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Chapter 396 - Du Anmin's helplessness

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Five hundred million cash, whether it is 06 or 16 years, this is not a small amount. Shen Xi said frankly, Li Dong listened but some shock. Where did Shen Xi get so much money? Five hundred million ah! This is not fifty thousand five hundred thousand, five hundred million dollars, in Pingchuan can buy several buildings. Deep breath, Li Dong slowed down before saying: "Where did the money come from?" Shen Xi said carelessly: "This you do not care, do you want?" "Nonsense, I can not care!" Li Dong rolled his eyes, Miss, your old man is the first brother of Jiangbei! Now you suddenly come up with 500 million, I can not think more? In addition to the previous Du Anmin also bailed out Chen Jikuan, Chen Jikuan and left 50 million Swiss francs in the villa, to say that Li Dong did not suspect at all certainly not possible. But Li Dong thinks Shen Xi should not be so stupid, this money to really come from the wrong way, she can lend himself? In Li Dong pondering, Shen Xi some impatience said: "Anyway, you can rest assured that the money is certainly no problem, is also clean, you want to want, do not forget!" Li Dong afterglow glanced at her, just to see her eyes showed a touch of aggravation. Li Dong heart a slight shock, then nodded: "borrow, money I want, when you can transfer to me?" A smile appeared on Shen Xi's face, then said with a stern face: "What is the hurry, do we have to talk about the conditions?" "The conditions are whatever you want to open, I agreed to all!" "Really?" "Really!" "This is what you said, then, we nine out of thirteen return, you can not be less than my interest. If you promise, I will transfer money to you in ten days." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled: "No problem, you say how to do." Li Dong is too abject, no objections at all, Shen Xi suddenly felt a little boring, grunted: "No fun." After muttering a sentence, Shen Xi said, "Then I will take a leave tomorrow, you keep an eye on the company, I will come back in a couple of days." Li Dong knew that she should go to raise money, no matter how Shen Xi the five hundred million came, after all, is not a small amount, want to raise so much cash overnight, certainly not as simple as Shen Xi said. But Li Dong also did not say anything more, Shen Xi lent money to their own friendship, their own polite words do not need to say, the heart to remember on the line. Nodded, Li Dong thought and admonished: "If there is a difficult time forget it, do not force yourself." "I know, I'm still waiting for you to earn money to give me interest." Shen Xi gave a playful laugh and happily left the office. Only when she was far away did Li Dong exhale a long breath and leaned back in his chair somewhat lost in thought. ……17, Shen Xi did not come to the company. Li Dong also did not ask, he did not ask, others naturally can not manage this vice president, but everyone is a little curious, the far side is not another big move? The three bosses are not in the company, Sun is responsible for the acquisition of the times, Wang is responsible for the opening of new stores in two cities, and where did Shen go? Since the rumor that Sun Tao led a team to Sunan and the times to talk about the acquisition, everyone worshiped Li Dong as a heavenly man. The boss of the family will always do something unexpected, like this acquisition of the times, involving billions of dollars, but before the wind did not have. The distant staff proud and at the same time some indignation. This indignation is naturally not against Li Dong, but to Longhua Group. And the acquisition of the times together with the news that Li Dong in Longhua ate a closed door, which makes many employees are very dissatisfied. In the past two days, I heard that there have been several clashes at Longhua Plaza, and the employees of the Longhua store and the management of Longhua Plaza do not like each other and often clash over minor issues. The good thing is that both sides have some restraint, the conflict is only in the dark, the surface also maintains a friendly state. The company's performance has not been affected by the Long Hua store, he is not bothered to care about these things, and he does not have so much energy to manage. 17 all day, Li Dong is dealing with the company's sundries. The three bosses are not in, Li Dong to busy with too many things, but also from time to time to inspect the work status of various departments, from morning to night, Li Dong almost did not rest. It was not until after 10:00 p.m. that Li Dong returned home. …… Just when Li Dong arrived home, Shen Xi also arrived home. After a busy day, Shen Xi was a little tired, changed her shoes and entered the door and was watching the news of Du An Min greeted, Shen Xi was ready to go back to the room to rest. Du Anmin, who was watching TV, suddenly said, "Xixi, where did you go today?" Shen Xi's eyes rolled and she was about to make a perfunctory response when Du An Min frowned and said, "No lies!" Shen Xi grimaced and mumbled, "I didn't go anywhere, I went to see my mother." Du Anmin continued, "Besides seeing your mother?" Shen Xi played dumb and said, "I went to see my mother, I haven't seen her for so many days, I miss her." "And hide it from me!" Du Anmin grunted and said, "Your mother called me and said you want to sell the shares your grandfather left you, right?"