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Chapter 403: How many times a night?

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Universal Building. When Li Dong returned to the company, Qin Yu Han had already arrived. This time Qin Yuhan went to the capital, a trip is two months, did not come back in the middle, Li Dong also did not go to the capital. Two months, a lot of things happened. Seeing Li Dong, Qin Yu Han looked him up and down, after a while before she sighed with relief and said, "Not bad, just a little darker, seems not thin." Li Dong smiled and said, "I eat well and sleep well, how could I lose weight. On the contrary, you seem to have lost some weight than before." "It's not because of you!" Qin Yuhan gave him a white glance and said with a puff of anger: "Really can toss and turn, you can be seen in the capital. Fighting all day long, my classmates almost all know you and have given you a nickname." "Nickname? Why did you give me a nickname?" "You can cause trouble, less than two months, how many times you have been in the newspaper. Also, don't you care what nickname we gave you?" Li Dong skimmed his mouth and said, "Not interested." He hated those guys who gave people random nicknames, and Qin Yuhan could not escape. This girl gave him a nickname, he still remember it, this is a black history, later if someone turned up, let him meet people. He does not ask, does not mean that Qin Yuhan does not say. As if she thought of something funny, Qin Yuhan smiled and said, "My classmates call you 'Big Tyrant Cow', do you want to express your feelings?" "Big tyrannical cow?" Li Dong said with a black line on his face, "What the hell nickname, can you be more reliable, how did I become a tyrannical cow?" "Hee hee, you are not a bull, and also grumpy, people call you a big bull." Li Dong said, "Boring!" After saying that he did not continue to talk with Qin Yuhan, but looked to the side of Zhou Haidong and Cao Hongbing two people: "This time hard work you guys." Zhou Haidong hurriedly said, "Not hard, just like traveling, following Miss Qin, we also had the privilege to take a few classes with the pride of Beijing University." Li Dong joked, "If you like to study, I will send you to Beijing University to study an adult class?" Zhou Haidong suddenly looked embarrassed, Cao Hongbing even more hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, send brother Zhou to go on the line, I forget, I am a big old man, learning this is not to kill me." As a result, just as he finished, Zhou Haidong slapped him hard on the head. Cao Hongbing smiled a few times, shrinking his head and did not dare to speak. Li Dong saw the situation felt some funny, waved his hand and said, "Forget it, just joking, this time you go out for a short time, you two go back to rest a few days, stay with your wife and children, the next few days do not come to the company." This time Zhou Haidong and Cao Hongbing did not refuse. The two of them went to the capital for a short time, and now Qin Yuhan has returned to Pingchuan, so they don't have to worry about safety, and it's time to go back to accompany their wives and children. As soon as the two left, Qin Yuhan said: "I said no need to arrange for protection, Beijing University is very safe, Brother Zhou they follow me over there, eating is not good, sleep is not good, I look quite sorry." "Last time was not a special situation, next semester I will withdraw the people back." Li Dong laughed, and did not say much on this. As for the manpower, that is certainly not withdrawn, but do some secrecy, there is no need to follow Qin Yuhan all day, a little low-key or. The two chatted for a few minutes, Qin Yuhan suddenly said: "That beauty at the door is your secretary?" Li Dong said casually: "Well, just recruited, you know?" "You tell me! When I came here, they stopped me from entering the office, but later it was Shen Xi who came and opened the door for me to enter!" Qin Yuhan eyes full of threat, and the beautiful secretary, and Shen Xi help to let her into the door, both of these things make her a little unhappy. Li Dong smiled at the situation and said: "What is there to be jealous of, Liu Qi business trip to come back only after a while, I always have to have someone around to help deal with matters is not. As for the beauty or not, the secretary is the front, you can't let me find a flower to follow around, that will not scare away the guests." Qin Yuhan snorted with laughter and said, "Forget it, you've passed this one. Where is Shen Xi?" "What did Shen Xi do to you again?" Qin Yuhan hummed, "She didn't do anything to me, but I found her more like the mistress than me, and your secretary listens to her. Shen Xi said open the door, your secretary does not even need to ask you, does this mean that she usually comes to your office?" Li Dong rubbed her head, some headache said: "I say girl, only two months have not seen, how did you become so small-minded? Shen Xi is the vice president of the company, come to my office to talk to me about things strange? It's normal, okay, don't think nonsense." After saying that, Li Dong did not wait for her to reply, looked at the table and said, "It's not early, I'll send you back, put your luggage back, and eat together at noon." "Do not want to go home." "Jinhu Park over there is renovated, you really do not go to see?" Hearing Li Dong talking about Jinhu Park, Qin Yuhan's eyes lit up and he said, "Really? Why didn't you tell me, didn't you say last time that it was not yet decorated?" "Early installed, it's almost half a month, the smell should also be almost dissipated. Let's go buy some home furnishings this afternoon, and then we can live there." "Great!" Qin Yuhan was very happy, also forgot to continue talking about Shen Xi, pulled Li Dong and kissed him fiercely. Li Dong wiped the saliva on his face, pinched Qin Yu Han's cheeks and said with a smile, "Don't provoke me, it's broad daylight, the fire is on." Qin Yuhan came back as soon as she heard it, spitting lightly: "Shame on you!" …… afternoon Li Dong accompanied Qin Yuhan shopping for the afternoon. Because the house in Jinhu Park is not big, buy things are not as much as the last time to buy for the villa.