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Chapter 394 - The Golden Age

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong went back to his office and threw the money aside in advance. Open the computer and start logging into the mailbox, Zhang Lan Yu's side of the mail has come through. Li Dong opened it and looked at it, this time there were a total of eight pieces of land auctioned, this is probably the most land auctioned at one time by the Land Bureau over the years. In the past, two or three parcels of land could support an auction, but this time it has doubled several times, plus it is a high-quality land, you do not need to think to know that there must be a lot of real estate companies participating in the auction. Eight parcels of land, three of which are commercial and five are residential. The three commercial sites are located in the Guanhai District, which is the center of the city, and the land price is naturally not cheap. Li Dong bypassed these pieces of land in the Guanhai District after looking at them, the land price here is too expensive, even if there is an increase next year, the price may not reach Li Dong's expectations. He mainly looked at several residential sites, these five sites, one in the Guanhai District, two in the Yaohai District, the other two sites, one in the southern suburbs, one in the new government affairs district. After reading the introduction of several parcels of land, Li Dong picked up the map of Pingchuan next to him and compared it. Finally, after comparing it with the new look of Pingchuan in his mind in the next few years, Li Dong finally circled three plots of land. Li Dong was interested in two pieces of land in Yaohai and one piece of land in the new government affairs district. It is needless to say that the new government affairs area was only launched in 2002, and the new area is not yet fully built. However, the development of the new area is just around the corner, plus the beautiful environment there is most suitable for people to live, so it is most appropriate to get a piece of land to build a residential area. As for the two pieces of land in Yaohai, one of them is not far from the Yuanfang Building. Before Li Dong is also ready to build a staff community, this piece of land is not small, if you can get it, the investment to build a staff community is quite suitable. The above two pieces of land actually have a general attraction to Li Dong, but the last piece of land really makes him pay attention to it. Although this piece of land is located in Yaohai District, it is actually closer to the National Development Zone. This is not important, what is important is that if Li Dong is correct, at the end of the year this piece will be independent, Pingchuan will set up a new riverfront area. Once the new district is established, the price of this piece of land, which is now a wasteland, will skyrocket by a large margin. In addition to the impact of next year's market, how much can rise, Li Dong does not dare to predict. But now he is not too sure whether it is this place or not, the map is a map, there is no field trip, on the map can not be seen clearly. The map is a map, there is no field trip, and you can't tell from the map. And whether there are people living on it or not, and whether it is located in the center of the new riverfront area is a big problem. Although the government notice says there is no such thing, sometimes you can't believe it all, so you have to see for yourself to feel at ease. After looking at several residential sites, Li Dong took a brief look at the commercial sites. Three pieces of land, the most attention should be near the pedestrian street of that piece of land. The pedestrian street is the most prosperous part of Pingchuan business, where every inch of land is gold, even now, the price is scary enough. And this is a good lot on the surface, the risk is also the smallest piece of land. If the developer has enough money, the first target is definitely this piece of land, even if the price does not rise or even fall in the future, the value of this piece of land will not fluctuate much. Li Dong stared at the computer for a while, and sneered in his heart. No need to guess, the slightly larger real estate companies in Jiangbei, this time the main goal must be placed on this piece of land. When the time comes, if Long Hua also go, Li Dong would like to add fire to play. Anyway, his goal is not this, stirring up the muddy water is also conducive to his auction of several other pieces of land. After reading the information, Li Dong closed his eyes and pondered for a moment. Plan to plan, the problem of money is always inevitable. No money to say nothing, the key is to get money from where it? The three pieces of land he was looking at were not small in size, and naturally the price was not much cheaper. In the first half of 2006, the government offered three plots of land for sale, and the unit price per mu reached 1.2 million. This is still the price in the first half of the year, and I am afraid it will be higher this time. And this time, the land in the new government affairs district is nearly 500 mu, according to the market in the first half of the year, it will be 600 million. If it goes up a bit more, 700 million is not a guarantee. Of course, the profit is also considerable, Li Dong bought a house in the new government affairs district in his previous life, and he also looked up some information on the Internet during the time he bought the house. If he remembered correctly, in 2007, the land in the new government affairs district was auctioned, and the unit price per mu reached about 2.5 million, so just by hoarding the land for a year, the profit could be doubled, and even more if it was built into a community, but the time was a bit long, and Li Dong was afraid that he could not wait. In addition to the new government affairs area, other land prices are not cheap. If you can get this piece of land, it's not difficult to double the profit three or four times next year. But even if it's cheaper, a few hundred million is always necessary. Plus the piece of land next to the Yuanfang Building, three pieces of land to be swallowed in one bite, no 1.5 billion, almost impossible. And this total auction only eight pieces of land, real estate companies at least dozens of competition, competition, the price is also very common, the final extra one or two hundred million is not surprising. Calculated, Li Dong at least expected to put about 1.7 billion.