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Chapter 407 Capital Inspection, Infighting

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Ten minutes later. The auctioneer began to introduce the last parcel of land. "Lot number GH3511, located north of Qin'an Road, east of Huaihe Road, covers an area of 130,000 square meters, floor area ratio 2.5, maximum construction area 325,000 square meters ……" "Auction reserve price 1.6 billion, each increase Not less than 10 million!" The reserve price is as high as 1.6 billion, Li Dong had expected before, after all, today's auction reserve price is not low. 130,000 square meters, about 200 acres, that is to say, the reserve price reached 8 million / mu, the floor price is about 5000 yuan / square meter. Li Dong calculated, according to today's market, the unit price per mu later exceeds 15 million are possible. After all, it is the most central business district, the price doubled, the final transaction price is not less than 3 billion I'm afraid. 1.6 billion of the reserve price, ninety percent of the real estate companies on the scene are ruled out. Li Dong glanced at Xu Jianghua in front of him, this guy will not let go of this piece of land today, he has to think about how much to bid later to be appropriate. Just thinking, Xu Jianghua in the front row suddenly said: "I have something to say!" The host froze for a moment and then said, "Please speak, Mr. Xu." "If I remember correctly, there was a restriction on the qualification of bidders before the auction, and the qualification of bidders for GH3511 must be a company legal person, and the company or parent company of the legal person must have a first-class real estate development qualification and a registered capital of not less than 500 million RMB, am I right?" The host hurriedly said, "Mr. Xu is correct, there is indeed this." Xu Jianghua nodded, looked back at Li Dong, and then said, "Then I want to know, does Dongyu Real Estate meet this qualification?" The host was a little nervous and hurriedly said, "Mr. Xu, I need to check." Dongyu Real Estate, previously unknown, if it were not for such a scene at the auction, the host would not even know that there was this company to participate in the auction. But since Xu Jianghua questioned, it is definitely necessary to check the qualification issues. The host glanced at Li Dong, saw his face indifferent, smiled apologetically, and hurriedly went to the backstage. Others saw this also looked at Li Dong with considerable interest, Dongyu real estate seems to be just established, and recently did not hear which real estate company got the first-class development qualification. Does that mean that Li Dong will not even be qualified to participate in the auction? But looking at Li Dong's indifferent look, is there something else going on? Just when the crowd was wondering, the host returned to the front stage and apologized to Xu Jianghua: "Mr. Xu, Dongyu Real Estate meets the conditions for participation in the auction and is qualified to bid." Xu Jianghua's face was slightly gloomy, and Li Dong at the back said smilingly, "Mr. Xu, if you can't afford to play, don't play. My company Li Dong will not be qualified to participate in the auction? What are you kidding, is not the first-class qualification, I did not spend a dime directly took over the Chengrui Real Estate, Mr. Xu is not surprised?" Xu Jianghua grunted and did not reply, but in his heart he cursed that no one had told him this kind of thing. Although Chengrui Real Estate is not large, but Zhang Lanyu and Chen Rui were both popular figures at the time, they want to get a first-class qualification in real estate development is indeed not difficult. Since Chen Rui left, there are also many people have played the idea of Chengrui Real Estate, is for this first-class development qualification. This qualification is not as easy as Li Dong said, how many small and medium-sized real estate companies have gone to great lengths to get it, and finally only get the second-class development qualification. Now Li Dong took over Chengrui Real Estate without much effort, according to the level, Li Dong's Dongyu Real Estate is not worse than Longhua, except for the size of Longhua. Scolded, Xu Jianghua also did not make a fool of himself, sitting on the chair without saying a word. Li Dong's heart is happy, today is finally get back to the field, let this old man deceive! Owes his money and still so arrogant, do not give him some color, he really thinks he is easy to bully. Give Xu Shengzhe face, call him a Xu General, do not give face, call him an old thing can do! He came to the door to talk to him, actually let the receptionist to send off, Li Dong this breath held long enough, insulting people are always insulting. Xu Jianghua today this is all he asked for, you want to promote your eldest son to the top, Li Dong no opinion, he is not guilty of expressing an opinion, what does this have to do with him. But you take me Li Dong as a stepping stone, want me to be your chicken to make an example of that chicken, then choose the wrong person! ……16 billion base price obviously can not scare those real estate industry predators. This time, several large group companies outside the province, to participate in the auction is for this piece of land, as soon as the auction began, the price soared up. Fifteen minutes later, the price rose to 2.6 billion. Now there are only three companies left to participate in the auction, one is Longhua, and there are two other large companies. Other people are not too concerned about how much they can sell, but have looked at Li Dong, Li Dong has not yet made a bid, they want to see if Li Dong will also intervene later? Li Dong is not concerned about those, he is constantly sending and receiving text messages. After a while, Li Dong gave his phone to Shen Xi to look at. Shen Xi looked at it for a while and said softly, "It's feasible." "How is their reputation?" "They are well-known companies, they should not cheat you, and they are not guilty." Li Dong touched his chin, then nodded and said, "That's good, but this is done, will not be ostracized, right?" Shen Xi did not think: "You and Long Hua's strife who does not know, others may have influence, you will not." "OK!" Li Dong gave a laugh, then he showed his teeth and said, "Then let's do it!" After saying this, it just so happened that Longhua's side raised its bid to 2.8 billion. The other two big companies seemed to have the idea of withdrawing and were hesitant and did not raise their bids. At this time, Li Dong said loudly, "Dongyu Real Estate, 3 billion!"