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Chapter 397 Interviews

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows to read for free! June 18th. Shen Xi went back to the company and barged into Li Dong's office early in the morning. Li Dong is talking with personnel director Song Jie, see Shen Xi enter, pressed the hand said: "You wait first, I finished talking with director Song." When Song Jie saw that Shen Xi was waiting next to him, he dared to dawdle and quickly said what he should say and then said to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, I've finished my report, I'll have someone notify you when the interview is held later." Li Dong nodded and said, "Okay, then you go back first." Song Jie answered, and when he passed by Shen Xi, he greeted her respectfully before hurrying out of the office. As soon as he left, Shen Xi paced up and down to sit opposite Li Dong. Picked up the resume on the table and looked at it, then smiled and said, "Song Jie is quite good at choosing people." Li Dong smiled and said, "Not bad, after all, Song Jie has been doing human resources for many years, his eye for people is still good." Shen Xi continued to look through several other resumes, and finally smiled and nodded in agreement: "The eye for people is good, the faces are pretty, these eight people to participate in the beauty pageant certainly no problem." Li Dong rolled his eyes, lowered his head to read the file and did not pay attention to her. Shen Xi some bored said: "I'm serious, these women if not plastic surgery, beauty pageant can be completely." "Okay, beauty pageant or not, another story, looking for me something?" Li Dong also did not argue, because this time into the second round of interviews of several women indeed look good. This is not a deliberate care of Li Dong, nor Song Jie guessed Li Dong's mind deliberately arranged, but a kind of unspoken rule. The boss's secretary is not a few ugly, really ugly, people are also embarrassed to interview. After all, it is to take out to meet people, and Yuanfang is not a small business, Li Dong sometimes to meet guests, see a lot of big people, can not let an ugly monster in front of outsiders eyesore it. Looks and ability go hand in hand, and there are times when looks are more important than ability. Li Dong is recruiting secretary, and not recruiting general manager, the appearance of this level naturally to pass, or the first round has long been brushed. Shen Xi smiled and did not say more on this, back to the subject: "The money matter is not a big problem, before the end of the month can certainly be credited. But the friend I told you about last time, you do not see? At the end of the month to participate in the auction, this is a big scene, your new general manager always need to see it." Li Dong thought for a moment, thought before saying, "Wait two more days, tomorrow I have arranged two people to interview, if not suitable, I will see your friend again." Shen Xi was not happy: "You are not taking my friend as a spare tire." "Nonsense, it's good to meet, if not really no one, on the temper you said last time, I don't even bother to see." Shen Xi muttered a sentence, not waiting for Li Dong asked to continue: "Also, last time you said you wanted to see Liu Hong's plan, he did, I brought it to you to see." Li Dong heard some spirit, took the document handed to him by Shen Xi. After opening the file and reading it for a while, Li Dong frowned a little. Liu Hong's plan was quite beautiful and clear, but the content was not up to Li Dong's expectations. After a moment, Li Dong said: "Go back and ask Liu Hong to change it again, is there any difference between him and a rehashed version of SchoolNet? What I want is not to copy a school network, but to innovate. With his plan, it is almost impossible to expect me to allocate money to support him." Shen Xi said with an indifferent face: "I have already said no. Besides, the profitability of WEB2.0 is not reliable at all. Count on this to make money, there is little hope." Shen Xi's words also represent the current mainstream consciousness, 06 years, the Internet industry generally down WEB2.0 profit model. Not long ago, the Internet predator Thousand Oaks Interactive Group high-profile resurrection of the school network, ambition speaks for itself. But Li Dong has a number in mind, and then wait a year and a half, the school within the net still have to rest. However, the school network breaks, does not mean that WEB2.0 will not really work, but the timing is not right, and the school network temporarily can not keep up with the national situation. Shen Xi said so, Li Dong did not explain, around the topic said: "Go back and let Liu Hong think again, the target group is not that must focus on students, although students are the future successor, but is not yet the mainstream group of the Internet, how many students can afford to buy a computer at this stage? Let him broaden his vision, in addition to students, there is no one else? To use an analogy, let's say that the conflict between Xu Jianghua and I, how many people have attracted attention these days. Doesn't this kind of thing deserve attention? Isn't it better than looking for friends on the school internet?" Once Li Dong finished, Shen Xi looked at him a little dazed for a while before saying, "Your vision is really unique." Li Dong skimmed his mouth and said, "Don't say cool words, that's what it means anyway, just pass my words to Liu Hong." "Okay. Anyway, I probably understand what you mean, but I still do not see it, you can see for yourself. And at the moment we do not have too much energy to put into this, I advise you to share less snacks for the better." "I have a number in mind." …… two people chatted for a while, the substitute assistant outside the door entered and whispered, "Mr. Li, Mr. Shen, Director Song called and said the interview will start soon."