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Chapter 390 - Qin Yuhan's Phone Call

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Shen Xi said it's not worth it is naturally for a reason. Jiangbei is now on two large supermarket chains, one is the far side, the other is the Hakone. And the market in Jiangbei is so large, even if Li Dong squeezed the Hak Loong, Far Eastern can not completely occupy the retail market in Jiangbei. Down a Hak Loong, next there must be large supermarkets rise. It is impossible for Yuanfang to monopolize the retail market in Jiangbei if it is either a local enterprise or a foreign invader. Since this is the case, why should it be cheaper for others? It is not like it costs nothing to defeat Hak Loong. If you want to break the other side, you have to be prepared to lose both sides, but once you fight with Hak Loong, Yuanfang will be greatly injured, and then a third party will interfere, Yuanfang will lose a lot. And to leave the Hak Loong, in fact, is still beneficial to Far Eastern. On the one hand, with a competitor, Far Eastern's staff and management will not slacken off. The other point is that Hak Loong is a good shield and the first line of defense that foreign supermarkets will face when they invade Jiangbei. If China Resources, a large group, wants to enter Jiangbei, it will not come to Yuanfang for the first time, and it will not fight with Yuanfang. Other small and medium-sized enterprises, not to mention the large supermarkets, Hakkasan is the soft persimmon. Persimmon to pick up the soft pinch, people's first target is certainly placed on the head of the Hakone. Hearing Shen Xi say so, Li Dong felt quite reasonable. In fact, he is not prepared to squeeze the Hak Loong, Hak Loong side of their own shares but still 15%, if the squeeze Hak Loong, they do not also lose a lot of money. Thinking of this, Li Dong bypassed the topic, just ready to ask Shen Xi Mall, the assistant outside the door suddenly pushed in and said, "Mr. Li, the director of Longhua Xu asked you to call him back, he said he has not been able to contact you." Li Dong almost forgot about the broken phone, and immediately said, "I know, you go out first." Once the assistant left, Li Dong said to Shen Xi: "I'll call Xu Shengzhe back first, you wait here for a while, there is still something to talk to you." Shen Xi nodded and joked, "You and Xu Shengzhe are full of gay love lately, you and your girlfriend don't even meet on the phone that often, right?" "Less bullshit, talk about business." Li Dong glared at her, picked up the landline on the table and called Xu Shengzhe. When he answered the phone, Xu Shengzhe asked about Li Dong's failure to answer the phone and didn't pester him again when he knew his phone was broken. Xu Shengzhe did have business to find Li Dong, yesterday Li Dong said the matter of early payment, he went back to his father in the evening and mentioned it. Xu Shengzhe said this, Li Dong hurriedly said: "What did your father say?" "The old man said to think about it, but he wants to talk to you." "Talk to me? Talk about what?" "Who knows, but if you are free to come as soon as possible, maybe after talking the old man money will be given to you immediately." "Okay, later when your father is free, I'll ask him out for tea." After talking about the business, Xu Shengzhe began to talk about personal matters, mainly about yesterday's incident. The Internet is so powerful, Xu Shengzhe naturally also saw a long time ago, he called Li Dong there is another meaning, and Li Dong before the same thought, Xu Shengzhe wanted to ask him whether to cooperate a hand, to combat the door Shen real estate. Li Dong did not directly refuse, but said that the recent acquisition of the era of energy is not enough, and so the acquisition is completed. Xu Shengzhe also did not force, finally mentioned a mouth Chen Wanting and hung up the phone. Li Dong some helpless, Xu Shengzhe this guy is really boring, Chen Wanting is not his own dish, and what is the use of talking to him? But yesterday Chen Wanting was beaten, this and Li Dong really have a relationship, after all, Chen Wanting is his own invitation to go shopping, people also helped the afternoon, and now was slapped, can not ignore it. In addition, yesterday to send a gift, Chen Wanting because of Yao Li's matter, and finally did not buy, it seems to really have to prepare a gift to compensate each other. As soon as Li Dong hung up the phone, Shen Xi said: "Who is Chen Wanting?" Li Dong frowned and said, "Why do you care about everything?" Shen Xi hummed: "Who cares about your business, I'm just a little curious, you fought yesterday not really for a woman, right? Is it this Chen Wanting?" "It's a ghost!" Li Dong cursed, and then explained, "It's a friend of Xu Shengzhe, I've met her once." After saying that, Li Dong said, "Okay, let's not talk about her, ask you something, how is PP doing lately?" When it comes to business, Shen Xi returned to the right color and said, "The situation is not good, QQ's emoji package recently updated, PP lost a lot of users. At its peak, PP had 1.2 million registered users and the highest number of people online at the same time was 200,000. But when QQ updated its emoji pack, the number of new registered users per day has decreased by half, and the number of people online at the same time has also fallen below the 100,000 mark." "Down below 100,000?" "Yes." The gap is too big, QQ registered users are over 200 million, the number of people online at the same time seems to have broken through 20 million, more than 100 times the gap, want to catch up with each other, almost no hope ah."