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Chapter 401 - The straw man is not a straw man

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Lanshan Manor is the top neighborhood in Pingchuan. Although it is near the suburbs, there are many high-end restaurants near the manor. Li Dong and Ji Lanxin picked a restaurant that looked good in the environment, ordered a few dishes and started talking. After chatting for a while, Ji Lanxin suddenly sighed: "Business is getting harder and harder these years." Li Dong knew she had something to say, smiled and said, "No matter what time business is difficult, your Goldin Jewelry should still be okay, after all, gold jewelry is always sought after." Ji Lanxin shook his head and said: "You do not know this business, the last two years this business is also bad. In May when the international gold price of more than $ 700 / ounce, when we all feel that according to the current market, the impact of $ 1000 may be expected, but who knows a turn of the work, the gold price fell down with a crash. It's been a month, and the gold price has fallen by almost $100/oz. GDT has lost a lot this time." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Gold is a value preserver, so the temporary drop is harmless. No accident, wait for next year, I'm afraid it's another round of gold bull market." Ji Lanxin originally just started to complain, but hearing Li Dong actually predicted that next year will usher in a big bull market in gold, could not help but curiously said, "How do you know?" "Guess." Li Dong gave a laugh, ate a bite of food and perfunctorily made a perfunctory remark. Ji Lanxin frowned slightly, this kind of Li Dong would just talk nonsense? But to say that what Li Dong said is true, Ji Lanxin also a little unbelievable, gold prices are now turbulent, most experts in the industry can not understand the rise and fall of next year or even the second half of this year, what makes Li Dong say that next year will usher in a big bull market in gold? And the last bull market has just passed, from 02 years until May 06, gold prices have been rising. Now that the gold price has fallen, is it so soon to usher in a new wave of bullish frenzy? Believe it or not, Ji Lanxin did not ask again, even if asked, Li Dong will not necessarily say. But Li Dong's words Ji Lanxin took to heart, Li Dong is not an ordinary person, and will not just talk nonsense, he judged that gold prices continue to rise is certainly a reason. The company's own back to study, and then consult the experts, always be able to determine some clues. The main reason for this is to talk to Li Dong about the price of gold. When Ji Lanxin mentioned this, Li Dong said: "This is something we can talk about, but first you say how you want to cooperate? Is it leasing a counter for self-employment, or is it a supermarket outlet?" Ji Lanxin considered for a moment and asked, "If self-employed, how much is the rent? How much is the entrance fee? How many points will you deduct if you sell on behalf of the supermarket?" Li Dong said casually: "The rent and entry fees depend on the place, the size of the site and the location of the store, this can not be said in a few words. But the deduction point is the same if you are selling, twenty percent." "Twenty percent?" Ji Lanxi frowned slightly, thought about it and said, "Mr. Li, I have had contact with the Hakkasan supermarket before. They have jewelry items over there, the deduction point is usually between 10-12%, isn't 20% a bit high?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Miss Ji, can Ke Long be compared with Yuan Fang? The monthly turnover of Hakkasan is less than one-fifth of Yuanfang, and the number of stores is less than one-fifth of Yuanfang. The popularity is even worse, and Yuanfang is currently negotiating to acquire Era, once the acquisition of Era is successful, Yuanfang's influence will soon spread to the entire East China Strip. Do you think 20% is still high at that time? How much revenue can you get from Hakkasan? How much can Yuanfang bring? The two sides are not on the same level, so I'm afraid it's not very objective for Miss Ji to compare Far Eastern with Hakkasan." Ji Lanxin laughed and did not refute, but still said, "It seems that Mr. Li is very sure of the success of the acquisition of Times?" Li Dong rightfully said, "That's natural! At the end of this month, the third round of negotiations between Yuanfang and Era will take place, and Miss Ji will know if it will be successful and how certain it is by then. But at that time, I am afraid that the one who comes to Yuanfang to talk about cooperation will not be GDT." Li Dong also does not feel that his words are hard to hear, because this is the reality. At least in the current domestic market, supermarkets and hypermarkets are dominant, and other resident merchants are subordinate. GDT jewelry is not considered a giant in the jewelry industry, and it is they who are begging for help, not Far Eastern supermarkets. Once the acquisition of Era is successful, Yuanfang's fame will be even greater than before, and its influence will be expanded to the entire East China region. At that time, the merchants who want to cooperate with Yuanfang will not be one or two, 20% is nothing, Li Dong can guarantee that there will be people willing to cooperate. Gold jewelry is originally a large profit, the supermarket on behalf of the sale, save the store and staff expenses, 20% of the draw point is not high. If you deduct the tax, in fact, Li Dong earn is not much. Of course, cooperation is not only this one way, Li Dong and Ji Lanxin is now only the initial talk, as to how much to collect, how a collection method, performance requirements, which need to be discussed in depth later. Li Dong understands this, Ji Lanyin naturally also have a number in mind. The reason why she is now in a hurry to find Li Dong to talk about cooperation, but also want to catch up before the acquisition of the times. Once the success of the acquisition of the times, then GDT jewelry and then talk about cooperation is a little late, it is better to take advantage of the success of the acquisition of the far side of the unclear time and Li Dong cooperation, that can strive for maximum benefit. However, the 20% concession is indeed a bit beyond Ji Lanxin's prediction, this matter still has to go back and discuss with his father. Ji Lanxin thought about it and said: "Mr. Li, I have to go back and discuss about self-employment or distribution. Why don't I arrange someone to talk to the far side of the business management, what do you think?" Li Dong did not care, nodded and said, "Yes, I will go back and give a greeting to the department of business management." Li Dong's attitude is somewhat indifferent to the success of the cooperation with Jinding Jewelry. Small and medium-sized jewelry enterprises are not one or two, Jiangbei Yuanfang can only one, who to talk about the same effect, without the Golden Tripod, Silver Tripod is the same. At least for the time being, Yuanfang offered conditions, these small and medium-sized jewelry companies do not have any capital to refuse. The next two people did not continue to talk about business matters, but chatted about the sky and the sea. As they were talking, there was a sudden burst of laughter from outside the restaurant. Li Dong and Ji Lanxin didn't book a private room, they were sitting in the hall and could see the door at a glance. Li Dong glanced at the door and withdrew his gaze, the door is just a few women around a man joking, this kind of thing Li Dong is not too concerned about. He is not concerned, Ji Lanxin is carefully paid attention to a little. When the man with a few women laughing all the way into the room, Ji Lanxin said with slight contempt: "This kind of playboy can also take over Long Hua, Xu Jianghua is really old." "Hmm?" Li Dong's eating action paused for a moment and asked, "Xu Rulong?" Ji Lanxin was a little surprised and said, "Mr. Li doesn't know him?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "I have never met him, but I have heard of him a few times. Why did he come here?" Ji Lanxin was not surprised at all and said, "I think he just got up, he also has a house in Lanshan Manor, those few women should be with him." Li Dong let out a laugh, but some admire Xu Rulong. He just looked at a total of three women, this guy can really afford to eat, three a day, and not afraid to toss himself hanging.