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Chapter 411 - Pandemonium

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Once the news that Li Dong was going to set up a group of companies was revealed, everyone's excitement got even higher. People have toasted to Li Dong, drink a while, the last bottle of wine is also empty. Shen Xi frowned and said, "Chen Ke hasn't come back yet?" Only then did the others remember this, Zhang Qing was the only man besides Li Dong, and seeing this, he quickly got up and said, "I'll go out and take a look, you guys continue." The crowd did not refuse, the status of several women present is not lower than Zhang Qing, he went out will not make everyone feel inappropriate. Zhang Qing left, and did not return after a long time. This time the crowd finally felt that something was wrong, Li Dong stood up and shouted to the door, "Lao Tan? Are you there?" After two consecutive shouts, Tan Yong did not respond. Li Dong's face changed slightly, took out his cell phone and called out, once the phone was through, Li Dong said, "I'm in the third floor of the Yi Yang Hotel private room, you bring people here, Tan seems to be tripped up by something." Zhou Haidong on the other side of the phone hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, you do not go out of the room, protect yourself, I will bring people here immediately!" Hang up the phone, Zhou Haidong can not even put on clothes, put on shoes and rushed outside, while running and began to call. At night, Li Dong went out to dinner he knew, but at that time he thought, Li Dong is in the hotel dinner, people come and go, and Tan Yong protection, the problem should not be big. But who knows Tan Yong now actually no news, Zhou Haidong suddenly some panic. Just now he was at home but also watched the news, today the boss made a big splash again, spending five billion to take a few pieces of land, this time the people watching him not too much. Maybe someone will take the risk and make a move at the hotel. …… in the private room. From Li Dong shouted Tan Yong, Tan Yong did not reply, the crowd quieted down. Shen Xi frowned slightly and whispered, "Call the police?" Li Dong shook his head, took a deep breath and said, "Don't panic first, we don't know what happened yet, don't alarm too many people, maybe they just got caught up in things, wait a little longer." After about two minutes, Li Dong shouted again Tan Yong, thought about it and called Tan Yong's cell phone, but no one answered. Now Li Dong could not sit still, turned to the crowd and said, "You do not move, I will go out to see, more than a minute I did not return, you will call the police." As soon as he said that, Shen Xi hurriedly said, "You do not go, wait a little longer, old Zhou and the others will bring someone here soon." "It's okay, it's not a movie, such a big hotel, there are not so many bad guys." Li Dong reassured the crowd, in the crowd of apprehensive eyes opened the door of the compartment, as soon as the door opened, the noise outside the door came in. The sound insulation effect of the room is good, before the door was closed, we did not hear, now once you hear the sound, the crowd breathed a long breath. Li Dong also breathed a sigh of relief, he heard the voices of Chen Ke and Zhang Qing. And the sound is not small, in that case, it should not be a kidnapping or something, otherwise they opened the box, no one would not come. Li Dong took a look out of the box and saw a group of people entangled not far from the corridor, all already wrestling. Chen Ke in the middle of the crowd constantly running around to persuade, but no one listened to her, Zhang Qing and Tan Yong is and five or six men wrestling together. The other side is probably not a raw hand, the strength is not weak, Zhang Qing a fight one also by the other side pressed in the ground beaten, Tan Yong side also did not have the upper hand, four or five people around him, Tan Yong momentarily simply can not get out. Now Li Dong finally understand why Tan Yong did not answer the phone, not to mention answering the phone at this time, the work of saying a word may be knocked to the ground. In addition to a few people on Li Dong's side and a few men on the other side, there are still a lot of people on the sidelines. The hotel's security guards also came over, but also helpless against the crowd, three or four security guards standing next to them can only keep persuading both sides not to fight, has called the police and so on. But no one listened to both sides, Tan Yong's side is no way, the other side is obviously not taken seriously, determined to dry Tan Yong to do. Li Dong took a look and saw that Tan Yong was not seriously hurt, Zhang Qing was beaten up, slightly relieved at the same time, and quickly called Zhou Haidong. Once the phone, Li Dong said, "I'm fine, Tan Yong and people fighting, bring a few able to fight over, just in case." "Right away, I've contacted the security people, the brothers are going upstairs, Mr. Li don't get involved in the risk, let the brothers handle it." "I know." Said Li Dong then hung up the phone and walked towards the end of the corridor. …… "Don't even fight, I apologize, I apologize okay? Please, don't fight ……," Chen Ke anxious tears are flowing down, see Zhang Qing was beaten poor, and quickly go forward to pick apart the man who beat Zhang Qing. The man probably did not want to fight with a woman, side hand pushed Chen Ke continued to beat Zhang Qing. Chen Ke did not stand still and fell straight down. Just then Li Dong came over, saw the situation frowned. The company's main business is to promote the development of the company's products and services. Tan Yong side of Li Dong did not care, straight to Zhang Qing side, Li Dong kicked the person riding on Zhang Qing beat him. The man turned around and looked up and was ready to see, but who knew that once he looked up, he saw a flower pot smashed over. "Wow!" The tiled flower pot shattered all over the ground with a crash, spreading dirt everywhere. The man who was hit by Li Dong's head immediately seeped blood, Li Dong saw him cover his head and moaned slightly, but frowned: "Head is quite hard, still not spill!" The man with the bleeding head stared viciously at Li Dong, but did not let go of Zhang Qing, and just as Li Dong spoke, he punched down again. Zhang Qing is just a corporate executive, which will what fighting, being beaten for so long, has long been some fainting. Now a punch down, Zhang Qing directly head tilted, fainted. Li Dong frowned, without saying a word, a kick in the past. The man had just been smashed some dizziness, although let a little, but still did not dodge, by Li Dong kicked over to the ground. What happened here also attracted the attention of the people nearby. A few people who were attacking Tan Yong suddenly said: "Go over one, get him down!" Tan Yong in the crowd saw the situation and roared: "Who dares to move, you try to move him!" "Get out of here!" Tan Yong roared, hugged a man and punched up, allowing several other people to punch and kick him. Just now, Li Dong is not in it, Tan Yong think stall time, wait for their own people to come and then clean up the other party is not too late. But now the other side to Li Dong hands, Tan Yong which can still hold back, caught a person to death, not a moment's work, he held the person's mouth began to seep blood.