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Chapter 402 Receiving the company

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! No matter how Li Dong and Ji Lanxin guessed, the meeting with Xu Rulong was just an accident. Xu Rulong also did not bring any ripples to their lives. As the auction approached, Li Dong also became busier and busier. Not only is he busy, the whole far side is busy. The opening of the new stores in South Lake and Mingcheng was nearing completion, and the work of changing the license of several supermarkets in Pingcheng was gradually coming to an end. The main body of the Far Eastern building has been completed, and the distribution center is also working overtime. Except for Sun Tao who is far away from Sunan, they are still waiting for the third round of negotiation, the employees of Far Eastern are busy and relieved at the same time. This year's facts are too much, now several big projects are nearing the end, it seems that the second half of the year can be a good rest. How the employees think Li Dong did not pay attention to the 27th he quietly went to check a few plots of land. In the afternoon of the 27th, Li Dong received an email from Wu Shengnan. After reading Wu Shengnan's answer, Li Dong closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, and half an hour later gave Wu Shengnan a phone call. When he answered the phone, Li Dong opened his mouth and said, "Accompany me to Dong Yu Real Estate tomorrow morning." Wu Shengnan laughed: "I'm considered to have passed the test?" "Barely." "Can I ask you a question?" "Say!" "Are the three pieces of land I selected the same as the three pieces of land you had in mind?" When asking this question, Wu Shengnan was still somewhat confident. Of course, this was also related to Li Dong calling her, if the answer she chose did not meet Li Dong's appetite, Li Dong would not count her as passing the test. However, Li Dong struck without mercy: "One of the three, if you were not recommended by Shen Xi, the general manager of Dongyu has no part for you." "Really?" Wu Shengnan some disbelief, hurriedly asked: "I yesterday to today, but checked the information all night, the policy and housing price changes over the years as well as the surrounding environment and other factors impact I have counted in. According to my projection, the three pieces of land I chose are definitely the highest degree of increase and the least risky, what do you think?" Li Dong hit without mercy: "That's why I'm the boss, and you're just an employee!" The corners of Wu Shengnan's mouth twitched, and only after a long time did he grit his teeth and say, "Okay, you're tough! Then you tell me, which piece of land did I choose the same as you?" "The one near the development zone." Wu Shengnan breathed a long sigh of relief and said with some satisfaction, "Not bad, we see the same thing, you also think that piece of land has potential?" "Sort of. Tell me the reason why you chose this piece of land." "Didn't I say that in my email?" "It's too long, I'm too lazy to read it." Wu Shengnan felt he had met his nemesis, and only after a while did he say helplessly, "Comrade boss, I worked hard to come up with the fruits of my labor, can't you pay attention to it? You will make me very sad." The corner of Li Dong's mouth rose slightly, helpless is good, I'm afraid that you are not afraid of the sky, specifically to give me trouble. Now it seems that Wu Shengnan can still communicate, thinking of this Li Dong continued: "First say your reason, after finishing I will think about the importance or not." Wu Shengnan on the other side of the phone put up his middle finger, his face showed a touch of smugness, humming: "It's not simple, I counted the recent itinerary of the municipal and provincial leaders, the last three months, the municipal and provincial party committees, a total of four waves of leaders visited that area. This is a bit abnormal, you know, our leaders are not going to run around. Three months, in previous years, they went to a trip is enough, this year went four times, there must be some idea, but not yet set down. Anyway, no matter what they have in mind, Bo once is certainly worth it. That land is near the national development zone, even if the top did not move, we take down is not a loss, and the lot there is also cheap, more suitable for the current Dongyu." This reason is very powerful and fully illustrates that Wu Shengnan does not take the unusual path. The reason why this guy chose this piece of land, actually just because the leader came a few more times, gambling is not the usual. Li Dong to be not reborn to come, on the basis of Wu Shengnan gambling so big, he certainly will not choose her. But there are exceptions to everything, it just so happens that Li Dong is reborn back, and Wu Shengnan happens to be the right gamble. It is also because of this gamble that Wu Shengnan somewhat into Li Dong's eyes. No matter what she chose this land, the final result proves that Wu Shengnan's vision is still there, and Li Dong needs exactly this kind of person. Wu Shengnan finished, Li Dong did not say anything more, just said: "Tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, you go directly to Dongyu real estate, I do not like people late, understand?" "Got it!" Wu Shengnan did not get the desired result and hung up the phone somewhat indignantly. She felt that the three pieces of land she had chosen were definitely the ones Li Dong wanted, but Li Dong actually said in the end that he had only won one piece of land, and the one she thought was the least likely to win. Whether you believe it or not, the result is like this. After thinking about it, Wu Shengnan muttered, "Anyway, the auction is coming up, I have to see if you're lying to me or not." ……28. At nine o'clock in the morning, Li Dong stepped into the Chengrui Real Estate Company. Chengrui Real Estate Company location is not in Yaohai District, but in Guanhai District. Chen Rui and Zhang Lan Yu at first are to have status, to have status, the facade naturally will not do shabby. Zhongyuan Building in the Guanhai District is also considered an inch of land, but Chengrui Real Estate has rented a whole floor of the building, the annual rent is not a small amount. Li Dong entered the floor where Chengrui Real Estate is located, briefly swept a circle, and then went directly to the general manager's office. I don't know if it was Zhang Lan Yu who had notified the real estate company in advance or if the people of the company were lax, Li Dong's arrival was actually of little concern to anyone, even the receptionist didn't stop him and let him walk into the office area directly. Knocking on the door of the general manager's office, a "please come in" came from inside. Li Dong pushed the door in and saw Zhang Lan Yu and Wu Shengnan staring at each other with wide eyes. As soon as she saw Li Dong arrive, Zhang Lan Yu said, "Li Dong, you let Wu Shengnan become the general manager of Rui Real Estate? If you had said you were looking for her, my company would not have been sold to you, I regret it now!" Wu Shengnan defiantly said, "Do not Cheng Rui Cheng Rui, now here called Dong Yu! I am the general manager of Dongyu, this office will be mine soon, Zhang Langyu, as a guest, isn't it a bit too much for you to talk to the host like this?" "Don't bite off more than you can chew with me! Before signing the contract, this is Chengrui, and this is also my office! I won't sign the contract!" As soon as Zhang Langyu finished speaking, Li Dong said with a bitter smile, "Mr. Zhang, I didn't provoke your old man, did I?"