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Chapter 387 - Clash in the Mall

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe is really experienced. As he said, Li Dong walked behind a while, someone in front slowed down and came up to Li Dong to climb up. The woman who came over was the one who was evaluated by Xu Shengzhe as the front and back, and when he introduced himself before, Li Dong also knew her name, Wei Na. Wei Na is very talkative, although Li Dong do not talk much, but Wei Na can also be active atmosphere, not a moment's work and Li Dong chatting and laughing. She does not smile okay, a smile on the two peaks on the chest trembled up. June was a little hot, Wei Na wears not much, plus shopping and sweating, Li Dong glanced at the other side of the chest was obviously printed out a wet mark. If you look closely, you can even see the pink brassiere inside. Li Dong did not expect this immensely mature-looking woman, there is actually a girl's heart, wearing actually or pink. Wei Na naturally also saw Li Dong's gaze, but the other party did not mind, still talking and laughing, the chest also trembled more powerfully. Li Dong's eyes have been staring at each other's chest, not his anxious color, he is really some worry, if the pocket can not fall down how to do. Of course, this is just thinking about it. And Wei Na chatted a few words, Li Dong is not very disgusting, and beautiful chat, whether or not their girlfriend, the mood is always good. And Wei Na talk is also very comfortable, Li Dong before guessing, the other party will not ask what they do, what business, or talk about the house, talk about the car, or even talk about the girlfriend. But Wei Na are not, people just casually talk to him. Li Dong is not interested in the topic, Wei Na will be swept away, if you encounter Li Dong interested, Wei Na will chat more than a few words. While Li Dong and Wei Na chatted, others helped Li Dong select things. Although women buy things carefully, but the speed is really not complimentary, so a large group of people, shopping for a small half hour, really down to buy a few things. Li Dong is indifferent, but Bai Yueqin seems to be a little anxious, turned back to greet Wei Na said: "Nana, you have a good eye, help pick a pick, help Li Dong buy things, we still have to buy it ourselves." Wei Na smiled and responded, "Okay, I'll choose." After that, she said to Li Dong Dong: "Li Dong, I'll go pick something first, you also look at it yourself, see if it suits your taste." Li Dong nodded. Bai Yueqin in front of her saw Wei Na and Li Dong chatting naturally and couldn't help but be a little depressed. In fact, she thought that Li Dong should not see Wei Na, and Wei Na should have little common language. But now it seems that she obviously guessed wrong. The best friend is a bit silly, and she knows how to pretend to be cool, and does not take the initiative to find people to talk. The object is not to pretend to be cool! Each person's taste is different, it looks like Li Dong is obviously not very cold, this time should change the strategy, the initiative to meet the right, but also silly pestle not moving, which is not clearly miss a good opportunity. Thinking of this Bai Yueqin hurriedly gave Chen Wanting a wink, now Wei Na just came back, Li Dong no one around, still not hurry to go. Chen Wanting is a little embarrassed, and feel a little unreserved, hesitated not to move. Just when she hesitated, Li Dong was surrounded by people again, another colleague of Bai Yueqin went over. Bai Yueqin some feeling of hate, before she called on colleagues to come together, in fact, is ready to give Chen Wanting as a companion. The red flower also needs green leaves, Chen Wanting looks better than her colleague, and her temperament is also good, standing together with her colleague, the first line of sight will definitely fall on Chen Wanting. But who knew that now it has actually become this situation, Bai Yueqin truly speechless. When the next store, while Wei Na they are not around, Bai Yueqin came to Chen Wanting's side and whispered: "still not action, you stupid ah! I told you before, if you can catch this golden tortoise son-in-law, you do not have to worry about this life. And your parents, your brother and sister, the whole family depends on you to support, not tired ah! If you hook up with Li Dong, even if you don't become a couple, pulling a hair out of his body is enough for you to live your life in style." Chen Wanting's eyes moved, and only after a while did she say, "What does he do?" "Hey, I'm convinced you. Faraway Li Dong, now you know, people are serious bachelors, you use your brain, white long this good face." Bai Yueqin finished seeing someone come over and stopped talking. After a while, Bai Yueqin and Wei Na a few people together to help Li Dong pick something, Chen Wanting is left in place murmuring, "Faraway Li Dong?" "Far Far Away ……" Immediately after Chen Wanting's eyes lit up, she saw the Far Far Away Supermarket in front of her, and only then did she understand who Far Far Away Li Dong was. Just when she was ready to look for Li Dong, she found that somehow, the crowd had already left the store and was heading for a shopping mall not far away. Chen Wanting hastily combed together the scattered hair and hurriedly followed. …… All afternoon the crowd helped Li Dong buy things. Because the Lanshan Manor place is large, more rooms, to buy more things, a line of seven people, it took four or five hours to barely buy all the things. This is not to buy those furniture and appliances, these things villa have, because it is not personal items, Li Dong did not change. Otherwise, not to mention four or five hours, and then another day can not buy all. After shopping for such a long time, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe has long been exhausted, several women, although they like shopping, but a series of shopping for so long, but also each look a little tired. Li Dong saw a grateful face and said: "Today is hard on everyone, later to go to Taihe Mall, what you like to buy what, today I treat." Several women smiled at once, an afternoon down, everyone and Li Dong also became more familiar. Although Wei Na several people do not know what Li Dong actually do, but also know that this is not lack of money master, an afternoon just to buy things spent more than 500,000. This is still household goods, nothing big, in this can spend half a million, apparently Li Dong's fortune a hundred half a million are more than. Now Li Dong said to treat the bill, everyone did not pretend. Under the leadership of Bai Yueqin, the people have run to Taihe shopping mall. Taihe mall in Pingchuan is not small, specializing in luxury goods, some domestic and foreign brands, can be seen here. Now Li Dong designated Taihe mall, obviously not prepared to be cheap, even if we do not buy indiscriminately, care about the image, casually buy a small satchel also has to be several thousand. Shopping for four or five hours of the street, but also had an addiction to spend money, and now there are gifts to take, we are naturally very happy. After all, the afternoon contact down, we also roughly feel the pulse of Li Dong, this is obviously not easy to attack, very difficult.