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Chapter 382: Loneliness and Nightmares

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! 12:08 pm, the ceremony officially began. The bride and groom enter, the parents make a speech, exchange rings …… go through a series of processes, the next is the bride and groom toast, Li Dong the best man naturally can not be missing. Some people on the field Wang Jie family do not know, Li Dong is very familiar. He saw Lv Changping, Lv Changping looked a little low-key, sitting on a table to the side, the table in addition to Lv Changping, Li Dong also knows a person. Dongping's public security director, surnamed Niu, what exactly is called Li Dong to forget. Niu Bureau and Lv Changping chatting in a low voice, such as Wang Jie and their toast to this table, Lv Changping these people are very dignified to drink a large cup full. Li Dong smiled and nodded to several people, this time is not the time to talk. Immediately after the crowd moved to the next table, midway Wang Jie asked, "just that person looked a little familiar, your friend?" "Dongping's parent official, he came I did not expect." Wang Jie froze for a moment, then he laughed: "Today my face is considered topsy-turvy, does it have an impact on you?" "It's okay, favors are favors, business is business, losing money business you think I will do?" "That's good." Wang Jie laughed and did not say anything more, continued to toast. To the last table, Li Dong finally saw Yuan Xue and Chen Yue. Wu Mei knew Yuan Xue, she and Yuan Xue had dinner, know is Li Dong Wang Jie's classmates, but Chen Yue she really do not know. When Wang Jie finished introducing, Wu Mei now knew, Chen Yue, she had actually heard of this name. But she is now married to Wang Jie, ex-girlfriend is ex-girlfriend, first love is first love, people in this life from one to the end can have a few, first love does not necessarily have to step into the marriage hall. Wu Mei is open-minded, and Chen Yue toast is also very generous, without the slightest restraint or dissatisfaction. Chen Yue originally wanted to say a few words, but finally to the mouth became: "Wish you a hundred years of good luck!" Wu Mei and Wang Jie thanked, and no more exchanges followed. This is the last table, after the toast, there is no Li Dong what happened, the front drink a round down, although most of them are water, but then Li Dong still drank a lot of wine. While Wang Jie they went up to change clothes, Li Dong sat down next to Yuan Xue. After drinking, Li Dong's face was a little red and he squinted and smiled, "Why didn't you answer the phone last night?" Yuan Xue glanced at him, still angry about last night, grunted: "Why answer your phone, I blacked you out, I can't answer future calls." Li Dong laughed and didn't answer, and said, "Did you wear the necklace?" "No!" "Really?" "Really!" Li Dong no longer asked, got up and said, "Call me if something happens, something to walk and see, this life is still long, I think I can live to ninety-nine, there are seventy to eighty years, take your time." Said Li Dong let out a laugh, shaking his head to the bathroom. Yuan Xue kept frowning, staring at Li Dong's back without saying a word. When he was far away, Chen Yue next to him said, "Since you can't let go, what's the point of hesitating?" Yuan Xue shook her head and didn't say anything. Chen Yue again smiled lightly and said, "Scared of Qin Yuhan? Is there a need for this?" "Life is a constant process of choice, the man is unmarried and the woman is not married, what are you hesitating for? Happiness is earned, no one rules to be from one to the end, and no one rules that first love is forever. Qin Yuhan is Li Dong's first love, right, you think they can go to the end? Today's wedding you see, the groom is Wang Jie, and who is the bride? Some things have to rely on their own fight, you wait for the heavens to the golden tortoise son-in-law smashed into your arms, hope is slim, in vain time just." Chen Yue laughed lightly and suddenly tugged on Yuan Xue's neck, the diamond necklace was pulled out. Chen Yue looked at the necklace, eyes flickered for a moment, then said: "This is a gift from Li Dong, right? He is a big boss, not short of money, the diamond must be real. You don't know how much such a big diamond is worth, if he doesn't have any interest in you, he will give you the necklace? If he doesn't have any interest in you, he will give you the necklace? The man is in love, the concubine is in love, what's the point of being pretentious? He can't see me, otherwise I would have been chasing after him. Xiao Xue, think about it yourself, worry about the eyes of outsiders? Outsiders can give you happiness? Outsiders can let you live a life of food and drink, live the life of the upper class? Choose a man to choose what? Rich, powerful, capable, handsome, young, emotional base …… I counted, Li Dong seems to meet all the conditions except for the handsome, in this case, you do not waver at all? What does the brain think?" Yuan Xue blurted out, "Li Dong is actually quite handsome." "Pfft!" Chen Yue did not hold back and laughed for a while before coughing: "Come on, I told you you were pretentious, now you're exposed. The lover's eyes out of the western beauty, since the person is also handsome, is not the image of the perfect husband in your mind, are so, you still watch him go further and further away?" "But ……" "But what? But you are uglier than Qin Yuhan? Or which aspect of you is inferior to her? Yes, she is talking to Li Dong, but this kind of thing is rare? What's wrong with having a girlfriend, as I said, the man is unmarried and the woman is not married, what's the big deal." Yuan Xue was silent for a while and did not speak again, but Chen Yue looked at her eyes and knew that her best friend must be struggling in her heart at the moment. Chen Yue also did not persuade, some things in the end have to look at themselves, the other people say more is useless. …… Wang Jie's wedding is perfect. At least in Wang Jie and Wu Mei's view, such a wedding is perfect enough. In this small county of Dongping, there is Li Dong to himself as the best man, there is the governor to himself as a guest, there is a large number of Dongping counted wealthy celebrating for themselves, what else is there to regret.