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Chapter 384 Collection of Accounts

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Hearing Li Dong say three hundred million is less, Shen Xi really some curious. After holding back for a while, Shen Xi said: "Li Dong, you want so much money in the end why ah?" "What is the hurry, this matter will be discussed later, I have something to talk to you." He left Shen Xi naturally is not to dry to watch the show, but really something to find Shen Xi help. Shen Xi listened and said alertly, "Business or private?" "Count it as a private matter." As a result, just after he finished, Shen Xi shook her head and said, "Don't look for me on private matters, I won't help, you'll find me no good." Li Dong glared at her and said, "You have to listen even if you don't listen, it's not a big deal, anyway, you listen first, can you listen to the line and then say." "Then you say, I will not necessarily agree." Li Dong also did not care about her, said: "Chengrui real estate know, right?" "Nonsense!" Shen Xi rolled her eyes. Li Dong glanced at her and continued, "It's good to know, didn't I ask Mr. Sun to talk about taking over Chengrui Real Estate before? Mr. Sun was a little hesitant, plus a few days ago, Zhang Lan Yu was not in Jiangbei, so the acquisition was interrupted. Now that Mr. Sun is not in Jiangbei, I thought about it, and the current acquisition of Chengrui Real Estate by Yuanfang is actually not very effective, so I decided to personally acquire Chengrui Real Estate." "Your personal acquisition?" "Right." Shen Xi frowned and thought: "This matter even if you personal acquisition also do not need to find me to help it, Zhang Lan Yu and you are familiar with, you directly find her talk is." "It's not about the acquisition, I just want to ask your opinion, after the acquisition of Chengrui Real Estate, can you hang a name there?" Shen Xi is not a fool, as soon as she heard it, she understood Li Dong's meaning. But Shen Xi is a little hesitant to serve as deputy general manager on the far side of the okay, after all, the far side of the open supermarket, and the official is not too involved. But the real estate company is different, engaged in real estate, to say and the official did not get involved, no one believes. Li Dong let her titular in the Chengrui real estate, the purpose is self-evident, Shen Xi will naturally hesitate, after all, if you get it wrong will be involved in the Du Anmin body. Officials are actually somewhat taboo and dealing with real estate, secretly is secretly, openly real estate companies generally will not have too much entanglement with the official. See Shen Xi hesitated, Li Dong said: "If it is difficult to forget, this matter back to my own treatment." After saying this, Li Dong got up and got his jacket ready to go out, Shen Xi saw this and quickly shouted, "Hey, you are too realistic, I have not spoken yet, you are leaving?" Li Dong glanced at her before saying, "What is polite with you, I still have something to do later, it's late, I have to go out early." Shen Xi previously thought Li Dong was angry, hearing him say so, slightly relieved, and only then continued: "titular it is titular, but I do not do illegal things." "Nonsense, you want to do it I do not want to do it." Li Dong let out a laugh, looked at the time and said, "Then I'll go first, the company side you suffer, turn back to the era of things to talk down, I give you a long vacation." "Believe you're a ghost!" Shen Xi muttered a sentence, then asked, "Where are you going now?" "To Longhua." "What are you doing in Longhua?" "To collect the bill!" Li Dong dropped two words and hurried out of the conference room. When he was far away, Shen Xi realized what it meant. When she thought of the unpaid funds from Longhua and the three hundred million Yuan Li Dong wanted to mobilize from afar, Shen Xi immediately frowned. Is Li Dong ready to enter the real estate industry? If not, why raise so much money, but the real estate industry is actually quite risky, this side of the far side of things have not yet sorted out, Li Dong and involved in real estate, and not afraid of being too busy. And if the money is lost, even if the time side of the negotiation is completed, Yuanfang also have no money to acquire, then the loss is not worth it, and I do not know what Li Dong actually think. …… Longhua Group is the largest private enterprise in Jiangbei. The headquarters of Longhua is in Pingchuan, plus the other party itself is to do real estate, Longhua's headquarters is more than the headquarters of the Far Side. This Yuanfang headquarters does not refer to the Global Building, but the Yuanfang headquarters over in Washington. When Li Dong's car arrived at the entrance of Longhua Park, Xu Shengzhe was waiting. As soon as he saw Li Dong, Xu Shengzhe joked, "The sun has come out of the west today, usually I'm the one looking for you, why do you want to look for me today?" "Cut the crap, I asked you to dinner and you are still pretentious, I have to come here, show off, right?" "Bullshit, what am I showing off? You're the tycoon, okay? I'm just a rich kid at best, can I compete with you?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and ignored him, while walking inside the Longhua Park, he said, "Find a quiet place to sit down, I have something to talk to you." "It's ready, let's go to No. 1 restaurant, it's quiet there." The headquarters of Longhua was actually a large community, and there was everything inside the park, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, everything. The No. 1 restaurant Xu Shengzhe said was the best restaurant in the park, and usually only the top management of Longhua went to dine there.