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Chapter 412 - Luoyang Paper Expensive

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The situation of the old king in the room what a few people Li Dong did not bother. The hotel, Li Dong to Zhou Haidao: "Check what the origin of these guys, with so many bodyguards, it seems that the bottom is not shallow." These days, can afford to bring six or seven bodyguards are not ordinary people. And those guys are not straw, at least Li Dong did not do one, or a bit of real ability, just a few bodyguards a year cost is not small. Zhou Haidong nodded, Li Dong was about to say a few words, previously by Zhou Haidong they brought to the door Shen Xi hurriedly came over. As soon as she saw Li Dong, Shen Xi was shocked and said: "What happened to you? How did you get hurt like this, go to the hospital quickly." Li Dong looked confused and said, "I just took a few punches, is it necessary to be so exaggerated?" Shen Xi saw that he spoke with a full breath of relief, and then complained, "And you say it's okay, look at you, what a swollen eye." Li Dong touched his eye and looked in the rearview mirror of the car, then cursed, "Damn, these bastards, just a light hand, this damn look will not go down in a few days, how can I go out to meet people!" In the rearview mirror, Li Dong's eyes were swollen and panda-like. He himself did not feel anything, but in the eyes of outsiders, this look absolutely funny. When he thought about how many people had seen him strutting downstairs, Li Dong was depressed: "Old Zhou, why didn't you remind me?" Zhou Haidong gave a dry laugh and didn't have the heart to reply. Just now he thought that Mr. Li did not care, but now it seems that he thought wrong. Li Dong also did not dwell on this matter, and to the face swollen like a pig's head Tan Yong said: "You go to the hospital to see, I asked Lao Zhou to send you, just a lot of suffering, do not leave any dark wounds." Tan Yong said vaguely, "Nothing, superficial injuries." "If you want to go, go, which so much nonsense!" Li Dong finished and said to Zhou Haidong: "You send him, the doctor said what to do, do not listen to him, remember?" Zhou Haidong nodded his head, then said, "Mr. Li, we're leaving, what about your side?" Li Dong was about to speak when Shen Xi said, "I'll send him back to his side, you don't have to worry." Zhou Haidong looked at the two men, and finally bowed his head and said, "Okay, I'll send Tan Yong to the hospital first, Mr. Li, Mr. Shen, you take care on the way, the brothers are following behind, you have something to say hello." Shen Xi nodded and watched Zhou Haidong leave. At this time, the distant sound of the siren "Wula Wula", Shen Xi looked at the hotel, slightly gloomy face: "I heard that a few foreigners, or I let the municipal bureau side ……" Li Dong Waved his hand and interrupted: "Forget it, let's forgive people and forgive people. Just a fight, we did not lose, and parents, even if you sue, elementary school students to do this." Shen Xi said, "You also know that only elementary school students do this? What is your status? How old are you? The matter of fighting need you personally on the battlefield, to really hurt which how? This time, people are regular businessmen, and did not bring anything under the hand, and the next time? Every time this happens, can you let me save my breath?" Li Dong was a bit depressed: "Can you stop nagging me like a mother, not yet 30, but menopause?" "Fuck you! You know how to talk nonsense, your eyes are swollen like this, I see how you can see people in the next few days." "I won't see anyone, I'll rest for a few days." Li Dong is now also embarrassed to go out to meet people, fighting is not a matter, being beaten into a panda, this will be a big loss of face. The impact of being seen by subordinates and friends is also bad. After taking a look at Shen Xi, Li Dong Dong said, "You go back first, I also go back, you keep an eye on the company in the next two days, call me if something happens." "I'll take you back." "No need." "I'll take you!" Shen Xi grunted, directly opened his car door, pushed Li Dong into it, and took a look at his eyes and said, "Or go to the hospital to see, do not leave any after-effects." "Really do not need, I have experience, go back to the ice compress, two days to reduce the swelling." "And experience, you do not blush when you say this? Li Dong, you are not an ordinary student now, you are the chairman of a large company with billions of assets, can you think about the consequences before you do something. How many things have you caused this year, the media is not even bothered to black you now, you really think it's an honor, right?" Li Dong said impatiently, "What do you mean I caused trouble? If people don't mess with me, can I mess with them? Cut the crap, drive, take me to Lanshan Manor." "Why go to Lanshan Manor?" "Nonsense, my parents will nag me to death if they see me like this at home. It's enough to be nagged by you, a few more, I'm still alive." Shen Xi could not help but laugh, but still asked: "Then why go to Lanshan Manor? To Jinhu Park is right, right?" Li Dong glanced at her, not good-naturedly said: "My personal matters you are inquiring clearly, Lanshan Manor over I have a villa, the former Chen Rui's building. Yuhan a few days to stay with classmates, I went to Lanshan to live a few days, just Lanshan environment is good, recuperate a few days." Shen Xi "Oh" a sound, and did not ask further questions, driving to the Lanshan Manor. …… wait until the villa, Shen Xi in the refrigerator to find the ice. Wrapped up with a towel and ready to help Li Dong compress his eyes, Li Dong saw the situation and quickly took over and said, "I'll do it myself, it's late, you go back first."