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Chapter 409: Successful Negotiation, Three Happine

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After arranging the personnel issues, Li Dong announced that the meeting was adjourned. Wu Shengnan was about to leave when Li Dong Dong said, "Mr. Wu come with me to the office, I have something to say." Wu Shengnan nodded, and several people were just about to go to the office when Li Dong's cell phone rang again. Looking at the phone number and the time, Li Dong's eyes lit up and he said, "Brother Sun, the negotiations are over?" As soon as they heard the word negotiation, Shen Xi and Wu Shengnan hurriedly stopped. Today is the third round of negotiations between Yuanfang and Era, before busy with the auction, they almost forgot about this, now think about it, this point, the negotiations should also be over. Sun Tao on the other side of the phone said joyfully, "Mr. Li, the negotiations are over!" Li Dong heard his tone and felt good, but still asked, "How did it go?" "Hahahaha, Mr. Li, we made the right move in spreading the word about the broken capital chain of the material market! The negotiations between Time and the material market side have reached an impasse, and the negotiating team of the material market has also started to withdraw, now several parties are talking, we have the biggest chance to win in the far side, and now we have almost reached a consensus." Li Dong was immediately surprised: "Really?" "Mm!" Sun Tao answered and said with a smile, "Yu Bo and Yuan Chengdao two are indeed very strong, with a price of 2.4 billion almost convinced the era side, now can success, just one step away." Li Dong hurriedly said, "What is the difference?" "Cough ……" Sun Tao coughed lightly, some embarrassment said: "Mr. Li, 2.4 billion to take the times, there are also conditions." Li Dong eagerly said: "You say ah, the times offered what conditions?" "That …… times this is not worried about our capital chain also have problems, so strongly requested full payment in cash, before the end of the year, 2.4 billion must all arrive." "Shit!" Li Dong cursed, said angrily: "This is looking down on us, right? China Resources, Bailian, these corporate mergers and acquisitions where there is full payment, now to the end of the year is half a year, excluding the time to negotiate and sign the contract, that is, three or four months to pay us 2.4 billion? Time side really dare to think, other groups mergers and acquisitions of them do they also demand so?" Corporate mergers and acquisitions, especially those with such large sums of money, are rarely paid in full at once, and generally take three or two years to settle. Or use their own equity replacement, anyway, a one-time out of 2.4 billion cash merger case is really rare. The equity swap is certainly not in Li Dong, that can only pay, in Li Dong thought, the far side also does not drag too long, about a year to pay off the amount should be feasible. But the times actually let them pay in full by the end of the year, which is clearly worried that the far side can not afford to pay this money. Cursing, Li Dong thought about it and took a breath and said, "You guys try to fight for it, it's not possible, the end of the year, the end of the year, let's take the era first." Time side also dragged long enough, it is now June 30, 06, soon to be the second half of 06, Li Dong also do not want to drag on. The sooner the layout of the East China region, the better, Li Dong is ready to strike in 07. Spending a little more than half a year to digest the times, which is also in line with Li Dong's strategic goals, so although the times of the conditions are a little harsh, but still within Li Dong's tolerance. Sun Tao said dryly, "Mr. Li, do we have 2.4 billion?" Li Dong rubbed his forehead and calculated in his heart, Yuanfang's current reserves plus loans still have 800 million yuan, plus Longhua's 700 million yuan among which Yuanfang also has 300 million yuan, which is 1.1 billion. There are still half a year to go before the end of the year, and Yuanfang's monthly profit is about 50 million, and this is without adding the two places in South Lake and Mingcheng and the three supermarkets it just acquired. If we add these supermarkets, it is not difficult to average 60 to 70 million per month. By the end of the year, there will still be a profit of 400 million, which is 1.5 billion. The calculation, at least there is a shortfall of 900 million. 900 million …… Li Dong some headache, in fact, 900 million he can still take out, Longhua side he has almost 400 million, Baidu stock is now also up, selling a 400 million problem is not too big, plus the Swiss money, 900 million Li Dong can indeed take out. This does not count the 500 million that Shen Xi borrowed, or Li Dong now have the ability to pay in full. But all of this money is useful, and it is too uneconomical to invest it all in the far side. After considering for a while, Li Dong said to Sun Tao: "Let's fight for it, and the Times side said that we can pay half of it before the end of the year, that is, 1.2 billion, and the rest will be settled next year. If it is not possible, 1.5 billion is also possible, you can decide by yourself, if the Times side strongly disagrees, then do as I said before." Sun Tao also understands Yuanfang's accounts, and once he heard it, he understood Li Dong's meaning, and quickly said, "Don't worry, Mr. Li, I will fight for it." "Okay, then let's do it." After Li Dong finished speaking, he suddenly remembered and said, "Times is questioning our lack of payment ability?" "Right." Li Dong's eyes flickered for a moment, and only after a while did he say quietly, "Then you tell them that Far Far Away has plenty of money! I, Li Dong, have plenty of money, and today my Dong Yu Real Estate, which cost 5.25 billion, took three plots of land, this is enough to show our strength, right?" "How much?" "5.25 billion!" "Pfft!" Sun Tao, who was about to drink tea, spurted out with a clatter, and Yu Bo, who was sitting opposite him, dried the water stains on his face with a tissue. Sun Tao also could not care less about apologizing, hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, did you say it wrong? Or did I mishear? How much did it cost to take the three pieces of land?" "Five billion out of the top, now you understand?" Li Dong repeated, and added: "There will be a report in the Jiangbei newspaper tomorrow." Li Dong is also not to show off, mainly to deter the Times side. Save people always treat Yuanfang as a weak chicken, in the process of negotiation with the times, Yuanfang side has been in a passive state.