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Chapter 378 - Ranking on the List

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The evening party is not too many people. After all, Wang Jie got married a little early, when many of his classmates are studying, this time it is not yet summer vacation, many people in the field to catch back. Plus Li Dong and Wang Jie, a total of only ten people. Ten people, five men and five women, just about half of each gender. When Li Dong arrived at the hotel room, the others had already rushed over from the Cuiwei district. As soon as they saw Li Dong enter, the people hurriedly greeted. "Dongzi, here you are!" "Brother Dong, small two years have not seen, the more dashing." "Tuhao Dong, is not rich forget us old classmates, year after year class reunion can not see you, so that people want to evening big money have no opportunity." The last sentence is Li Yuan said, Li Yuan was a joking nature, people did not take it seriously. However, once these words came out, the crowd burst out laughing. The original seeing Li Dong everyone is still a bit restrained, by Li Yuan so a gag, the crowd is a lot more relaxed. Li Dong also lost his smile and said, "Li Yuan, I haven't seen you for two years, you seem to have thick skin again." Li Yuan rolled her eyes and said, "You're the one with thick skin, cut the crap, dinner is on Wang Jie, the groom-to-be, let's go singing after dinner, is your treat okay?" Li Dong immediately laughed and said, "Cheng, listen to you." As the two talked, Wang Jie greeted Li Dong and took his seat. Li Dong glanced at this guy, I don't know if this guy is intentional or there is really an empty seat left, Li Dong just sat in the middle of Yuan Xue and Chen Yue. Li Dong also did not say anything, while greeting his classmates, while sitting down in the seat. Seeing Li Dong sitting beside himself, Chen Yue nodded with a slight smile and did not say anything. Yuan Xue is even more needless to say, today's Yuan Xue seems to have returned to high school days, cold and cool, wearing a white dress, similar to the winter snow lotus, the expression is cold. Others have long been accustomed to this expression of Yuan Xue, and there is nothing strange. But Li Dong is really a bit uncomfortable, since high school graduation, he saw Yuan Xue is all day smiling, and now suddenly become the same look, look a bit awkward. Li Dong did not say anything, and sat down by himself. Once he sat down, the crowd immediately turned the focus from Wang Jie, the groom-to-be, to Li Dong. Two years after graduating from high school, as long as the news is not too closed, who does not know that Li Dong made a fortune. Others are still a bit reserved, some words are too embarrassed to ask out, Li Yuan is no scruples, a face of excitement said: "Tuhao Dong, just I saw your company news in the newspaper, I heard that your company spent several hundred million to buy a small supermarket, is it true?" Li Dong said with a bitter smile, "Do I look that stupid? Jia Xing Long is only that big, I spend hundreds of millions to acquire? You believe the words in the newspaper, just bragging." "Then how much did you spend?" "About thirty million." Li Yuan was stunned and said, "Boy, I say you're really ho-hum now, how do I feel that thirty million came out of your mouth, and we spent about three hundred dollars." A girl next to Li Yuan laughed lightly and said, "Li Yuan, you're really right, I saw a report on Li Dong on a forum some time ago, saying that he is worth billions, do you think 30 million is equivalent to our hundreds for him?" Li Yuan exclaimed again, "Billions, really? Faraway Supermarket is so valuable?" "Of course it's true, and Li Dong is now the first person in the post-80s white hands rich list." "Post-80s white hands start-up rich list? Is there such a list?" "Yes, but the netizens themselves ranked, not many people are concerned about it." Immediately someone else asked, "How much is Li Dong's wealth on that list?" "I can't remember, but it's a lot, like two or three billion." "I go!" Li Yuan's face was flushed, and she quickly asked Li Dong Dong, "Tuhao Dong, you really have so much money?" Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "That's how it is on the internet, it's just blackmail." The company has made a lot of money this year, and some time ago I heard that your company has made a billion dollars in land speculation, so when the list comes out this year, I'm afraid you'll be in the top 100. You have to be in the top 100, right?" Hearing her say that, other people who only knew Li Dong had money but didn't know how much he had were astonished. Top 100? Does that mean that Li Dong will enter the ranks of the 100 richest people in China this year, that's too fast, right? Not to mention them, even Yuan Xue, who hadn't said much, was a bit surprised and glanced at Li Dong, but his brow was furrowed even more. Li Dong saw everyone's eyes have to himself, smiled and did not answer, the words are not good, he also do not want to say too much about these. As for the Hurun list, it is true that this is something that Li Dong has paid attention to before. But on this list, Li Dong really nothing happy thoughts. People are afraid of famous pigs are afraid of strong, this list is also known as the pig kill list, on this list, Li Dong can not be a little benefit. To say that a little increase in visibility is fine, at least to help the far side of the advertising, the key is more than two hundred, if not deliberately looking for, really do not know who Li Dong is. No benefit, and easy to attract the attention of some people with ulterior motives, Li Dong naturally do not want to talk more on this. Wang Jie, the owner, knows his friend, immediately smiled and interjected: "How much money he cares, have not heard people say, the richer you are, the poorer you are. Today is my treat, tomorrow I get married, everyone's not toasting me?"