li Dong has not yet entered the door, Wu Mei's cousin spoke again, "Wang Jie, I said you can not add to the mess, the wedding room just set up, the ground just dragged it ……" "Get out of the way!" Not waiting for her to finish, Wang Jie suddenly widened his eyes and drank: "This is the house I bought, it's your turn to be the master?" Wu Mei's cousin was taken aback, and then she became irritated and said, "Okay, so I'm helping out badly, right? If you can, you can do it yourselves, I don't care about your business!" Dropping these words, Wu Mei's cousin did not stop, pushing away Li Dong at the door and went straight downstairs. Li Dong looked helpless, touched his nose and did not say anything. Wang Jie's face was not very good, and he took a deep breath before he said to Li Dong: "Dongzi, let you see the joke." Li Dong shook his head and said softly, "It's okay, let's talk inside." After saying this, he pulled Wang Jie into the house, there are still many people in the house, but at the moment there are not many people dare to speak, one by one, they are careful to busy themselves. Wu Mei's sister looked at Li Dong, and then at Wang Jie, and finally said, "Brother-in-law, I'll go back first, my sister is still looking for me." Wang Jie nodded and said, "Be careful on the way, don't forget to tell your sister when you get back, just say that Li Dong is here." "Mm, got it." The little girl again deliberately looked at Li Dong, think this time brother-in-law suddenly angry should be related to this person, heart some grumbling, but also some curiosity.