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Chapter 395 - The Battle of the Two Richest Genera

  One second★小△说§网. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The original Li Dong is ready to take time to go to Switzerland, but the time is really too late. too many things in June! The end of the month to carry out land auctions, not to mention, in the middle of their own have to take over the Chengrui real estate, looking for a person to replace Zhang Lan Yu. In addition, this side of the far side is also very busy. 18 secretary interview, Li Dong must personally look at it. This time the recruitment is the chairman of the secretary, by definition than the assistant are close, is considered Li Dong's personal butler, Li Dong naturally can not be arbitrary. The two terms Yuanfang and Li Dong filled the pages of major newspapers in Jiangbei on June 16. This time, there were two reports about Li Dong and Yuanfang. First, Yuanfang is ready to spend a huge amount of money to buy Time! The news came from Sunan, the end of the second round of negotiations between Yuanfang and Era, the two sides also know that it can not be hidden, officially announced the news to the public. At the same time, Jiangbei Yuanfang also made an announcement to the public that Yuanfang was determined to win the acquisition of Era! Once the news came out, not only the retail industry was shocked, but also all other industries were stunned. Yuanfang acquired Era? A supermarket that was established only two years ago, now wants to acquire a large supermarket that was established ten years ago and has assets of more than two billion? The crowd is very confused, the main doubts are two points. First, where did Far Eastern get the money to acquire Era? Secondly, what is the purpose of Yuanfang's acquisition of Era? Is Yuanfang ready to officially enter the retail battlefield in East China and fight hard with several large supermarkets? No matter how the crowd thought and wondered, things had become a fact. Far Eastern was not staging a gimmick, nor was it a hype, but it was really ready to acquire Era. The inside story of the negotiation between Yuanfang and Era has also been blown out, Yuanfang has funded to 2.3 billion! This price is definitely the party side out, and Li Dong know 100% is the era side. Perhaps in order to increase the sense of crisis of several other companies, the times revealed to the public the offer of the far side, which by definition is against the rules, the negotiations have not been officially concluded, the times can not reveal the inside information to the public. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. No one would joke with so much money, 2.3 billion in fact, the possibility of acquiring the times is very high, once successful, the far side will have to carry out the acquisition. And if the far side can not get the money, the acquisition is terminated at the same time, the far side also suffered huge losses. A professional negotiation team, taking one or two months, the cost is not in a small number. And one of them has to ask some professional institutions to evaluate the price of the times, which is also a big expense, in addition is the acquisition failure may cause adverse effects on the far side. Combined with these points, the possibility of Far Eastern speculation is almost zero, because the gains are not worth the losses. The news that Far Eastern was ready to acquire Times was confirmed, and word spread in Jiangbei, and in a short period of time, Far Eastern's fame soared by a large margin. And this is just the first point of the report about Far Far Away. As for the second report of the major newspapers in Jiangbei, it has nothing to do with Yuanfang, but Li Dong's personal problems. Li Dong's encounter at Longhua Group was not hidden from others after all. Both sides are celebrities in Jiangbei, one is the richest man in Jiangbei and the other is a leader of young entrepreneurs. Li Dong was frustrated in Longhua, Xu Jianghua refused to see Li Dong, Li Dong brushed off his sleeves, and when the news came out, it immediately sparked the attention of countless people. Both of them are tycoon-level figures, and the gossip about the two big shots is not too many people interested in the news. If it is said that before Li Dong is also weaker than Xu Jianghua, but now that the news of Yuanfang's acquisition of Times has come out, many people feel that Li Dong and Xu Jianghua are not much worse. Some even speculate that the name of the richest man in Jiangbei is not due for a change. Longhua Group is rich, but Longhua Group is not Xu Jianghua alone, Xu Jianghua's shares in Longhua Group is the highest, but only about 60%. And this 60%, Xu Jianghua's two sons each accounted for 5%, Xu Jianghua actually control only about half of the shares. The market value of Longhua is about 12 billion, that is to say, Xu Jianghua's personal fortune in 6 billion. As for Li Dong side, there was a newspaper report last year, his fortune is about 1 billion, but this year from Li Dong has the capital to acquire the times, we all feel underestimated Li Dong. If the acquisition of the era of success, the market value of the far side can probably reach 4 billion. Plus rumors that Li Dong hands also retain a large number of Baidu shares, outside rumors, the shares are worth no less than 500 million. In other words, Li Dong's personal wealth can probably reach 4 billion, last year's annual meeting Li Dong's big hand to the general manager of the Yuan Fang share equity, know a lot of people, but also did not take this money into account. 4 billion than 6 billion, it seems that Li Dong is not as Xu Jianghua. But don't forget, how big Li Dong, Xu Jianghua how big! Xu Jianghua's age is three times older than Li Dong, 40 years older than him, who has the potential, it is clear. Even if Li Dong is not the richest man in Jiangbei now, sooner or later, now the old and new richest men are fighting and even turning their faces, everyone is somewhat happy to see the feeling. Once the report came out, not only in the business community caused a lot of discussion, the officialdom and civil society are also discussing the boisterous. Many people speculated why the two tycoons would flip-flop. Among the most widely circulated speculation there are two, but also two diametrically opposed conclusions. The first conclusion is that Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe befriended each other, while Li Dong was criticized by the media for his short temper because of two previous beatings. In this case, Xu Jianghua regards Xu Shengzhe as the future head of Longhua, so he naturally does not want Li Dong, a reckless hero, to bring down his son. Plus the video of the two of them teaming up to beat up someone came out a few days ago, Xu Jianghua's move may be to get his son and Li Dong to pull apart. This is the first guess, and there are many people who agree. The second guess is somewhat interesting. When the newspaper reported it, it was deliberately noted that it was news from the mouth of Longhua's internal senior management. That is, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe befriended, may have influence on the future handover of Longhua. This influence does not mean that Li Dong has brought bad Xu Shengzhe, but that it will have an impact on Xu Shengzhe's big brother taking over the position. According to this source, Xu Shengzhe, who has been favored by the outside world, is probably not the ideal successor choice in Xu Jianghua's mind. The youngest of the Xu family, who is known as a playboy, is the ideal candidate for Xu Jianghua. The reason why Xu Jiang Hua humiliated Li Dong, may be for the Xu family youngest to pave the way to the top, after all, Li Dong is not an ordinary person, once the sibling rivalry, Li Dong is Xu Shengzhe's big help. In order to let Li Dong out of this successor battle, Xu Jianghua made this move. Both speculations are believed, and some do not believe, that Xu Jianghua and Li Dong will not be so boring. But believe it or not, we all understand one thing, Long Hua and the far side is really flip-flopped!