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Chapter 406: Jiangbei is not surnamed Xu!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After the auction of five residential sites, there were only three commercial sites left. The auctioneer just finished announcing the reserve price of the sixth piece of land. Xu Jianghua then raised his card and shouted, "900 million!" Li Dong smilingly followed and raised his card, "1 billion!" "1.1 billion!" "1.2 billion!" …… others are confused, these two guys really do not money is it! 800 million reserve price of land, thirty seconds rose 400 million, the premium rate reached 150%, this still let others live. At the same time, everyone's face is also serious. The auction of five pieces of land ended, Dongyu won two pieces, Longhua one piece, a large group outside the province, the first small piece of land was taken by a medium-sized real estate company. Forty real estate companies that came to the auction today, almost all empty-handed by now. Now Li Dong and Xu Jianghua to grab the sixth piece of land, to be really taken away by the two, then today they are considered to have come in vain. Thinking of this others have also followed the bidding. As soon as the others opened their mouths, Xu Jianghua stopped making noises, he did not make a sound, Li Dong also did not move. The front row of Xu Jianghua face sunk like water, Li Dong this is and he bar! He bid, Li Dong bid, he did not want, Li Dong also do not want, this guy obviously clearly and his own opposition. Forced to resist the desire to turn back, Xu Jianghua took a few deep breaths, and his cloudy eyes sharpened up. …… "Boss, this piece of land is actually still good, really not bid?" Li Dong lazily said: "Why bid, just play with the old Xu just. You think he really wants this piece of land? The guy is looking at the last piece of land, I guarantee that this guy will not bid again today, 1.8 billion to take the previous piece of land, Longhua can still eat a piece of land at most. Now this guy is testing me, I'm watching him, just how he plays, I'm sure." Wu Shengnan some speechless said: "Then you are not afraid of being shaded by him? What if no one wants the 1.2 billion just now?" "No one wants me to make a lot of money, what else can I do." Li Dong laughed, once the auction today, Pingchuan's housing prices 100% to rise, just 1.2 billion if no one wants, Li Dong really earned. Today's land prices actually exceeded Li Dong's expectations, before he was prepared to 1.7 billion to take their own fancy three plots of land. But in the end, three pieces of land sold 4 billion, more than double what he expected. These few pieces of land that were not very well regarded have gone up so much, and it goes without saying that the others have definitely gone up even more. And this auction today is also a wind vane, land prices are so expensive, Jiangbei large and small real estate developers can not do a loss-making business, will soon earn back on the price of housing. I'm afraid that the house price will really have to go up, Li Dong is now thinking, do you want to tell a few good relationship with friends and classmates, let them now buy a few sets of houses sitting waiting for appreciation. At the time of his random thoughts, the sixth piece of land belonging to the curtain has also fallen. Hongtu Real Estate's Fatty Lu took the land with 1.9 billion, but Lu Zhanpeng's face was barely a smile, the price was too high! Before coming, Hongtuo side of the last piece of land, that is, the land near the pedestrian street is priced at about 2 billion. And this piece of land in the previous valuation, probably only less than 1.4 billion. Even this piece of land has gone up to 1.9 billion, Lu Zhanpeng doubts that the last piece of land will reach 3 billion later, if that's the case, this year's land king will come out. In addition to Lu Zhanpeng's heavy face, others are not much better. Six pieces of land auction is over, there are still the last two pieces of land, the last piece first, there are not many really qualified to compete. In other words, only the seventh piece of land was left for them. As soon as the price of the seventh lot came out, the bidding was so loud that the auctioneer looked at the number plate and got a little blurry. In less than three minutes, the land price reached 1.8 billion, which was even faster than the previous increase. Yao Hong behind Li Dong was a little nervous and took a breath, asking Li Dong Dong in front of him, "Mr. Li, how about letting me have this piece of land?" Li Dong glanced back at him and said with slight surprise, "Mr. Yao, I don't seem to be bidding, do I?" Yao Hong gave a dry smile and said with an arching hand, "Mr. Li, forgive me, I'm mainly afraid that you and old man Xu are deadlocked, once you two come, I won't have a chance." In fact, Yao Hong is still afraid of two people messing up, these two guys a fight, the land price does not know how much to rise. The two of them put the money not money, Yao Hong but want to take this piece of land. Walking Street piece of land he knows no chance, now there is the last piece of land left, Yao Hong came here today naturally do not want to return empty-handed. And according to his judgment, after this auction, I'm afraid the land price will have to rise. At that time, even if you have money, you may not be able to buy such a good location of commercial land, while now, to take a piece of land to take, Yao Hong calculate, even if not earn, should not lose. But take a piece of land, the benefits to the real estate company can be quite small.