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Chapter 383: Raising Enough Billions

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong back to Pingchuan day, early in the morning Wang Jie and his family rushed to the hotel to send off Li Dong. When Wang Jie and his wife arrived, Li Dong was eating breakfast. Seeing that the two rushed over, Li Dong joked: "Come so early? Newlyweds, not even more sleep?" Wu Mei smiled a little blush, Wang Jie is full of care said: "I would like to, but care about our son, get up early, so as not to crush my baby son." Li Dong could not help but laugh, Wu Mei blushed more red, fiercely pinched Wang Jie. Wang Jie grinned and didn't continue the topic, but asked Li Dong Dong, "Don't talk about me, you were a thief last night, your eyes were full of blood, you didn't sleep all night?" Li Dong laughed and wiped his mouth before saying, "No, I was a thief, but I recognized the bed and couldn't sleep." "Really?" Wang Jie some disbelief, see Li Dong smiled and did not speak, Wang Jie also did not ask again. When Li Dong finished his breakfast and went out of the hotel, Li Dong and Wang Jie looked around at the same time. Not seeing the person to wait for, Li Dong sighed softly, patted Wang Jie's shoulder, did not say anything, get into the car and leave. The black Maybach was like a black lightning bolt, coming and going as fast as it could. Soon, the car disappeared at the end of the road. Wang Jie looked around again, still did not see anything, and finally sighed no longer speak, with a head full of confusion Wu Mei left the hotel. The end of the song, the hotel entrance returned to quiet. After a while, the hotel corner a place to flash a shadow. Yuan Xue looked at the end of the road, eyes a little confused, gently biting his lips, and finally turned around and left. ……6 On the 5th of June, Yuanfang management meeting. On June 2, Yuanfang and Jiaxinglong signed an agreement, and Yuanfang wholly acquired six stores and one hypermarket under Jiaxinglong with 28.5 million yuan. On June 4, Far Eastern signed a contract with the last five-star chain. The acquisition of Five Star Chain cost Yuanfang 16 million, and Five Star Chain was also the one with the least number of stores, with only three stores. However, the three stores of Five Star Chain were very large and occupied more than 40% of the local retail market, so Li Dong thought it was worth the 16 million. The acquisition of these three supermarkets cost Yuanfang a total of 63 million, all paid in cash. In total, 21 stores and outlets were added, and with the new stores in South Lake and Mingcheng, Yuanfang's total number of stores officially exceeded 100, reaching 121! Regardless of the scale, in terms of quantity alone, Yuanfang with 121 stores has already surpassed RT-Mart and Carrefour at this time. Of course, this is in terms of quantity, if compared with the annual sales, Yuanfang naturally lags behind them by a large margin. When the list of top 100 retailers was announced in 2005, the number of China Resources stores had already exceeded 2,000. Li Dong didn't dwell on it, and when the marketing director finished reporting, Li Dong said: "121 stores may seem a lot, but in fact, excluding some convenience stores, Yuanfang really has less than 100 stores of any size. Half of this year has already passed, and by the end of the year, I hope the number of stores will exceed two hundred." When these words came out, everyone looked at each other. After two years of development, now only 121 stores, Li Dong opened his mouth is two hundred, which is not very reliable, right? Not to mention the capital to keep up with, that is, time is also too late, now in June, from the end of the year is only half a year. The opening of nearly eighty additional stores, that is, more than ten per month before the line, the pressure on the far side of this can not be small. Others did not understand, but Shen Xi did. She knew that Li Dong was talking about adding Era, which is close to 50 stores. If the acquisition of Era is successful, the number of Yuanfang's stores will reach about 170. For the remaining 30 stores, it would not be too difficult for Yuanfang to add 30 stores in half a year or so with a little effort. However, Li Dong and Shen Xi did not explain, and after finishing the store issue, they moved on to the next topic. The morning meeting was mainly about the merger and reorganization, and then Shen Xi reported on the achievements of the mall, and the meeting was over. After the meeting was adjourned by ……, Li Dong left the financial director Liu Hongmei and Shen Xi. When everyone else had left, Li Dong said, "Director Liu, tell me briefly about the income and expenditure of the first half of the year." Although June is not yet over, but Li Dong now wants to feel the bottom first, since the military plane crash happened, Li Dong decided to do something good, not to ask for others' gratitude, just hope that he can have peace of mind. But doing something big costs money, and now the far side is almost empty by itself. Although Li Dong decided to be a good person, but also can not disregard the development of the Yuanfang indiscriminately send goodwill, if that, in the end may be trapped in themselves. Liu Hongmei thought about it and said, "Mr. Li, why don't I go back and organize the information and report back to you?" "No need, just briefly tell me." Liu Hongmei nodded and said, "That's fine, I'll talk about it briefly." "Two days ago we just settled the May results, the first half of the year we have a lot of money, five months of store profits of about two hundred and fifty million. Later Baidu stock invested a hundred million, before the new city land earned four hundred and twenty million, that is to say, the first half of the total income in about seven hundred and seventy million.