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Chapter 379 - Lost and Found

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Yuan Xue's house is not too far from the hotel. Yuan Xue does not take the car, Li Dong also did not force, see Yuan Xue go, hurriedly followed. The first half of the road the two did not speak, walked for a while, Li Dong only no words to find words: "Chen Yue today how to come?" Yuan Xue frowned and said, "She can't come?" Li Dong laughed and said, "I don't mean that, she is not and Wang Jie that what, I am afraid of what trouble." Yuan Xue was not happy to say: "What trouble can there be?" "You men just think too highly of yourselves! Don't think you can't live without your men, Chen Yue has her own boyfriend, do you have to pester Wang Jie? Wang Jie is our classmate, Chen Yue just happened to return to Dongping, know that he is getting married, to say goodbye is wrong?" Li Dong hurriedly said, "That's right, I just said it casually, why do you have such a big grudge." "Who has a big grudge? What do I have to complain about? What's so great about a man, a man who chased me can't even count, seeing you men is disgusting, I'm disgusted with men, what's wrong? And not you, don't substitute to yourself, self-serving!" Li Dong couldn't help but let out a laugh. Yuan Xue was not happy again, shy: "I said the original truth, chasing me a man even you believe it or not? If you don't believe me, I'll call them tomorrow and ask them to come and line up, you count them yourself!" Li Dong this time completely did not hold back, laughed for a while before slowly stopping. Seeing Yuan Xue glaring at himself, Li Dong hurriedly waved his hands and said, "I believe, I did not say I do not believe, just want to laugh, you do not care about me, continue to say." "Say your head! What is there to say to you!" Yuan Xue was a little exasperated, hummed and stopped paying attention to Li Dong. But after walking a few steps, Yuan Xue himself could not hold back his laughter, and only after laughing did he feel something wrong, he glared at Li Dong and continued to walk forward. Li Dong saw the situation and shook his head with a smile, followed, while walking: "Find a place to sit and chat a few words?" "No chat!" "Why so angry, back from the United States is not a good thing? It's just that I didn't tell you that I opened a company, so why get angry?" "I'm just angry! There are so many companies all over the world, does everyone have to tell me when they open a company? What does it matter to me if you open a company or not?" Li Dong laughed bitterly: "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter why you are angry." "Who is angry!" "Don't go, and then walk home, sit down and talk, your platinum necklace is still here with me, and then go I won't return you." As soon as she heard the word "platinum necklace", Yuan Xue stopped in her tracks. Then she stared at Li Dong Dong: "You do not say I forgot, the necklace quickly returned to me!" Li Dong let out a laugh and pointed to the seat not far away and said, "Let's chat for a few minutes and return it to you when we're done." "Humph!" Yuan Xue hummed, and did not say anything, walked over and sat down directly. As a result, just sitting down, Yuan Xue jumped up again in a hurry, Li Dong saw this and hurriedly said, "What's wrong?" Yuan Xue red face, for a long time before saying: "with you there is no good, the seat is full of dew, the skirt is wet!" Li Dong smiled and glanced at her buttocks, then he forced a smile and said, "It's okay, it's just dew, just go back and change your clothes later." After saying that, he took another look, Yuan Xue didn't care at first, but as if she thought of something, she hurriedly turned around and covered her buttocks and spat: "Shame on you!" Li Dong suddenly laughed, Yuan Xue also ignored him, took out the tissue from the bag to wipe the seat clean, and sat down again. Seeing this, Li Dong could not help but say, "Hey, just wipe half of it, are you good at it?" "Wipe yourself!" "No paper towel ah." "You are a big boss, still lack of money for paper towels?" "You're not forcing the issue, at night, do I have to go buy a pack of tissues to put in my pocket?" "Annoying!" Yuan Xue grunted, but took out paper towels to wipe the other half clean. After wiping the chair, Li Dong sat down, and the two of them had nothing to say. After a while, Yuan Xue said, "Where is the necklace?" "What's the hurry, I'll return it to you after we finish talking." "Talk about what?" Li Dong looked at her and said, "Talk about whatever you want to talk about, I'll listen to you." "Boring!" Yuan Xue hummed lightly and gave him a look before saying, "Since you are so bored, then talk about your business venture and give you a chance to show off." "The matter of starting a business?" Li Dong thought for a moment and said, "To talk about entrepreneurship, I have to talk about a person." "Who?" Yuan Xue said somewhat nervously. "Feng Jinsong!" "He?" Yuan Xue froze for a moment, he thought Li Dong would say Qin Yuhan, or that it was his parents, but he did not expect it to be Feng Jinsong. She didn't know that Feng Jinsong had died yet, and was just a little curious: "How can it be related to Feng Jinsong?" Li Dong leaned back in his chair, looked at the sky, and only after a moment said, "Remember the time when Feng Jinsong went to my class to look for me in senior year?" "Remember, that time you also took a bench leg to the playground, I thought you guys were going to fight, causing me to hide in the grass for half a day ……" finished Yuan Xue lightly coughed and said, "I remember this, you continue to talk about your matter ."