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Chapter 386 - The world is getting worse

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe usually looks calm and steady, driving a car is not stable at all. The car sped all the way, in the city hard to drive a high-speed speed, Li Dong's scalp are a little tingling. And so to the pedestrian street in the Guanhai District, the sports car slowly stopped, Li Dong just a long breath of relief. Xu Shengzhe saw the situation can not help but laugh: "How, exciting, right?" Li Dong said: "Stimulating my ass, the next time I ride your car is two hundred and fifty, if I lose my life in your hands, I have no place to cry." "Old Li, you're really old. When you're young and not crazy, do you have to wait for your teeth to fall out before you get crazy?" "Not interested." Xu Shengzhe said helplessly, "You are so boring, do not talk about this, talk about my car, how does it feel?" This time Li Dong did not raise the bar, nodded and said, "Not bad, just bought?" Talking about the car, Xu Shengzhe was a bit proud of himself and said, "I just got it, I spent a lot of effort on this car, I spent more than eight million before and after to get it." "Porsche so expensive?" "That's not true, the key is that this Porsche CarreraGT, a total of 1270 units produced worldwide, last month has been discontinued. Now there is no place to buy it, I asked someone to get it from the capital, people just arrived and have not driven it, the hard work must be paid for." "You like it is good." Li Dong nodded, and did not say much on the price. For them, a thousand dollars is hard to buy a good heart, Xu Shengzhe likes the car, and he is not short of money, spend an extra one or two million is really not a big deal. After the two said a few words, Li Dong asked, "Where is your daughter-in-law?" "Women are slow, they always have to wait a while, they'll be here later." Xu Shengzhe said suddenly his eyes lit up and shouted to the pedestrians next to him, "Beauty, a ride?" Li Dong obediently turned his eyes to look, the roadside just walked past a long-haired woman. Probably hearing the shout behind her, the long-haired woman turned her head and looked. The next moment Xu Shengzhe shouted at Li Dong, "Beauty, still driving around?" As soon as the long-haired woman saw that the two big men were actually so gay, she immediately looked disgusted and turned her head away. Of course, the long-haired woman walked away with some pity in her heart, driving a luxury car actually not picking up women picking up men, it is really the world's culture, the heart is not ancient. When she left, Li Dong suddenly grabbed Xu Shengzhe's neck and cursed: "You bastard, next time use me as a shield, believe it or not I'll kill you!" Xu Shengzhe began to play dead, and when Li Dong let go, Xu Shengzhe laughed bitterly: "Damn, how do I know she looks like this, the back to attract people to commit crimes, the front look, it is simply a pig's head well." "Deserved!" Li Dong despised a sentence, then pointed to the distance and said: "That's your daughter-in-law, right?" "Wife, I'm here!" Xu Shengzhe hurriedly waved his hand, and Bai Yueqin, who was not far away, also waved a gesture, and then whispered a few words to some girls around him, and then walked towards Xu Shengzhe with a happy face. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe also got out of the car, Xu Shengzhe closed the car door while whispering: "See, my daughter-in-law left the girl, the front convex back, walking posture also provocative, a look at it is known for sure flirt to the bone. Back on the bed, is absolutely beautiful, you try the taste at night?" "Not interested, not my cup of tea." "Hey, old Li, can you let go of a little, out to play so conservative why. If you don't like this type, the one on the right is also good, small and delicate, small birds, on the bed ……" "You have nothing else to say except on the bed? Since you like it so much, you soak it yourself." "Hey, hey, I have an advantage of this person, do not eat the grass on the edge of the nest. The company's friends are all friends of Yueqin, and I'm not good at it." "Believe you have the ghost!" "Really ……" Xu Shengzhe is still ready to defend a few words, Bai Yueqin a few people have walked over. Li Dong and Bai Yueqin met once, when climbing in Lanshan Mountain, Bai Yueqin went with Xu Shengzhe. Li Dong is coming, Xu Shengzhe has already called before to say, see Li Dong, Bai Yueqin is not surprised. After nodding towards Xu Shengzhe, Bai Yueqin greeted Li Dong with a smile, "Mr. Li, long time no see." Li Dong gave a laugh and nodded, "Miss Bai is even prettier than before." "Mr. Li is joking." Bai Yueqin smile very sweet, after greeting Li Dong then towards the side of several girls introduced: "My boyfriend you all know, this is Mr. Li ……" Xu Shengzhe interrupted: "called what Mr. Li, call old Li on the line, old Li is my buddy The first thing you need to do is to get familiar with it. By the way, send a message, the old Li is a bachelor, can not get off the single can depend on your." Bai Yueqin around several girls are a burst of light laughter. In fact, before coming Bai Yueqin told them, there will be a heavyweight over later. And the other party is still single, interested in more contact. Everyone knows that Bai Yueqin's boyfriend is a rich second generation, the family is particularly rich, Bai Yueqin and Xu Shengzhe made boyfriend and girlfriend, the vision is also very high.