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Chapter 414: Visibility

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong is outside and Zhou Haidong talk about things, the house suddenly came out a burst of laughter. Li Dong looked back, Hu Xiaorui and Qin Yuhan are laughing back and forth, and do not know how two women who have known each other for less than ten minutes can talk so pleasantly. He also did not bother to care, barked a few words to Zhou Haidong and sent away. When he entered the house, Hu Xiaorui stared at him and started laughing again. Li Dong said: "Still laughing, how long have you been laughing, is not just a purple eye, is it so funny?" "No, I'm not laughing at this, hahaha ……" Hu Xiaorui laughed out loud again, and only after a while did she intermittently say, "Sister Yuhan said you had a nickname in junior high school…… ……" "Qin Yuhan!" Li Dong knew what was going on as soon as he heard it, and roared at Qin Yu Han! Qin Yu Han also laughed, see Li Dong fury, quickly shook his hand and said: "Li Dong, I really did not mean to, Rui said he gave a lot of people nicknames, I just so a smooth ……" "smoothly said! " Li Dong glared at her, had known that these two women stink of each other, not to introduce them both. Qin Yuhan did not say he did not think up, a said Li Dong reacted, the two women really have a lot in common. Both quirky not to mention, and also have a vice, like to give people nicknames. Li Dong is the biggest victim of Qin Yuhan, Xu Shengzhe is also Hu Xiaorui's masterpiece. Seeing Li Dong fury, the two women also collected, but look at their expressions, apparently in the heart sneaking pleasure. Li Dong had a headache and stared at Hu Xiaorui for a while before finally saying, "Xiaorui, after watching and laughing, isn't it time to go home?" Hu Xiaorui cooed, "I don't want to go back." "Then you can't stay with me, right? I'll ask Old Zhou to send you back?" "No way!" Hu Xiaorui pouted, then said, "Why don't you ask sister Yuhan to accompany me, sister Yuhan said she was going shopping with her classmates, I want to go too." Li Dong looked at Qin Yu Han, and then at Hu Xiaorui, and finally impatiently said, "Go, go, go, all go, but you two listen carefully, and then talk nonsense outside, back I will find you one by one to settle accounts." "Got it! I won't say anything." Hu Xiaorui insincerely answered, and then laughed again. Li Dong couldn't do anything about her, and it took a lot of effort to send the two aunts away. As soon as they both left, Li Dong was relieved. Just relaxed, the phone rang again. Li Dong thought who was going to laugh at him again, and when he saw the caller number, Li Dong knew that it should not be. Li Dong naturally knew that it wasn't a phone problem, and after a moment's pause, he said, "See the newspaper?" "Mm." "Don't worry, I'm fine, you still don't know me, how many times have I suffered in my three years of high school? The swelling will go down in a few days, no problem." "I know." Li Dong rubbed his temples, smiled and said, "Say more, you talk so little, I'm a little uncomfortable." Yuan Xue was silent for a moment before she then said, "I've arrived in Pingchuan." "What? You've arrived in Pingchuan? Where are you now? When did you get here?" "Just arrived, at the bus station." "Did you see the newspaper?" "No! Don't make a fool of yourself." Li Dong laughed bitterly: "Okay, if not, then not, you stay at the bus station, I'll pick you up." "No need for you to pick up, I'll take a taxi to my great aunt's house by myself." Li Dong also does not care, continued: "Then I will go to your great aunt's house downstairs and wait for you, last time I went there, know the way." "Whatever." Yuan Xue's last words were obviously in a good mood, Li Dong heard a little pleasure, apparently his previous words were to each other's taste. Hang up the phone, Li Dong laughed and shook his head, these women, ah, are all mouth is not the heart. The actual fact is that they don't want to pick her up. If you don't say that, Yuan Xue may be more angry, people come to see him early in the morning, he didn't even show, it's too sad. …… half an hour later, Li Dong low-key drive an A4 in Yuan Xue aunt's house downstairs stopped the car. Waiting for about five or six minutes, a cab stopped at the entrance of the community. A white-clad Yuan Xue got out of the car empty-handed, without even bringing her luggage. This is needless to say, once you see this situation, Li Dong which does not know, Yuan Xue came suddenly, nine out of ten is to see the newspaper before suddenly decided to come to Pingchuan. Open the car window, Li Dong waved towards Yuan Xue. Yuan Xue looked around, and then came over. Seeing that Li Dong was wearing a pair of sunglasses that covered most of his cheeks, the corners of Yuan Xue's mouth rose slightly, pretending not to care: "Why are you here? I thought I didn't need you to come." Li Dong smilingly said, "idle, come over to enjoy the beauty." Yuan Xue gave him a blank look, opened the door and got into the car, and then said, "Sunglasses down, let me see." Li Dong obediently took off the sunglasses, the eyes of the dark purple than the morning faded a lot, it does not seem to be a big problem. Yuan Xue slightly relieved, some complained: "all day long just know fighting, before fighting is fine, now at least a public figure, do not know to pay attention to the impact? I am ashamed to see you in the newspaper, you still have the face, right?" Li Dong said helplessly, "I should be the one to be embarrassed, how can you be embarrassed?" "I'm your classmate, do you think I'll be embarrassed if others find out?" "I have many classmates." Li Dong mumbled a sentence, see Yuan Xue glared at himself, and quickly laughed: "Come on, my fault, give you shame. Why don't I treat you to dinner at noon to make amends?"