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Chapter 398 - Three levels to determine the secret

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Ten minutes passed quickly. When Li Dong called a halt, the crowd stopped in a frenzy, there are two girls have not yet chosen three documents, at this time, once heard the time is up, and quickly picked a few documents from the box, to make up three copies. Li Dong also did not stop, wait for everyone to quiet down, Li Dong said: "all picked enough three copies?" Several women looked at each other, and only after a moment did someone whisper, "Mr. Li, I only picked one copy." Li Dong glanced at her, the girl who spoke was probably the one with the most outstanding looks in this interview. Li Dong gently knocked on the table, after a while spoke: "I said three copies before, why did you choose only one? 3 and 6 two ladies also did not pick enough three copies before, but in the end, even if you choose two copies at random, but also the number of my requirements, can say your reason?" The two girls mentioned by Li Dong blushed slightly, but did not dare to interrupt. The girl who picked only one document immediately said, "Because I read dozens of documents and only found this one to be more important. The others are small and fragmented, I think it's a waste of time to show them to Mr. Li. Mr. Li, your time is precious, so wasting time on these matters is a waste of life and money." Li Dong laughed and did not answer, nor did he continue the topic. Will be a few girls picked documents are briefly swept a glance, Li Dong heart roughly have a number. Through the two levels of tea and selection of documents, Li Dong will be a large part of the others eliminated, and now he is considering whether to leave No. 1 or No. 8. As for just the two random documents to make up the number, and only selected a document, Li Dong did not look at. Especially the one who picked only one document, don't see her talk good, in fact, Li Dong can't see this kind of people. He wants a secretary, a secretary who can completely and utterly carry out his orders, not the kind who has his own ideas and discounts his orders. Maybe some bosses like this kind of maverick, but obviously the other party did not grasp Li Dong's pulse. Li Dong himself is the kind of person who is more self, if another secretary with a self-personality, then there will be trouble in the future. Low will 1 and 8 resume read again, Li Dong swept a glance at the crowd, once again out of the voice: "Finally a small test, each person choose a document, the main content of an excerpt, or your own summary, try to control within a hundred words, after writing today's interview is over." The eight girls were all a little surprised, not that the interview was too difficult, but too easy. Making tea, picking documents, extracting documents, hardly asking any professional questions, or asking them anything else, and this is the end of the interview? Although the heart has doubts, but everyone does not dare to refute. They took out the documents and read them, and then began to write summaries with a clatter. Shen Xi glanced at Li Dong, and then looked down at the notebook in Li Dong's hand, and when she saw that the numbers 1 and 8 were circled, she knew that Li Dong probably had a suitable candidate in mind. Then Shen Xi looked at No. 1 and No. 8, two people are not too old, twenty-five or twenty-six. Long can be, but also not stunning, among the eight people does not look too prominent. Just pick the document, the two selected documents can only be said to be moderate, nothing special, Shen Xi some confusion Li Dong's guidelines for selecting people, is it that these two tea brewing particularly good? In Shen Xi doubts, the eight girls also wrote a summary. A total of only about a hundred words, naturally, can not write too long. Song Jie handed over what the people had written to Li Dong, and asked Li Dong with his eyes what to do next. Li Dong picked up the note and read it for a while, then said: "The interview is over, you all go back and wait for news. No matter if you can pass the interview or not, Yuanfang will inform you." Several women are still a bit confused until now, today's interview can be said to be completely contrary to what they imagined, what professional knowledge, private life, salary package …… whatever they think Li Dong will ask, the result is that Li Dong did not ask. After the simple three hurdles, the interview is officially over. Before and after, I'm afraid the time spent is less than an hour. No matter how doubtful and tangled in the heart, since Li Dong said it was over, the crowd had to leave. As soon as they left, Song Jie said softly: "Mr. Li, which one do you fancy?" Without waiting for Li Dong to speak, Shen Xi smiled and said, "No. 8, right?" Li Dong did not deny it, but just laughed, "Why do you guess so?" The reason why the third level was set up was probably to see their thinking ability. 8's summary report was very well written, although it was less than 100 words, but the main content of the document was largely summarized. And look at No. 1, although the writing is okay, but the text is not refined enough. She has a hundred words, I think fifty words to sum it up, it's too drawn out, it shouldn't be the kind you like."