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Chapter 388: You are the one to beat

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The figure rushing in from outside the store was fast. Before Li Dong could see the situation clearly, he heard a "pop" of a crisp sound. When he came back to his senses, then there was another "pop" sound. No more than three seconds, the store rang twice, whether it was Li Dong, they, or other customers shopkeepers, some did not react. When the dust settled, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe froze for a moment. Not far away, Bai Yueqin and Chen Wanting simultaneously covered their cheeks, their faces full of confusion. The assailant was indifferent after the beating and did not even look at Bai Yueqin and the two of them, but shushed the woman who had fallen earlier: "Lei Lei, are you okay? Did you break anything? Let's go to the hospital immediately to check, don't leave any dark injuries will be bad ……" he said this side, next to the Xu Shengzhe eyes are red. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Xu Shengzhe's eyes were red, and the next moment he roared, "Fuck you!" This guy did not even think, throwing down the package in his hands and rushed up, a kick from behind. The guy who hit the man was not slow, Xu Shengzhe cursed just out, he hurriedly turned around, just in time to see Xu Shengzhe kicked over, the man who hit the man hastily dodged. Xu Shengzhe was a little too hard, the first kick did not reach. Once he saw that he hadn't kicked his opponent, Xu Shengzhe became even angrier and yelled at Li Dong, "Li Dong, help me fuck him!" Li Dong at the moment is also a fire in the heart of the man who saw him and Xu Shengzhe to run out, Li Dong cursed: "Damn, Yao Li, if you dare to run today, I'll definitely get you!" Just hit the guy is exactly Yao Li. Before because Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe stood at the corner side, Yao Li outside the store simply did not see the two. When Xu Shengzhe kicked over, Yao Li recognized who the other party was, and when he saw Li Dong again, Yao Li wanted to die. But in front of his girlfriend to play a pussy, who knew that the hornet's nest, the fight is Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong's people. Seeing Xu Shengzhe look like he wants to eat people, and then look at Li Dong hate to cut his expression, Yao Li which dare to stay. He did not care about his girlfriend on the side, Yao Li pulled his legs and ran outside. Today if blocked, he a beating is certainly inevitable, hit the ordinary people are okay, hit Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe people, people are now angry, may really be able to get him killed. The front of Li Dong shouted, but also did not expect Yao Li obediently stop to give them a beating, Yao Li just ran to the door was stopped by Li Dong. Yao Li ran too fast, did not brake, and directly collided with Li Dong. Both of them fell to the ground at the same time, Li Dong got up and pressed Yao Li's legs, and called to Xu Shengzhe behind him, "Hold him down, kill this son of a bitch!" Xu Shengzhe didn't even have time to speak, squatting down and grabbing Yao Li's hair was a punch to Yao Li's face. Yao Li screamed and hurriedly pushed Xu Shengzhe away. Just push Xu Shengzhe away, Li Dong also stabilized his body, a fist smashed in Yao Li's chest. Yao Li at first also fierce resistance, but the more resistance, the more fierce the two hit, hit later, Yao Li knew he could not run away, hands covering his head and let the two kicked and beat. …… long story, but in fact from Yao Li into the store, then Yao Li hit, and then to Yao Li by Li Dong two people around, I'm afraid the time is not more than a minute. All the customers and salesmen in the store are confused, they have not yet returned to their senses, three men have been fighting into a ball. This is the most high-end consumption area in Pingchuan! The three men knew at a glance that they were certainly not ordinary people, and no one expected that the three men would actually get into a fight in a public place with one punch from you and one punch from me. Wrong, now it should be two people beating Yao Li alone. The weak Yao Li, now only screaming, no strength to resist. The shopkeepers and several customers pull also not, not pull also bad, a time actually do not know what to do is right, for a while before a few shopkeepers quietly called the police. Yao Li's girlfriend has also come back to her senses, seeing Yao Li being beaten by two people, rushed over to protect Yao Li and screamed: "You're crazy! Stop it! Do you know who he is? Do you know who he is? He is the son of the boss of Munshen, and the Taihe Shopping Center is owned by their family. "Munshen's son?" "This is a big problem!" "Quickly go to pull the fight, do not let them fight again, here out, there will be a big problem!" "……" Upon hearing that the two Li Dong hit was actually the young master of Munshen, a few customers were okay, while the store clerk of the store was a little panicked. The mall is the door Shen real estate, Yao Li if something happened in their store, Yao Hong must not be thunderstruck. When the crowd was ready to pull the plug, Xu Shengzhe shouted: "What's wrong with Mengshen! You're not proud? Beat this son of a bitch!" The crowd's persuasion Xu Shengzhe simply do not listen, the remaining anger he is still a slap to Yao Li head. Li Dong did not reply directly, bypassed Yao Li's girlfriend, and kicked Yao Li in the past. Today, he was really angry, Chen Wanting and Bai Yueqin were beaten, not to mention the problem of whether he lost face, the key is that Yao Li is too disgusting! A few women had a few verbal altercations, you did not ask the red and white, into the door to two women a slap, this is still a thing? His girlfriend and Chen Wanting they quarreled for half a day, Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong also did not intervene. Women for some trivial things quarrel a few sentences normal, men generally two choices, either to persuade the fight, or try to wait for them to finish their quarrel to disperse. Even women are not hands, you a big man, into the door is two slaps, there is a face? Together with the previous dispute with Yao's family, the competition between Yuanfang and Kailong, Li Dong the more you think about the more fire, naturally, the hand can not be light. Next to Xu Shengzhe, let alone, he is now more angry than rational, which still care who Yao Li is. The two men hit hard, and Yao Li's voice is getting smaller and smaller. His girlfriend saw that she could not stop the two men, and burst into tears. This cry, Bai Yueqin and the girls also came back to their senses, Bai Yueqin also do not care about the pain of the cheeks, quickly trotted over to grab Xu Shengzhe shouted: "Shengzhe, do not fight!" Wei Na several people see this also hurriedly up to pull Li Dong, persuaded: "Li Dong, again hit the accident, do not fight." "Yes, it's bleeding, forget it." "……" a burst of persuasion, coupled with the fight for a while, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe also eliminated the fire, the two then stopped.