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Chapter 400 - Hugging the Golden Brick

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Although Wu Shengnan's character is not very pleasing, and speak too straight. But Li Dong thinks this kind of person must be a bit of real ability, otherwise the bottom is not so full. In addition to the other party or Shen Xi introduced, Li Dong finally considered or agreed to Wu Shengnan's conditions. Of course, the premise of all this is based on the premise that Wu Shengnan can pass Li Dong's test. If Wu Shengnan just has a false appearance, then the front conditions of the talk more useless. Li Dong actually did not ask too many questions, after all, he is not too familiar with the field of real estate, only through some simple words and actions to judge whether Wu Shengnan can be competent for the position of general manager of Dongyu. The two talked for about half an hour, halfway through Shen Xi did not interrupt, and listened silently next to. When Li Dong finished drinking a pot of tea, finally opened his mouth and said, "Do you know about the land auction at the end of the month?" Wu Shengnan nodded and said, "I've heard a little." Li Dong saw the situation and continued, "Then this time a total of eight pieces of land auction must also be understood by you, if, I mean if, if Dongyu Real Estate wants to take three pieces of land, which three pieces of land do you think is most suitable? What is your psychological price? How much benefit might it bring?" "If you're not sure about the distribution of the plots, you can go back and look up the information. Give me the answer tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and call me or Shen Xi when you've made your choice." Wu Shengnan smiled, "Is this the final test?" "Sort of." Wu Shengnan nodded and didn't give an answer on the spot. She was confident, but it didn't mean she was stupid, since she came, it meant she had the intention to join Dongyu. Now she only has a simple impression of the land auctioned by the auction, before a clear understanding of the specific, freely give the answer, this is not self-confidence but pride. Even Wu Shengnan felt that the test given by Li Dong was not a simple verbal test, but Li Dong was really ready to show his skills in this auction. This kind of big project involving hundreds of millions or even billions of capital flow, if she casually gave an answer, she might be able to say goodbye to Li Dong after the answer. If Li Dong did not ask her this question before, Wu Shengnan may feel that it does not matter if she joins the Eastwood. But when Li Dong finished, Wu Shengnan made up his mind, must stay in the East! Not for other reasons, just for Li Dong just said to take the three pieces of land! A newly established real estate company, the first time in a large auction to capture three pieces of land, whether Li Dong can take it or not, Wu Shengnan saw his courage. Although this man is young, but because of the young only have the courage to break through. Wu Shengnan is originally the kind of people who dare to fight and dare to break through, and she likes this kind of character as her boss. Before she said Li Dong character and her very similar, Li Dong also denied, now it seems that this guy is the real gambler, on the radical, Jiangbei can not find a few than Li Dong more radical. Working with someone like Li Dong, it will certainly be exciting and cool. Wu Shengnan glanced at Shen Xi, she now has some understanding of why her eye-catching best friend has remained in the far side. With Li Dong around, staying in the far side should be interesting. …… With the last test left by Li Dong, Wu Shengnan left early. As soon as she left, Shen Xi asked, "How does it feel?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "I can't say for now, let's see." One hour is not enough, it is not that simple to fully understand a person. Besides, it is only on paper, Wu Shengnan ability in the end how, still have to practice the true knowledge, Li Dong can only say that currently have a general understanding of Wu Shengnan. Shen Xi saw him say so, and asked a follow-up question: "decided to hire her?" "Wait a little longer." "Wait for the result of the examination just now?" Li Dong did not deny that since Wu Shengnan was going to apply for the general manager of Dongyu Real Estate, she must have a certain understanding and excessive vision in the field of real estate. Li Dong had previously looked at three pieces of land, and he also let Wu Shengnan choose three pieces of land. He did not expect Wu Shengnan to choose all the same as him, but at least two pieces of it, and even Li Dong heart gave the minimum expectation, even a piece of land that can be. If the three pieces of land that he saw Wu Shengnan did not choose, then let Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan said the sky is the limit, Li Dong will not hire her. Of course, the light selection is not enough, Li Dong also want to see her reasons, after all, three-eighths of the probability, the possibility of Monzhong is not small. But these words are not necessary to tell Shen Xi, Li Dong's own heart on the line. And Shen Xi said a few words of small talk, Li Dong ready to pour himself a cup of tea, found the teapot has been empty. Just about to go out and shout, Cao Fang carrying the teapot pushed the door into the box. Once she saw Cao Fang enter, Shen Xi hurriedly got up and said, "Auntie, I'll do it." Cao Fang had a smile on her face and cheerfully said, "No, no, I'll do it, you guys keep talking, I won't bother you." As soon as Li Dong saw his mother's expression, he knew what she was thinking and said, "Mom, you go about your business, I'll leave soon, don't work on my side." Cao Fang gave him a blank look, ignored him, and continued to smile at Shen Xi, "Shen, it's almost noon, why don't you stay here for lunch? I'll ask Dongzi's father to cook something delicious for you, Dongzi's father can't do anything else, but he's good at cooking fish." Shen Xi looked at Li Dong, some embarrassed said: "How can that, this is not to give uncle trouble." Next to Li Dong face full of helplessness, you say in the end want to stay to eat it or want to stay to eat it? Without the brain to guess, Li Dong also knows what his mother will say next. Sure enough, once she heard Shen Xi say so, Cao Fang quickly laughed and said, "What's the trouble, the old man is idle, then it's settled, you guys sit here for a while, I'll let the old man prepare." Shen Xi hurriedly said, "Auntie, why don't I go and give Uncle a hand? I often cook at home, but the taste is not very good." "Yo, you still know how to cook, daughter? This is a good thing ah, delicious or not to say, will do it, now the girl ah, will do housework not much ……" "……" the two chat The two chatted feverishly, Li Dong listened for a while some helplessly interrupted: "Mom, I really have something to do later, dinner will be eaten later." Shen Xi's face changed slightly, then smiled and said, "Auntie, you see I am confused, we have a guest at noon, next time I will come back, then try uncle's craft." Cao Fang didn't think much about it, and once she heard that the two had business, she said with slight regret, "Forget it today, Shen, next time you must come. Call me before you come, or ask Dongzi to call me, I'll ask his father to pick some rare fish, to ensure that you eat the first time and want to second." Shen Xi smiled and said, "I'm drooling, thank you auntie, next time I will come."