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Chapter 381 - Everyone carries the sedan chair

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! When Li Dong and Wang Jie went to the wedding company, the news of Li Dong's arrival in Dongping also spread. Compared to those people in Wang's neighborhood, compared to Li Dong's classmates who are still in school, the top wave of talent in Dongping really understands what Li Dong's value is. An industrial tycoon with assets of more than one billion is not something that can be expressed in just a few words of awe. Whether it is to leave Li Dong to invest in Dongping, or let Li Dong support the construction of his hometown, this is better than sitting dry. Not only that, Li Dong can make the industry so big, how can there be no big background behind? For the people in the officialdom of Dongping, those underneath the section members also forget, the top few in the county understand more about Li Dong's energy. If and Li Dong good relations, in the upper Jiangbei Li Dong casual words, maybe they can jump out of Dongping this small county. …… county governor's office. Dongping county governor actually and Li Dong also know, when the previous far supermarket just started, Li Dong and Sun Tao not less and they deal with. But time has changed, nowadays Li Dong is not the same Li Dong who was begging people to do things everywhere. Lv Changping hung up the phone, his eyebrows formed a long line. His secretary has followed him for many years, very familiar with his habit, which is encountered difficult to do things, Lv County Governor some hesitation. Because he had followed Lv Changping for many years, his secretary did not hide his words and asked directly, "Boss, what's wrong?" Lv Changping gently knocked on the table, and only after a moment did he say, "Li Dong has returned to Dongping." "Faraway Li Dong?" "Mm." "He's back in Dongping? Didn't his parents move away? Did he come back to inspect the stores of Far Far Away Supermarket?" "No, one of his classmates is getting married and Li Dong is acting as the best man for his classmate." As soon as Lv Changping finished speaking, his secretary knew what he was concerned about, Lv Changping definitely wanted to go to Li Dong's classmate's wedding and sell Li Dong a good deal. But he is a county governor, no one invited, himself shy to go to the wedding banquet, which seems a bit down. Not only that, Lu Changping still go to the wedding, the impact is not good. After all, he and Li Dong's classmates are not relatives, work time to attend the wedding, the word spreads Lv Changping's reputation is not good. Lv Changping's secretary thought about it and said, "Boss, why don't I go?" Lv Changping frowned, in fact, he is again want to talk to Li Dong, let the secretary to go feel some disrespect Li Dong, and also bad to talk about business. But if you do not go, Li Dong back to the wedding after the fear of having to go, they can not chase to Pingchuan, so Lv Changping just look a little hesitant. His secretary now understands, the boss wants to meet with Li Dong personally. The secretary thought about it again, and then suddenly his eyes lit up and said: "Boss, didn't Mr. Liu of Hongda invite you to dinner yesterday to talk about the commercial street? But Mr. Liu booked a private restaurant, why don't we ask Mr. Liu to change the place?" "Change the place?" "The hotel where Li Dong's classmate got married." The first thing you can do is to get a good deal on the wedding of Li Dong's classmate, who is a well-known entrepreneur. Lv Changping gave it some thought, then nodded and said, "That's how it's done!" …… There are few people who think the same way as Lu Changping. Some of them, like Lv Changping, have a lot of worries and can't face going to the wedding banquet. Some are not this scare, and make money compared to the face is worth a few money, if Li Dong happy, invested in their own company, maybe the next richest person in Dongping is their own. Are hometown people, Dongping so many years, it is not easy out of a Li Dong, usually no opportunity to forget, now there is an opportunity not to seize, is not silly. …… others how to think Li Dong do not know, now Li Dong is and makeup artist theory it. "I said brother, I would not need to use makeup." The wedding company's makeup artist smiled and said, "This handsome man, I didn't let you make it all up, just add some blush to you to look a little more festive." When he thought of his two sides of his face red like a monkey's butt, Li Dong hastily refused and said, "No, my face is rosy, it's already festive, you guys just give the groom a good make up." See Li Dong unwilling, is finishing hair Wang Jie said: "He is not willing to forget, you guys help me to get." The makeup artist smiled and gave up, and went over to help Wang Jie make up. After tossing and turning for half an hour, Wang Jie finally got it right, and then the two of them rushed home without stopping. At eight forty-five, eight wedding cars in place. In addition to Li Dong's Maybach, Wang Jie returned the A6, and rented two A4, to make up a fleet of eight cars. On top of the car, Li Dong did not intervene much. In fact, if he is willing, in Pingchuan borrow a few dozen luxury cars to drive over is not a big problem. The key is not necessary, Wang Jie and Wu Mei life, not and he Li Dong life, married to make so much fanfare, in fact, they are not too good. Eight cars are enough, and with Li Dong's Maybach, Wang Jie is not ashamed of himself. Audi A4 is not a bad car at this time, more than the top than the bottom, Li Dong feel good, really want to get a few dozen luxury cars over, Li Dong is afraid of Dongping this broken road can not drive a sports car. At nine o'clock, Li Dong and his party came downstairs. In addition to Li Dong and Wang Jie, there are several of his cousins, in addition to a few classmates, a total of about ten people. These people are the team that went to pick up the bride, plus eight drivers, a group of people at nine o'clock and eight official departure, driving to the Wu family. At 9:30, the motorcade arrived at the Wu family. Interestingly enough, the bride's side of the family and friends group was actually led by Wu Mei's direct leader, the financial manager of the Yuanfang Dongping store.