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Chapter 399 - Dongyu Real Estate

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The first time I saw the company, I was able to get to the end of June. 25 June, there are only five days left before the land auction. These days, Li Dong interviewed a lot of people, but most of the mediocre, really let Li Dong shine a few people. Or not less, but not at all. Because the Far Eastern business is not the real estate industry, although the Far Eastern fame is not small, but the real estate industry elite is not too much on the Far Eastern. Li Dong recruited people for interviews and didn't reveal too much about Chengrui. In the view of outsiders, Li Dong's search for these real estate industry practitioners may be Yuanfang's intention to get involved in the real estate industry. But the intention is intended, since the rebound of the real estate industry, want to do too many people in real estate, the general large companies have this intention. The key is that the plan can not catch up with the changes, and ultimately not many companies can make it. Many companies do a lot of pre-publicity work, and poaching and the establishment of new departments, but in the end, either the plan to die in advance, or poorly run, the business loss is serious, but called off. For the enterprise, this is just an attempt to stop the project is just a matter of words. But for those who are tapped, this is a bolt from the blue. Because of the job-hopping, the old owner is definitely not back, the new owner closed down, naturally, can not continue to work. Now you have to find a new job, a waste of time, not to mention that the reputation is not good, a short period of time to jump ship, the general large enterprises on this is certainly taboo. This also leads to the elite class of various industries are very vigilant, not as a last resort, or the other side of the offer is too tempting, in general, they will not easily jump ship. Among these people interviewed by Li Dong, there are almost no elites in the industry, most of them are some competition losers. The reason why these people came to Yuanfang is just to boast a chance. Anyway, they had failed before, and it didn't matter much to them whether Far Eastern Real Estate could do it or not. If the Yuanfang property aborted, it would not have a great impact on them, but once it succeeded, they would be right. For these speculators, Li Dong naturally do not see eye to eye. After looking around, Li Dong also head, finally had no choice but to Shen Xi said: "Let your friend to try, if it is really as you say, strong ability, temperament and what I can not care." Dwarf inside the general, this time ability and temperament, obviously ability is more important some. Chengrui real estate must take over before participating in the auction, otherwise it will not be able to say later. Although Zhang Lan Yu currently has no intention of backtracking, but the hearts of the people, Li Dong really want to shoot the land, next year the price will rise, then Zhang Lan Yu will still be the same as now no desire? Although this is only Li Dong to the heart of a gentleman, but in order to avoid future disputes, the best choice is naturally handed over to the company before the auction. Hearing that Li Dong was finally going to meet his friend, Shen Xi said indignantly: "I told you to meet her long ago, but you had to delay until now. Now even if you meet with her and talk about it, are you sure you can fix everything in five days?" "What's the hurry, I'm not asking him to take up his post right now. Chengrui side I am not ready to do any big projects for the time being, take the land and hoard it for a while." "Whatever you do, by the way, can you change the name. Chengrui Chengrui sounds particularly twisted." Shen Xi suggested. Li Dong nodded, thought about it and said, "How about calling it Eastern Real Estate?" "Cheesy!" "Then call it Donglai Real Estate?" "Vulgar!" "Dongdong Real Estate?" Shen Xi couldn't help but say, "Can you not be so narcissistic that you have to bring the word Dongdong?" Li Dong was about to speak when his cell phone rang. After glancing at the number, Li Dong suddenly said, "Then call it East Rain Real Estate!" Shen Xi frowned and asked, "East Rain? Qin Yuhan's rain? Real estate company with 'rain' does not seem good." "Then call the East Yu real estate, the universe of Yu, sounds high-end atmosphere upscale!" Li Dong finalized, and not allowing Shen Xi to refute, quickly connected the phone. After saying a few words into the phone, a smile appeared on Li Dong's face. Shen Xi waited for him to hang up the phone before she said without moving her voice: "Qin Yuhan called?" Li Dong nodded with a smile and said, "Well, the exams at the Beijing University are over, and if it's quick, Yuhan will be back tomorrow and the next day." Shen Xi reluctantly smiled, got up and said, "Then I will inform my friend, tomorrow morning you meet, but it is best not to choose in the company, change a casual place to meet, save the collapse of the conversation is not good." Li Dong was also afraid that the other party did not give face, should say: "Okay, then set in the Oriental fishing village." "You really know how to live, talk about things do not forget to take care of their own business." Shen Xi smiled and joked, did not stay in the office for a long time, turned around and left the office. Outside the door shortly after the appointment of Chen Ke saw Shen Xi go out, is ready to greet, see Shen Xi smile disappeared abruptly, also did not look at her, the eyes turned and hurriedly walked away. …… the next day. Li Dong did not go to the company in the morning, but with Li Chengyuan they went to the Oriental Fishery. The fishing village opened nearly a month ago, this time business has been good, Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang are happy all day. When he left the door, Li Dong realized what he had overlooked. After glancing at Li Chengyuan who got into his car, Li Dong asked, "Dad, you guys usually go to the hotel by taxi?" Before Li Chengyuan could say anything, Cao Fang said, "Why take a taxi, it's just a few stops away, just take the bus. If you get up early in the morning, you can walk and get some exercise." Li Dong thought about it and said to Li Chengyuan, "Dad, you and Mom go to learn the driver's license, when the license is obtained, I will buy you a car." His own parents actually take the bus to work, which makes Li Dong very self-critical. He had never thought about this before, if not for going out together today, Li Dong really did not think about it. Although it is related to his busy period of time, but also shows that recently he cared less about his parents. Since Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang went to the hospital every month for health checkups, Li Dong was not as attentive to them as he was before. Now think about it, it's totally undeserved. Hearing Li Dong say to help them buy a car, Cao Fang hurriedly said: "Your father and I are too old to drive a car. It's good to take the bus, it's safe and affordable, don't waste this money." Li Dong nodded and said, "That's fine, don't learn yourselves, I'll arrange for someone to come over and drive for you later." "That's not okay!" Cao Fang was still ready to refuse, Li Dong interrupted: "It's settled, either you learn to drive yourselves, I will buy you a car to drive. Or I'll arrange for someone to drive for you, it's the same anyway."