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Chapter 389 Gossip Rumors

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! From the hospital to home has been more than eight o'clock. Bai Yueqin and Chen Wanting are nothing serious, the doctor prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs said a few days of recuperation will be fine. Xu Shengzhe took the initiative to send the two home, Li Dong also did not intervene, with a little tired directly back to Wanyuan. Today's fight is really a bit pointless, Li Dong now think back to feel some speechless, beat Yao Li is not the first time, this guy can really find things. As for Yao Li's side, Li Dong also did not take it seriously. Hit on the hit, Yao Li can still do. Today it is Yao Li himself looking for things to be beaten, Yao Hong side also have nothing to say, stepped on the iron plate, naturally have to be prepared to be beaten. …… beating thing Li Dong did not care, plus tired during the day, Li Dong sleep early. But Li Dong do not care, does not mean that it is really okay. That night, a video about Li Dong three people fighting was uploaded to the Internet. The video picture is a little blurry, but you can still barely make out the faces of several people. At first the video's purveyor was probably just having fun, just passing the video around in a forum with the normal title, "Someone fights and brawls in a luxury store in Pingchuan". But later on, I don't know who recognized the identity of several people in the video, the short video immediately caught fire. There are two people in the fight, one is a leading figure after 80s, Li Dong, a retail tycoon in Pingchuan. The other person's identity is not bad, Jiangbei's largest real estate company, the son of Jiangbei's richest man, Xu Shengzhe. Then someone else revealed the identity of the person who was beaten, the sole heir of Jiangbei Munshen Real Estate, Yao Li. This is not enough, soon someone else broke the news that the three fights and women related. The reason why the three males of Jiangbei fought together, completely regardless of identity, just for a woman, I heard that this woman looks like a fairy, three people are chasing after, and finally this woman is into the arms of Yao Li, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe was very dissatisfied, which is why the public rounded up Yao Li. This story can only be considered as a sidebar news, although more people are concerned about, but we are more concerned about what the woman who triggered the three-person brawl looks like. The next online appeared to be the conclusion of some seemingly professional analysis. What for the woman are nonsense, the reason why three people fight, and women have nothing to do with the real relationship or conflict of interest. The source said that the door Shen real estate recently involved in the retail industry, a large investment in the customer Long supermarket, in Jiangbei and Li Dong has a lot of competition. The two sides of the competition, coupled with some previous entanglements, which is the motivation for Li Dong to beat people. And Xu Shengzhe side of the reason for the fight, it is said to be similar reasons. Although Longhua Group in Jiangbei real estate industry is a dominant, but Munshen real estate is not a small family, the two sides because of the land matters, there have been many disputes before. This time Xu Shengzhe beat people, probably to resolve old grievances. And the tipster also revealed a news, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe is many years of friends, this joint beating, may be an omen. The two companies, next, may strike at Munshen Real Estate on all fronts. Whether it's the real estate side or the Hakkasan supermarket, these two industries, any one direction is crushed, Munshen may suffer a Waterloo, or even produce a chain reaction, bankruptcy is possible. In terms of real estate alone, Munshen is not a rival of Longhua, and in the retail industry, Hakkasan is not a rival of Yuanfang either. If Yuanfang and Longhua really cooperate and are determined to crush Munshen, the possibility of Munshen going bankrupt is as high as 90%. …… This analysis sounded reasonable and was gradually recognized by everyone. After all, to say for a woman, some untenable, whether it is Li Dong or Xu Shengzhe, or even Yao Li, what kind of beautiful women can not find. These three people will be jealous for a woman at the same time? That this woman has to look how beautiful to be, as a joke to listen to it, really want to take it seriously, we are not very believe. And to confirm the above analysis, there are people who continue to break the news. At the beginning of the far side of the investment in land, not Li Dong alone, but with Xu Shengzhe cooperation to do together. The two had a basis for cooperation before, and now cooperate again, it is not something difficult to understand. Now not to mention the masses believe, many people in the industry in Jiangbei also believe. This is not enough, even in the hospital with his son Yao Hong are some believe. Before he also felt that the Internet is said to be nonsense, things have been said to him by Yao Li, Yao Hong, although angry, but also did not think deeply before. But when the online comments reached his ears, Yao Hong's face suddenly changed. What the Internet said is not impossible, but there is a great possibility! Once Longhua and Yuanfang really joined forces, Munshen Real Estate might be dealt a fatal blow. Maybe it's not a bad thing for his son to get into trouble this time. He hadn't considered the possibility of Long Hua and Yuan Fang joining forces before, but now that he thought about it, why couldn't Long Hua and Yuan Fang join forces? The two plots of land in Xincheng Yao Hong knows better than anyone, that is Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe together to make a deal. After that, the land came to Longhua Group, and Li Dong also bought a house in Lanshan Manor, and rented a store in Longhua Plaza, the relationship between the two companies is not ordinary good. In order to monopolize the retail market, Li Dong is likely to seek continued cooperation with Xu Shengzhe.