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Chapter 385 - The idea of developing a community

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Hesitating for a moment, Xu Shengzhe said: "Why don't you talk to our old man to see, my side can only help you convey, pay in advance, I really can't do anything about this." Li Dong gently knocked on the table, after a pause before asking: "You tell me the bottom, Long Hua now can take out seven hundred million?" Xu Shengzhe glanced at him like an idiot and said with contempt, "Business secrets, you think I can tell you?" "Confidential my ass, think I'm stupid, I can find out myself by having someone check." "Be careful I'll sue you for stealing trade secrets." "Sue the hell out of you!" "……" two people pulled a few words of gossip, finally Xu Shengzhe said: "you wait first, I will try with the old man in advance, if feasible, the money will be paid to you, if not, then you do not blame me not to help you. " "Then thanks. Times you can talk to your old man, outsiders forget it, I'm still in the secrecy stage." "I have it in my heart, don't worry, it won't spoil your good deed." After saying this, the two talked a few more words, Xu Shengzhe also told Li Dong, the day after tomorrow he had to leave the country, if things can be done, give him an answer before the day after tomorrow, if not, then it is up to Li Dong to find a way. Li Dong heard him say so, said casually: "What are you doing abroad? Examining foreign real estate markets?" "I'm not that bored, go to Germany, get it." "Germany?" Li Dong did not react for a while, and as a result, he was severely despised by Xu Shengzhe for a while. "Are you still a man? I said Li Dong, you can't have some spare time apart from making money, the World Cup! Have you forgotten this?" "I was ready to call you to go together, but then I thought it was better to go with Yueqin, otherwise I would have called you, I was afraid I could die of boredom." "World Cup?" Li Dong suddenly realized, Xu Shengzhe did not say he almost forgot, seems to be the opening of the World Cup soon. Today is the 5th, just a few days from the opening of the World Cup. Li Dong in his past life and present life actually do not like soccer too much, before also has not paid attention to, much less thought to go abroad to see. But when Xu Shengzhe mentioned Germany, Li Dong suddenly remembered something and asked, "Germany and Switzerland are not far away, right?" "Not far, neighboring countries, closer than Jiangbei to Sunan. If you take a plane, you can get from Berlin to Zurich in less than two hours, and even if you take a train, you'll be there in eight hours." "That close?" "Of course, the two countries are actually similar, and half of the people in Switzerland speak German. Why do you ask, what are you doing in Switzerland?" Li Dong gently frowned and did not say anything, he still has 50 million Swiss franc bonds in his hands. Now he needs money urgently, this money if you get out, can also help a lot, then even if Longhua's seven hundred million did not arrive, there are three hundred million from the far side, plus the three hundred million, six or seven hundred million is not bad. And the night is long, this money does not get in hand, Li Dong is actually not very comfortable. Seeing Li Dong fall into deep thought, Xu Shengzhe did not bother, continue to eat their own meals. After eating for a while, Li Dong suddenly said again: "How long will you stay in Germany?" "A month, it does not have to be in Germany, go to other countries to travel a little, and then come back when the World Cup is over." "Will you go to Switzerland?" "It depends, Zurich is the world famous financial center, plus close to Germany, if nothing, I am ready to go to see." Xu Shengzhe finished and said, "You haven't said it yet, ask so much, are you also ready to go? Far away recently things are not quite a lot of it, you can go away?" "I think about it again, to the place you do not change the number, turn back to your family if the old man does not give me money, I am ready to go to a trip. When the time comes, I still have to ask for your help, I am not familiar with foreign countries." "Yes, it's easy, you don't even need to hire an interpreter, my German is first class." Xu Shengzhe laughed and did not ask Li Dong what he was doing in Switzerland. In fact, Li Dong also said enough to understand, the old man did not pay him to go to Switzerland, naturally for the money. Switzerland is also a world-renowned financial country, Li Dong to go to what still need to guess. Although I do not know how Li Dong saved money in Switzerland, but this kind of thing Xu Shengzhe also do not bother to ask more, sometimes ask more rather than hurt feelings. …… until the two finished lunch, Li Dong also did not see Xu Shengzhe's father, the head of Longhua. Xu Shengzhe is not surprised, the old man has a lot of things to do, maybe one moment nothing, the next moment will have to go out, can not see very normal. After eating, Li Dong also ready to go back. Xu Shengzhe said: "What's the hurry to go back, go out for a spin?" "We two big men have what to go around?" "Who says it's just the two of us? I've called Yueqin and we'll go shopping together later. Are you going?" "No, what's the point of taking me with you two shopping? I'm not sure what you're thinking."