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Chapter 408 - Life is like a play, all depends on

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! No need to wait for the next day, as soon as the auction was over, the news of this auction spread. Eastwood real estate is a hit, overpowering Longhua! Li Dong dabbled in the real estate industry, the battle of passion or interests? Long Hua infighting, is it a long-standing grudge or a sudden situation? Li Dong threw five billion, Jiangbei's richest man of the competition is officially ended? …… This series of questions entwined in everyone's mind. Li Dong, they have not yet arrived at the company, the phone is almost burst. There are congratulations, there are inquiring about the situation, there are also close to the set. Li Dong perfunctory for a while finally dismissed these people, when the phone rang again, Li Dong mouth can not help but slightly up. Shen Xi, who is in the same car with him, saw this and said, "Qin Yuhan?" Li Dong shook his head and smiled as he picked up the phone. As soon as the phone call came through, Xu Shengzhe became very upset and said, "Li Dong, you're too much! Even if the old man did not give you face, you do not have to do so, this time you but the Long Hua harmed ……" Xu Shengzhe stammered for a while, Li Dong just laugh, but did not answer. Xu Shengzhe was even more dissatisfied, grunting: "Li Dong, this time you made such a big noise, Longhua will not give up with you, you take it easy!" Li Dong finally spoke up after laughing for a while and said quietly, "As the saying goes, there is only a wrong name, there is no wrong nickname, this time I've seen it." Xu Shengzhe tone a beat, pretending to be confused, "What do you mean?" Li Dong smilingly said, "Hey, Xu Da traitor, I found Hu Xiaorui's skill in taking nicknames is good, a glance to see through your bottom." Xu Shengzhe coughed lightly and rebuked, "What nonsense, can't understand what you said." "Forget it if you don't understand." Li Dong laughed for a while, then said, "When will you return to China?" "Ahem, wait a little longer, the World Cup is over." "That's right, we still need to avoid suspicion." Xu Shengzhe gave a dry laugh, but his mouth refused to admit it, and changed the subject: "Didn't you say you were coming to Germany last time? Still coming or not?" Li Dong also did not continue to talk about the last topic, hearing Xu Shengzhe asked, Li Dong thought about it and said, "Definitely go, but the time is not sure, may be early July, may also be the end of July." "Try to early July, then I should not have left. Switzerland I put on the last stop, if you come, we will together, did not come I finished shopping in Switzerland to return home." "Okay, we'll be in touch then." After a few words with Xu Shengzhe, Li Dong hung up the phone. Once the phone hung up, Shen Xi couldn't help but say, "You and Xu Shengzhe are really gay, you pitted Long Hua once this time, you two are still chatting so energetically, is it considered love and kill each other?" Li Dong smiled and said, "It's not a love affair, but I helped him so much this time, so it's only right for him to call and be grateful." Shen Xi frowned and said, "What do you mean?" "Xu Shengzhe is not good, I've been dealing with him for so long, never underestimated him. He is a fox, or the old fox level. Today, members of the board of directors of Longhua suddenly went on a public rampage, you think it was a sudden situation? Xu Jianghua has been in control of Longhua for 20 years, but he can't even deter a director? If the director is in public, doesn't he know that this will have a negative impact on Longhua and may cause the value of his shares to shrink significantly? Who in this world is a fool? Who has a problem with money? What is cheek, there are many people who are shameless for money, he has put up with it for so many years, and today he can't help it?" After Li Dong finished, Shen Xi finally understood. But after hearing what Li Dong said, Shen Xi was still a bit shocked: "Impossible! Xu Shengzhe is not afraid of collapsing Long Hua by doing this? What good will it do to him if Longhua collapses?" Li Dong shook his head and laughed: "It's not that serious. Xu Shengzhe understands better than you, is it that easy for Longhua to collapse? In my opinion, this time, Longhua may be a bit of trouble, but it is not too serious, the most serious consequence is only Xu Jianghua take the blame for early retirement. Of course, the incident triggered by the fuse Xu Rulong certainly can not continue to take over. You do not forget that the Xu family is in control of 60% of the shares of Longhua, if Xu Jianghua and Xu Rulong out of control of the group, who should be in charge of the next?" Shen Xi bite back: "Xu Shengzhe!" "Now you understand? Shen Xi took a deep breath and said, "If this is really the case, this guy is really sinister. Lend us a hand to retake the Dragonghua not to mention, even his old man got down, but also deliberately run abroad, did he already have this idea?" "There are ideas for sure, Xu Shengzhe is not a person who is subservient to others. Xu Ru Long's ability may not be bad, but compared to Xu Shengzhe there is still a gap, Xu Shengzhe for the Long Hua fight these years, the mouth says it does not matter, do not really care at all? Last time he talked to me on the phone, the guy was afraid that he guessed something and just happened to find an opportunity to make trouble. You see, this time, Longhua will benefit the most is definitely him." Shen Xi looked at Li Dong, after a while before sighing: "I found that you seem to have become sinister recently, you were not so smart before." Li Dong's face is full of black lines, you are complimenting me or scolding me? Not to pay attention to her, Li Dong continued: "Long Hua side does not need us to care, whether Long Hua collapse or not, and we have little to do with. I am thinking about the pedestrian street land." "What is there to think about." Shen Xi finished and looked at Li Dongdao with wide eyes, "You're not really going to withhold this land, are you? You are crazy, more than 3 billion!" Li Dong shook his head and said, "I'm not going to withhold this piece of land. If it weren't for me, they would have had to pay at least a few hundred million more if they wanted to auction the land. Shen Xi frowned and hesitated for a moment before saying, "This price is not cheap, we have taken advantage of the reputation is almost enough. Don't make a mistake and end up smashing the land in your own hands."