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Chapter 405 - Tit-for-tat

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The first plot of land number GH1610 finally went under the hammer at two hundred and ten million dollars. The floor price has exceeded 8,000 yuan per square meter, this price came out, the real estate developers present faces are a little heavy. From small to big, from the first plot of land can be seen, this auction price can not be low. Housing prices all the way up, the auction price of land alone is more than 8000 yuan / square meter, sold for less than 10000 yuan / square meter are not profitable. But although the Guanhai District is the city center, housing prices do not seem to be high to this point, right? Not to mention that this is only a remote location, then later the three commercial lots will be worth how much? Especially the land near the pedestrian street, think of all the horror, in addition to the presence of Longhua, there are several large groups, who have the capital can eat this land. Just when the atmosphere was gloomy, the auction of the second piece of land started. "The next lot to be auctioned is Lot No. H566, which is located in Yaohai District, near the National High-Tech Development Zone …… Lot with a total area of 320,000 square meters, floor area ratio less than or equal to 2, and a maximum construction area of 640,000 square meters…… ……the plot starts at 1 billion!" 1 billion! As soon as this price came out, Li Dong's face changed a little. 320,000 square meters, almost 500 acres, that is to say, the starting price of 2 million per mu! And this piece of land is exactly the one he was looking at, the future lot where the new Binhe New District is located. Originally, Li Dong's estimate of this land was around 700 million, but who knew that the starting price alone would reach 1 billion! The finance next to him quickly calculated and then said, "The land price is 2.08 million per mu, and the floor price is at least 1562 yuan per square meter." The director of the strategic development department of Dongyu Real Estate also said, "I have studied that land, the place is big enough, but there are no supporting facilities around. Education and medical care are also not sound, and the current price there is around 2,500 yuan/square meter. If Mr. Li auctions this land, I suggest that the bid should not exceed 1.2 billion, otherwise there is a high possibility of losing money." Li Dong nodded his head to show that he understood, and Wu Shengnan next to him whispered, "The bidding has started!" As expected, the bidding began. 1 billion is a lot, but for large real estate developers, 1 billion is just that. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The 1 billion base price will immediately exclude those small and medium-sized real estate companies. The first bid is Hongtu Real Estate, Lu Zhanpeng, a fat man sitting in the front row of Li Dong, this guy took the number also, No. 8. As soon as he raised his card, Li Dong heard the auctioneer say loudly: "No. 8, 1.05 billion! Any more?" "Good, number 9 raised his card, 1.1 billion!" "Lot H566 is at the junction of Yaohai District and Development Zone, with convenient transportation, although Metro Line 1 does not pass through the lot, but if Line 2 is opened, the possibility of passing through the lot is high. 1.1 billion is not much, is there any higher?" When the price reached 1.1 billion, there were fewer people raising their cards. The auctioneer hurriedly began to warm up the audience, especially when the words of the subway line came out, there were really quite a few people who were a bit moved. Once Line 2 really passes through the lot, that price increase is not double and double. The current price of that area is very cheap, only about 2,500 yuan, but once the subway, to reach more than 5,000 no difficulty at all. This is still in the case of the house price itself did not rise, once the house price would have risen, six or seven thousand does not seem to be so difficult. After the auctioneer finished, the next few companies participated in the bidding. Of course, the rate of increase is not so much, are a few hundred millions to rise. After about five or six minutes, the price came to 1.18 billion, at which point there were fewer bidders. Li Dong has not bid, just at this time, the front row of the Long Hua suddenly raised his card. The auctioneer's spirit shook and he hurriedly said, "No. 1, Long Hua Group, bid 1.2 billion!" Previously, the auctioneer had called out the number directly, without calling out the name of the company, but when Long Hua raised his card, he called out the Long Hua Group directly. When the price of 1.2 billion came out, everyone was a bit crestfallen. As the director of the strategic development department of Dongyu Real Estate said, more than 1.2 billion, the price is a bit risky. In addition to the Long Hua Real Estate offer, we sell a face or not. Several other big real estate developers from other provinces were also eager to see Longhua buy this piece of land, and what they were looking for was actually the piece of land on the pedestrian street. If Longhua took the land, there would be 1.2 billion less money at one time, which would be good for them later. Just when everyone thought the dust had settled, the auctioneer suddenly froze for a moment and then said loudly, "No. 26, $1.21 billion!" Seeing someone actually grabbing the land with Long Hua, everyone turned around. When they saw that it was Li Dong and his group who raised the sign, they were not too surprised. Jiangbei local real estate developers are aware of the feud between Li Dong and Xu Jianghua, see Li Dong suddenly killed out, everyone expressed understanding, but also sympathy for Long Hua, good reason to provoke this guy why. When these two people are fighting, everyone does not intervene, they have to sit and watch the show. Those real estate developers outside the province do not know the situation very well, and do not know what capital a real estate company ranked so far back and Jiangbei real estate industry leader to compete. But seeing that others look relieved, these provincial predators will also temporarily quiet down and wait for the follow-up. …… Li Dong a bid, Xu Jianghua face has changed a little. The corner of the eye moved slightly, next to Xu Rulong raised his card and shouted, "1.25 billion!" The auctioneer was about to make a sound when Wu Shengnan raised his card and said, "Dongyu Real Estate, $1.26 billion!" "Long Hua, $1.28 billion!" "Dongyu Real Estate, 1.3 billion!" "Longhua, 1.35 billion!" "Dongyu Real Estate, 1.4 billion!" 1.4 billion, this price, Xu Rulong hands of the card paused and did not raise. The crowd only saw Xu Rulong and Xu Jianghua whispered two words, and then Xu Rulong got up and smiled at Li Dong: "Congratulations, Mr. Li, this piece of land is given to you." Li Dong said indifferently, "Why let, it's meaningless, others will think I Li Dong take advantage of you, if you want, continue to raise the sign, Longhua still lack this money." Xu Rulong's face stiffened, he just said that there is really no special meaning, that is to say, smooth talk. But who knew that Li Dong did not leave any face, embarrassed him in front of so many real estate industry peers. With a stern face, Xu Rulong also knows that now is not the time to fight. 1.4 billion has exceeded their bottom line, and if Li Dong does not want to raise the price, then Longhua will be involved. More than 1.4 billion to take this piece of land, the impact on the back of the pedestrian street they take that piece of land is not small, now there is no need to fight with Li Dong. Seeing Long Hua's side resting on its laurels, the eyes of various real estate developers are a bit different. They do not know whether Li Dong really wants this piece of land, or just to give Long Hua more trouble, but Li Dong, who spent 1.4 billion to take this piece of land, is indeed very ambitious, but also seems to Long Hua some down and out. This is just the beginning, and when the auctioneer dropped the hammer, everyone shifted their attention back. The third piece of land auction, Li Dong can only say coincidence.