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Chapter 391: Anger, Flip-Flop!

  One second★小△说§网. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. The opening of the World Cup is approaching, plus the recent beating incident is still fermenting, Xu Shengzhe is also too lazy to stay in the country, the 7th early in the morning with Bai Yueqin on the road. Li Dong almost forgot about this before, originally prepared to invite Bai Yueqin to have a meal, and then know that the two have gone, the meal had to be postponed indefinitely. Xu Shengzhe gave Li Dong a phone call when he was leaving. This phone call sounded a little strange to Li Dong, Xu Shengzhe said on the phone: "Li Dong, back to you and our old man to talk about things a little more, he is old, sometimes a little confused." Li Dong wondered, "Confused? How is it? Is your old man still ready to renege on his debt?" "What are you talking about? Anyway, the older the old man is, the stranger his personality is, so you can see for yourself." Xu Shengzhe also did not want to say more, admonished Li Dong a few words and hung up the phone. Li Dong also did not take it seriously, regardless of the Xu family's old man has any eccentricities, and he and he has nothing to entangle, people can not be his head. Besides, he is still a debtor, even if Longhua does not promise to pay in advance, the money will arrive sooner or later, and Li Dong is not afraid of anything. Once Xu Shengzhe left, there was no one to pass on the message, so Li Dong was ready to talk to the Xu family's old man personally. But when he met with Xu Jianghua, Li Dong finally knew why Xu Shengzhe said the old man couldn't handle it. The director's office of the Longhua side Li Dong contacted several times, each time in the morning about the time, and in the afternoon they changed their mind, saying that recently the chairman was too busy, only postponed. The first time Li Dong did not say anything, the second time Li Dong was a bit dissatisfied. Wait until the third time, Li Dong is really fire! As soon as the person from the director's office of Longhua said that it was postponed again, Li Dong said angrily: "You Longhua are playing house? Do you think I am so free to take your calls all day long? I just ask, can you confirm the time or not, if you can't confirm, then cut the crap with me!" A group with tens of billions of dollars in assets repeatedly broke the contract, which made Li Dong very unhappy! He is also not a nameless person, and theoretically he is still a debtor, and not door-to-door begging, several times like this, clearly teasing him. The people in the director's office of the Longhua Group are so unqualified? To really do so, Long Hua has long fallen, but also to do this big, this matter is obviously Xu Jianghua himself backtracked. Li Dong some confusion about what the old man wants, early payment only, if it is really difficult, then directly refused, according to the contract, although Li Dong disappointed, but also will not be dissatisfied. The key is that you give a word of approval ah! Just a meeting, make yourself busier than the head of state, who is masked! If it were not for the face of Xu Shengzhe, Li Dong would have cursed, Long Hua and then cattle can not help the far side, they are not Xu Jianghua's subordinates, the old man Alzheimer's disease, right! Li Dong a fire down, Longhua director's office side finally has a letter of approval. The time is set, tonight at 8:30, the location is also set, Longhua Group office. I can't help it, Xu Jianghua is too busy, really can't leave, the director's office side of the people let Li Dong more to bear a little. After all, it is their own initiative to meet, the other party is Xu Shengzhe's father, in the Jiangbei business community is also a high status, Li Dong also did not say anything, directly answered down. ……12 evening. In order to show respect to the richest man in Jiangbei, the old man, Li Dong deliberately arrived at Longhua Group in advance. The appointment time is 8:30, Li Dong 8:15 to the Longhua Administration Building. Because it was after work hours, Li Dong did not bring anyone with him, just a Tan Yong. At the front desk of the administration building, Li Dong reported his home and said he had made an appointment in advance. But when the receptionist finished checking the records, it was a careful face to Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, I'm really sorry, I don't have the information of your appointment with the chairman here." Li Dong frowned and said, "It's okay, make a phone call and ask, I contacted a secretary named Zhang in your director's office before." The receptionist hastily nodded, and then picked up the phone and called. Whispered a few words, just when Li Dong was a little impatient, the receptionist hung up the phone, her face a little embarrassed: "Mr. Li, I just contacted Secretary Zhang ……" Li Dong felt that she reacted a little wrong and asked. "What's wrong?" "That …… that secretary Zhang said that the appointment with you is 9:30 pm, not 8:30 ……" "Bullshit! " Li Dong a face of displeasure, he has not reached the point of deaf and dazzled, nine thirty and eight thirty can not hear? Just when Li Dong was ready to ask again, the receptionist carefully added: "Mr. Li, maybe you really heard wrong, the chairman of the board held a high-level meeting in the evening, the meeting time to last until nine ten, the chairman of this time period should not see the guests." "A meeting?" "Well." "Temporary meeting or long arranged?" "A week in advance notice ……" Once the receptionist finished, Li Dong grunted: "Bring the phone, I'll talk to Secretary Zhang!" The receptionist also did not dare to retort, the far side is indeed not a nameless person, stopping Li Dong in fact, she was also a bit vain, afraid that they got it wrong and delayed things. Hurriedly called the phone number of Secretary Zhang, the receptionist whispered a few more words, then kept nodding, did not hand the phone to Li Dong, but directly hung up the phone. Li Dong's face was somewhat gloomy, and he did not speak. The receptionist glanced at him and said slightly cautiously: "Mr. Li, Secretary Zhang said the time is indeed 9:30. If you want, you can wait for a while, and the chairman will meet with you as soon as he finishes the meeting. Secretary Zhang has to prepare the minutes of the meeting and cannot leave for the time being, so he asked me to receive you first." Li Dong forced his fire and said coldly, "Okay, then I'll wait!" Li Dong wanted to see what the hell Xu Jianghua was up to! After saying this, Li Dong took Tan Yong and was ready to go upstairs, but the receptionist was apologetic: "Mr. Li, because of the meeting upstairs, the board of directors gave a notice in advance, non-group executives can not go upstairs. How about you just sit here ……" Li Dong swept a glance at her, and looked at the hall of people coming and going. Finally said with an iron face: "You let me wait here? Is it your intention or Xu Jianghua's?" He is the boss of Far Far Away, the rich man of Jiangbei, not some cat or dog! He wasn't here to apply for a job, let alone to beg for cooperation, he was talking about business, Yuanfang's seven hundred million dollars was pressed here, no matter what angle he said, Long Hua shouldn't be this attitude! This is no longer neglect, but humiliation! Li Dong's heart is already on fire at the moment, but in front of just a receptionist, Li Dong kept the last trace of reason, did not turn his face on the spot. The receptionist is also a bit timid, to be honest, she also can not understand what the director's office side is meant. The old boss from afar came to Longhua to talk about things, the appointment information did not say, the director's office side and said the wrong time, just dragged the time back an hour, and the chairman just at this time in the meeting.