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Chapter 413 - The Cycle of Cause and Effect

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong is still hiding in the villa and does not dare to see anyone, but does not know that his image of greatness has long been spread. After eating breakfast, Li Dong put on his sunglasses and was ready to go out for a spin when his phone rang. As soon as the phone was answered, Hu Xiaorui's impatient voice came from the other side: "Li Dong, where are you?" Li Dong heard her tone was quite anxious, and quickly asked, "What's wrong?" "Quickly say where you are?" Li Dong really thought there was something big, immediately said: "I'm in Lanshan Manor, the former Chen Rui's villa, in the end what happened ……" did not wait for him to finish asking, the phone was directly hung up. Li Dong frowned, what happened to Hu Xiaorui this is? Just when he was pondering, the phone rang again. Li Dong took a look at it and picked up the phone: "Yu Han, something wrong?" "Where are you?" Li Dong always felt that these words were somewhat familiar, on second thought, just Hu Xiaorui did not also ask the same thing. I didn't have time to think, Li Dong Dong: "I'm in Lanshan Manor ……" "Beep beep beep ……" the phone was once again The phone was hung up again. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Li Dong stared at the number and frowned, and then said: "Don't ask me where I am, I'm asking you, is there anything wrong? Nothing, hang up the phone, something, say something." There was a pause on the other side of the phone, and then Hu Wanlin smiled and said, "Mr. Li, what is it? Do you want me to help you out?" "What do you mean?" Hu Wanlin laughed and said, "Yo, Mr. Li, you're still hiding something from me. The newspaper has been reprinted several times, you took a beating this time, but saved the life of a newspaper, back to let people send you a banner to do so. But I also have a share of the credit, Mr. Li, your handsome photo I cut out and saved." Li Dong heart thumped, slowly said: "What photo?" "No way, you really don't know? Your charming panda eyes ……" "Pa!" Li Dong directly hung up the phone, then became annoyed and said, "Shit! Who did this!" "Lao Zhou! Old Zhou! In or out!" When Zhou Haidong heard the sound, he rushed in from outside and saw that Li Dong was fine and asked with relief, "Mr. Li, what's wrong?" "Go outside and buy a copy of all the newspapers over, especially the one with my picture, I'd like to see who dares to hack me like that!" As soon as Hu Wanlin said that, Li Dong knew that he had lost a lot of face this time. Yesterday's photos must have been taken, and also on the newspaper, the thought of this Li Dong want to die. Humiliated, too humiliated! The thought of being beaten into a panda eye photos by Hu Wanlin these ulterior motives of the guys saved up, Li Dong want to cry, still can not play happily! …… Zhou Haidong soon returned from buying newspapers. But Li Dong went through all the newspapers, but did not find the one with his own photo. When Zhou Haidong saw him rummaging around, he couldn't help but whisper, "Mr. Li, the newsstand side said that the newspaper with your photo was sold out early in the morning and is now waiting for a new addition to be printed." "Shit!" Li Dong cursed, gasping for breath before saying, "Forget it, the loss of face are lost, buy back more humiliating, do not read it is better." Zhou Haidong said: "Mr. Li, let the legal department send a lawyer's letter to the newspaper?" "Not enough to be embarrassed? So be it." Li Dong is a bit helpless, this kind of thing is best left alone, the more you make trouble, the more people are happy. These lace tabloids most like the subject to find things, the more trouble they are happy, the big deal finally apologize, the most serious is only to close the newspaper. But the newspaper closed, and then people can start a new business, borrowing the previous fame but can be more fire. Li Dong is not worth the trouble for this small matter, not worth it. Not to continue to dwell on that newspaper, Li Dong will be other newspapers about the far side and Dong Yu's reports are read a little. Fortunately, these reports are still mostly positive images. Even the most cursed real estate industry, Dongyu real estate is not cursed, but some expectations to see Dongyu real estate strong break into the real estate industry, will bring some new changes to the increasing prices. Li Dong took a look and shook his head slightly. These people really overestimate themselves, the rise in housing prices is not a person, nor a newly emerged company can resist, Li Dong does not yet have the ability to change these. Now he himself are short of money, not deliberately speculate high prices is a good thing, counting on themselves, these people are destined to be disappointed. The poor is alone, and up to the world. Li Dong is still a poor man, outsiders rumored that he is worth more than ten billion, but the specifics, he knows in his own heart. Not to mention tens of billions, his current fortune, even half of this can not reach. Less than five billion dollars, thrown into the real estate industry, will not even make a wave, can only say that people think too much. Just when Li Dong was contemplating, the sound of Hu Xiaorui's shouting suddenly came from outside the door. "Li Dong! Open the door quickly, I've come to see you." "Li Dong, is it here? Come out, it's just being beaten up, let's get back to the field, there's nothing to be ashamed of!" "Li Dong, open the door! I'm here to help you take revenge, don't hide, I can see you." "……" Li Dong inside the house is full of black lines, for a while before gritting his teeth to Zhou Haidong: "Quickly get her in!" Zhou Haidong forced a laugh and hurried out of the living room, not a moment later, Hu Xiaorui barged in with a breeze. The first time she saw Li Dong, Hu Xiaorui did not do anything else, but took out a newspaper from behind her, looked at the newspaper, then looked at Li Dong, compared for a while, Hu Xiaorui said: "Li Dong, you changed your clothes?"