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Chapter 380: The wedding is underway

  One second★小△说§网. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. The most busy today is naturally Wang Jie and Wu Mei, Li Dong the best man actually nothing to do. But Wang Jie this guy may be too excited nervous, they can't sleep even if it's too early in the morning to call to harass Li Dong. The first of these is the one that you can find on the website. After receiving the first, Li Dong was ready to sleep, but the result was less than ten minutes, Wang Jie's second call arrived again. Li Dong had no choice but to get up from bed. Washing up, at six o'clock, Li Dong and Tan Yong drove out, at about six thirty, Li Dong's car arrived at Wang's house downstairs. This is the home of Wang Jie's parents, the community is also an old neighborhood. Are living together for decades of old neighbors, Wang Jie married, half of the community know. Li Dong saw when he entered the neighborhood, the entrance to the neighborhood posted a lot of festive things, I do not know whether the Wang family themselves or neighbors posted. Although the time is still early, the wedding is not in this side of the neighborhood, but the Wang family downstairs still gathered a lot of people. Wang Jie's house on the second floor, the house is too small to stay so many people, relatives and neighbors are downstairs with benches to sit down. Once Li Dong's car arrived, it attracted the attention of many people. Do not know the car even if the people, there are a few young people probably saw the car label on the Internet or in magazines. As soon as the car stopped, someone whispered, "Maybach, I go, Dongping has this car, it can't be for Wang Jie's family, right?" "Maybach? What Maybach?" "This is the car, the name of the car is called Maybach, know how much money? Say out to scare you to death, the minimum must also be five million to run up, just do not know what model." "More than five million, my goodness, is not the old Wang family rented as a wedding car, right?" "Not sure, just look at it." "……" Just as the crowd was talking, Li Dong got out of the car. As soon as he saw Li Dong get out of the car, Wang Jie's cousin, who was discussing with the crowd before, suddenly lit up his eyes and hurriedly shouted upstairs, "Brother Jie, your classmate is here, in a Maybach!" When Wang Jie's cousin shouted, everyone knew that it was really coming for the Wang family. I just don't know if the car is Wang Jie's classmate's own, or rented. In the crowd of speculation, Wang Jie also hurried downstairs, as soon as he saw Li Dong, Wang Jie said excitedly: "Finally came, I was really afraid that you sleep late, it's good to come." Li Dong gave him a white glance, only six o'clock, late a fart ah. Lazy to talk, Li Dong pointed to the car said: "not said to take as a wedding car? Tan Yong will lend it to you, tie the flowers and so you take care of yourself, later I will follow you." Wang Jie smiled and said, "It's okay, there's no hurry, later we both have to go to the wedding company makeup, makeup when you tie the flowers on the line." "Makeup? I have to go too?" "Nonsense, you are the best man, of course you have to go!" Li Dong touched his nose and said helplessly, "I don't want to do makeup?" "Whatever, you're a best man, it's okay to be ugly, I'll just make myself handsome." Li Dong put up his middle finger, this guy is more and more shameless. The two talked a few words, upstairs Wang Jie's parents and several uncles and uncles also heard the news, have come downstairs. Wang Jie's several cousins and cousins cousins have gathered around, eyes sighted on the Maybach next to them. Wang Jie's parents were simple and honest people, and when they saw Li Dong, they looked a bit rushed, and Li Dong saw this and quickly shouted, "Uncle and aunt, congratulations!" "Thank you, thank you!" The two people hurriedly thanked each other and turned their eyes to Wang Jie again. Wang Jie smilingly introduced to his parents, "Mom and Dad, this is Dongzi, Li Dong, haven't you met him before? This time Dongzi specially came back from Pingchuan, specifically to be my best man, as I told you before." "Li Dong ……" Wang Jie's father was still a little confused, Wang Jie's mother's eyes suddenly lit up and shouted to Li Dong, "Dongzi, you are that …… that big boss of Far Far Away City?" "The big boss of Far Far Away City?" Wang Jie's mother's voice was not small, and almost all of the relatives and friends and neighbors around heard it. As soon as they heard the name of the big boss of Yuanfang City, some were confused, some were excited, while others said excitedly to the surrounding people: "The old boss of Yuanfang, Li Dong ah! Jiangbei rich, our Dongping out of Jiangbei rich ah, did not expect him to come!" "I go, he is Wang Jie classmate? How come I've never heard of it?" "Maybach, I thought I had heard of it somewhere, wasn't it mentioned on the internet last time? Li Dong drove a Maybach, it seems to be the first Maybach in Jiangbei." "Li Dong is here, this guy is so rich that he came to be the best man for Wang Jie? Where is his bodyguard? He is so rich, he must at least bring dozens of bodyguards, how come there is only one driver?" "……" The crowd instantly got noisy, the middle-aged and elderly people were fine, they were actually not really familiar with Li Dong.