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Chapter 404 - Land Auction Begins

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Pingchuan Land Bureau land auction is scheduled on this day. The auction venue was set on the 6th floor of the Pingchuan Public Resources Exchange Center, and the auction start time was 10 o'clock in the morning. At 9:40, Li Dong's car slowly stopped at the downstairs of the transaction center. This auction, in addition to Li Dong, Wu Shengnan, Shen Xi, and a director of the finance and strategic development department of Dongyu Real Estate also accompanied the participants. A group of five people, downstairs, briefly said a few words to pay attention to matters later, and then together towards the elevator. When they had just left, a few more cars pulled up under the trading center. Yao Hong frowned at the entrance of the hall and looked at the Maybach driven away by Tan Yong, and only after a moment did he ask the staff around him, "Is that Li Dong's car?" The general manager of Munshen Real Estate reached out to look and shook his head, "Didn't see it, Yao Dong, Mr. Li is also coming to the auction?" "Who knows." Yao Hong casually returned a sentence, Li Dong want to get involved in the real estate industry is not a big secret. The guy seems to have been stimulated by Xu Jianghua some time ago, and went back to meet frequently with practitioners in the real estate industry, maybe this guy will really come to a lively. But Yao Hong also does not care, but some happy to see. Li Dong is not a good friend with Long Hua, which caused him a few days ago, he was also scared for a while, but then Li Dong was Xu Jianghua face, too interesting, Yao Hong can not wait to be present at that time, to see the lively or. Now Li Dong whether to participate in the auction, or do not do real estate, in fact, the impact on Yao Hong is not too big. Li Dong even if it is a fierce dragon, the first to dry down is also the Long Hua Group is right. Lazy to continue to guess, Li Dong in the end to come or not, will go up later to know. Yao Hong got off the car, followed by seven or eight staff members, this time to participate in the auction of real estate companies, eight out of ten are the bosses and chairmen of this level. After all, a total of eight pieces of land auction, the funds involved may be as high as ten billion, this time no heavyweights sitting in the town, who are not at ease to hand over to do. When they just got off, behind them came a row of business cars. The fleet is not short, the momentum is also very strong, Yao Hong heard the sound of the siren, looked back, then sneered: "Old man Xu is also here, the old man has not participated in the auction for several years, this time did not expect him to personally come over." The general manager of Mengshen laughed: "This time the competition is quite big, Xu Dong is not coming, those people under him dare to call for bids? Long Hua recently also had a hard time, the new city side of the investment is too large, and now want to share the pie in Pingchuan, Xu Dong is afraid that he is ready to let everyone sell him a face." "Just leaning on the old man, now I am looking forward to Li Dong also arrived, if the two met at the auction, there will be a good show later." General Manager Mengshen was surprised: "Is not Yuanfang in the acquisition of the times? I heard that the investment will be more than two billion, Mr. Li still has funds for real estate now?" "Do not underestimate Li Dong, this guy is wild at heart. He does not come even if, came to have a good show, you do not believe it, we'll see." Yao Hong knows Li Dong better, if this guy doesn't make a fuss, he won't come and make a fool of himself. Since he came, he must have made preparations. Yao Hong did not know where Li Dong got his strength, but if that was really Li Dong, today's auction would be interesting. Did not say more, Yao Hong also do not bother to deal with Xu Jianghua, before he did not get out of the car, with his people towards the trading hall. …… trading center on the 6th floor. Li Dong came not too early, by the time he entered the hall, there were already a lot of people sitting inside. As soon as Li Dong and his group entered, someone recognized them, and then someone greeted them, "Mr. Li, what brings you here!" "Mr. Lu, what a coincidence. I've heard that all the real estate tycoons are coming over for a party today, so I'm here to join in the fun. Li Dong greeted a circle with a smile, and chatted with the fat man who just greeted him. He also knew this fat guy and had dealt with him once. Last time when Jia Wenhao called everyone to climb the mountain, it was he who came the earliest, Lu Zhanpeng of Hongtu Real Estate. The reason why Li Dong remember him, there is another reason, Wanyuan district is Hongtu Real Estate development. Once Li Dong came, all the real estate tycoons in the do have been in the spirit. There are those who greeted Li Dong, there are those who ignored it, and there are some with teasing in their eyes, apparently they and Yao Hong also thought together. Li Dong did not make a noise to get a real estate company, and now actually come to the auction, today I'm afraid there is a good show to see. Of course, everyone is also some pressure. The original eight pieces of land is not less, but can not help but more people ah, just now, to participate in the auction of real estate companies will be no less than thirty. In addition to the real estate companies in this province, there are also many from other provinces, plus some who have not yet arrived, and when the auction starts, I am afraid there will be no less than 40 real estate companies. There are many wolves and few meat, so I'm afraid it will be a big chaotic fight today. Just when Li Dong and Lu Zhanpeng were chatting, someone else came in at the door. Many people are smiling and greeting, the people who come is none other than Yao Hong and his group from Munshen Real Estate.