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Chapter 410 Establishment of Group Companies

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! In the evening, the hotel box. Li Dong also did not invite many people, Wang Yue and Liu Hongmei from the distant side, his own secretary Chen Ke. Dong Yu real estate side of Wu Shengnan, and the director of the Strategy Department, Zhang Qing, as well as the financial director from the far side of the past, Liu Hongmei's previous deputy Wang Lei. Together with Shen Xi and Li Dong, there were only eight people in total. When Li Dong arrived, all the people arrived early. Shen Xi swept a glance behind Li Dong and asked, "Your girlfriend didn't come?" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "She and her classmates went out for a dinner party, so it's good that she didn't come, just as we celebrate internally." A smile appeared on Shen Xi's face, nodded and said, "It's time to celebrate!" After saying that, she handed a newspaper to Li Dong Dong, "Take a look." Li Dong took the newspaper and did not rush to read it, first greeted everyone and sat down, then looked down and read it. This look, Li Dong immediately laughed: "Fast enough!" This is tonight's Jiangbei Evening News, the front page headline is about Li Dong's report, the evening newspaper is not as formal as the morning newspaper, entertainment bias some. In the report, there is a very detailed recap of today's auction. One of the largest pages is the fight between Li Dong and Xu Jianghua, and even in the report, it deliberately points out the grudge between the two before. After reading the report, Li Dong smiled and said, "Not bad, quite objective, and did not deliberately smear me." Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "There is no need to smear you, your reputation is not good enough now, why do people bother with that." Once these words came out, the others could not help but want to laugh. But in the end, all forced down, Shen Xi can joke with Li Dong, they do not have this qualification. Shen Xi finished this sentence also did not continue, and said: "almost 6:30, later Jiangbei News seems to have a report on this auction, I see if you have on camera." "Jiangbei news report on the auction?" Shen Xi shook her head and said, "The main talk is not about the auction, but the national housing reform policy, this time not to support the 70/90 policy, always report on it." Li Dong nodded to understand, and then laughed: "I see that what we see is not good news, but the price of housing is going up again, and I do not know whether to be happy or sad." Originally the country launched this policy is for ordinary people can afford to buy a house, but when it comes to the specific implementation of some tasteless. Anyway, up to now, the price of housing is not down but up, Li Dong also do not know whether the policy makers have long considered this problem, anyway, and now he does not have much to do with him, he also do not bother. 6:30 is almost here, the room just has a TV. Shen Xi turned on the TV, and the crowd began to order food while waiting to watch the news. Before Li Dong did not pay attention, but when it came to ordering wine, Li Dong finally reacted. Glanced at the surrounding crowd, and finally bitterly laughed: "How a bit of yin and yang feeling, it seems that I and Director Zhang are men, too many women." Wu Shengnan smiled and said, "Women can hold half of the sky, boss, there are more ladies, which means our women are getting stronger and stronger. In the future, you men can just sit at home watching TV with the kids and wait for us to feed you." Li Dong and Zhang Qing cried and laughed, Zhang Qing is afraid to refute, Li Dong is too lazy to refute, let Wu Shengnan smug. Waiting for the crowd to order, the waiter began to serve food, 6:30 news finally began. Jiangbei News, if Du Anmin has something to do that day, the first to report is definitely him. This time, no surprise, it was still Du Anmin who was the first to appear. After watching for a while, Li Dong was a little surprised and said, "So soon?" Others do not understand the meaning of Li Dong, Shen Xi is laughing: "Not bad, now just choose a good site, and so on to start construction, no three to five years is certainly not possible." The two were talking about the logistics park, which was when Li Dong was ready to take out a loan, and Du Anmin mentioned a mouth. At that time was the end of May, only a month's time, Du Anmin actually chose a good site, in terms of government, this speed is really not slow. The news report is exactly Du Anmin to visit the logistics park address, Li Dong looked for a while, faintly frowned: "This place looks familiar ah." "Of course it looks familiar, right next to our distribution center." Shen Xi did not think that said. When Li Dong heard this, he became furious and said: "This is not taking advantage of me? Distribution center over my infrastructure can be done, he now logistics park to my side, the government has saved, I pre-investment who is responsible?" Wu Shengnan also heard something meaningful, smiled and said: "Boss, you are considered to have gotten a bargain and still sell a good thing? East China's first logistics park, built next to your distribution center, more than 10 billion investment, not to mention that the price of land has risen. Besides, the government invested so much money, will not get infrastructure? When the time will certainly have to pave the road and bridge, you take advantage of a big bargain, just the traffic aspect, your future logistics costs will have to save a lot of money." Wang Yue also laughed: "Mr. Li, this is a great thing, today is another happy event, we have to drink a few more glasses later." Li Dong couldn't help but show his teeth, just now he was just whining, in fact, the logistics park was built next to the distribution center, he did pick up a bargain.