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Chapter 392 Personnel Issues

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The next day, Li Dong and Zhang Lan Yu met. Li Dong met and went straight to the point, asking about the current situation of Chengrui Real Estate. Zhang Lan Yu also answered one by one, in fact, since the fall of Chen Rui's father, Chengrui real estate has come to a standstill. At present, there are only two projects under Chengrui Real Estate, one is the development of a low-grade community, and another is the transformation of the dormitory of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. City Public Security Bureau dormitory renovation project is nearing the end, this project is also Zhang Lan Yu they rely on relations to pull the project. This is nothing to say, in addition to the three million final payment is not closed, the other without Li Dong, the project should be completed by the end of the month. Another low-grade community development, this project has just begun, but because Zhang Lanyu is not interested in business, the construction team has also stopped, the preliminary preparations are done, but the house has not been built. In addition to these two points, Chengrui Real Estate also has a bank loan of 20 million. After saying these, Zhang Lan Yu then said: "the district that project, the preliminary investment of almost thirty million, in the middle of my relationship into the not count with you. Dormitory building side, three million final payment has not been closed, if you take over, this money you to close. The other thing is that Chengrui has an engineering team of a hundred people, as well as several other departments, about forty people …… "Li Dong heard then said, "If I take over, how much do you want?" He and Zhang Lan Yu also talk directly, there is no need to make so many twists and turns, Zhang Lan Yu does not want to do now, Li Dong wants to take over, both sides want to get it done as soon as possible. Once Li Dong finished speaking, Zhang Lan Yu said indifferently, "You should also take out the bank loan, and give me another 20 million." "Twenty million?" This price was not expensive, but very cheap. Just the plot of land ready to build a subdivision was worth 30 million, and this was the price before, and the price after Zhang Langyu used her connections. In fact, now this piece of land, selling a forty million is not difficult. Plus the city Public Security Bureau side of three million, as well as other fixed industries, personnel department, Chengrui real estate valuation of more than 50 million is not much. Throwing away the 20 million loan, Zhang Langyu asked for 30 million or more in Li Dong expected. But 20 million, this is really some out of Li Dong's expectations. Seeing Li Dong look doubtful, Zhang Lan Yu slightly tired said: "I'm just a little tired, do not want to care about these, 20 million is enough for me to spend, earn so much money why. This life is actually very short, no matter how much money you have, you can't spend it all and you can't take it with you, so it's pointless to dwell on it." Li Dong laughed: "You are open-minded." "Not open-minded, just tired, tired, when you get to my age, you should understand." "Talking like how old you are, if I remember correctly, you are only twenty-five or twenty-six this year, right?" Zhang Langyu laughed lightly, "It's not a gentleman's job to inquire about a woman's age." Li Dong laughed and nodded: "Okay, I won't ask. But there's something I need to tell you, I don't have money now, so I'll transfer the 20 million to you in a few months and give you the interest, okay?" Zhang Lan Yu glanced at him for a long time before she said quietly, "I found that you have become more thick-skinned recently, how can you say this out loud?" "Ahem!" Li Dong coughed lightly and laughed dryly: "Not no money, but I recently need money for urgent use, 20 million you can not use for a while, or I count you investment? When the money is earned, I will give you a dividend?" Zhang Lan Yu laughed helplessly, nodded slightly and said, "Whatever you want, we will sign the contract later, you remember the money, and when there is no money one day, I will find you again." Today's Zhang Langyu is really too good to talk, Li Dong are a little uncomfortable. And Zhang Lanyu's state is not very good, Li Dong knew it must be for Chen Rui, but he could not understand, Chen Rui really has such a great charm? Zhang Lan Yu is beautiful, high status, and a strong woman, this kind of woman to pursue her not too many people, Li Dong does not believe that no one is better than Chen Rui? Chen Rui has what, in Li Dong's opinion, Chen Rui except for a good old man, almost nothing good. Now that Chen Rui's father has fallen, Zhang Lan Yu's father is not lower than Chen Rui's father's status, what exactly does Zhang Lan Yu see in Chen Rui? But love is something that is sometimes hard to understand, I'm afraid that Zhang Lan Yu herself said, she may not be able to say clearly. Li Dong did not say much, and added: "Then I will help you invest, and I will give you a dividend when you earn money." This sentence he said twice, Zhang Lan Yu also did not care, indifferent nodded. She was not afraid that Li Dong would not pay, if Li Dong reneged for 20 million, then she was wrong about the person. Not to mention her father is still on stage, is not, Zhang Lan Yu also whatever, her heart is now half dead, see what is light. She does not care too much about money, otherwise 20 million why sell the company to Li Dong, she is the price of 30 million, there are people to take over, now the real estate rebound, want to do this line of not too much. After talking about the company, Zhang Lan Yu got up and said, "Then I'll go first, later you have time to call me again to sign the contract, get this done, I also relaxed." "Okay." Li Dong nodded, thought about it and said, "You are still young, there are still long days, why do not let go?" Zhang Lan Yu's body paused, and then said: "You care, little kid, take care of your own business first." Li Dong's mouth was wide open! Kid? What did Zhang Lan Yu just call him? Zhang Lan Yu could not help but laugh at this situation, and then covered her mouth and snickered, "Forget it, let's not talk about it, there is still soup at home, I'll go back first." "Pfft!" This time Li Dong really can not hold back, you find an excuse also find a better one, okay, home stew, this excuse I am convinced! Zhang Lan Yu also ignored him, sat on the small bag and went out of the cafe. Li Dong did not rush to go, the heart is still thinking about the matter of Chengrui real estate, today and Zhang Lan Yu talk too smooth, smooth Li Dong did not expect to end so early. And he did not spend a penny, will directly take over the Chengrui real estate, which is also a bit out of his expectation. The only thing that makes Li Dong a bit of a pity is Zhang Lan Yu, in fact, he took over the real estate company, but also lack of a helm candidate. Shen Xi is not suitable, Zhang Lan Yu is actually the most suitable candidate. She has experience, ability and strength, if Zhang Lan Yu in charge of the real estate company, Li Dong choose the land, that Chengrui real estate is certainly a great future. But these can only think about it, Zhang Lan Yu to really want to do, why half sell half give away the company transferred to Li Dong. People are not motivated to do things now, and Li Dong did not even mention inviting Zhang Lan Yu to help, 100% rejected, it is not necessary to mention.