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Chapter 415: Busy and not free

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong was not clear about what happened at Yuan Xue's great aunt's house. Because Qin Yuhan is still in Pingchuan, Li Dong is not likely to pester Yuan Xue, called a phone to Yuan Xue in the evening, Yuan Xue side is probably not convenient, said a few words and hung up the phone. Li Dong also did not ask more questions, this time is exactly when he is busy, and so on when it is free. He has been beaten up in the outside world, Li Dong is not prepared to continue to hide in Lanshan Manor cat winter. The company still has a lot of things to deal with in the next few days, handing over to Shen Xi alone, Li Dong is also embarrassed. Early the next morning, Li Dong arrived at the company. As soon as he arrived, the company was in an uproar. The employees who were busy stopped their actions and peeked sideways at Li Dong. But Li Dong wore a big sunglasses, and could not see anything, so everyone was a little disappointed. When Li Dong took a look at this situation, he said with amusement and annoyance: "What are you looking at? Everyone is not working, right? I warn you, those guys who collect photos, just hide at home and enjoy it, if anyone dares to bring it to the company, we will find one and fire one!" The crowd couldn't help but burst out laughing. The original still some nervous emotions also dispersed, a good-looking female employees bravely joked: "Mr. Li, this is your words, originally I was ready to destroy the evidence, now with your permission, I can collect." "Well, now I've swindled you out! This month's bonus deducted in half!" "No, Mr. Li, I'm wrong." The female employee hurriedly played pity and said. Li Dong laughed for a while and said, "Remember your first offense, let's forget it this time. Everyone work well, this year is a year for Yuanfang to take off, the company is planning to set up a group of companies, once the negotiations on the acquisition of the era are over, the establishment of the group will be operational, you work well, follow me Li Dong, you will not be treated badly!" Originally these days because of too many things, the staff are a bit tired. But when Li Dong revealed the wind of the establishment of a group of companies, the people were immediately shaken. Li Dong also did not say much, placated the crowd a few words, then walked toward the office. When he arrived at the office door, Chen Ke was holding his chin and walking away, not even seeing Li Dong coming to the other side. Li Dong frowned and coughed gently. Chen Ke suddenly woke up, once she saw Li Dong, Chen Ke suddenly blushed and said, "Mr. Li, you're here." Li Dong nodded and asked, "Is Zhang Qing all right?" "Director Zhang is fine, the doctor said that he can be discharged after staying in the hospital for a few days for observation." "That's good." Li Dong finished and said, "Still thinking about that day?" Chen Ke's eyes turned red and he said with some guilt, "Mr. Li, it's all my fault. Because of me, you got hurt, and even lost face. Yesterday, when the newspaper came out, I felt bad." "This has nothing to do with you." Li Dong waved his hand and said indifferently, "My image has always been like this, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, who would dare to laugh at me to my face if I'm not being talked about? People can't even see me face to face, so what do you care what others say." "Mr. Li ……" "All right, this matter ends here. Think well about work, think less about messy things, make me a cup of tea, a little lighter, in addition, give a phone call to Mr. Shen to let her come to my office." "Okay." Chen Ke nodded in a hurry. …… Shen Xi came quickly. As soon as she entered the office, Shen Xi said, "Didn't you say you were taking a few days off? How come you are here today?" "The company is busy time, the newspaper has been published, but also rest what." Li Dong finished taking out a document and said, "This is the cooperation agreement negotiated between GDT Jewelry and us, take a look, do you have any comments?" Shen Xi took the document and looked at it for a while, and only after a moment said, "Cooperation is fine, but the conditions should be changed." "How to change?" "Yuanfang has a total of six hypermarkets in Pingchuan, and GDT wants to operate all of their jewelry. But the strength of GDT is not strong, six stores they can not eat, this condition change, cut half, three is enough." Li Dong considered for a moment and said, "Pingchuan cut half is fine, GDT said the other city cooperation what do you say?" "No rush first. See the effect of this side of Pingchuan before, according to my point, it is best to cooperate with the local powerful business. This not only expands the influence, but also pulls in contacts, and it's a little more convenient to operate in the local area." "Well, this can be negotiated later. But GDT also has requirements, saying that a single store should have a guaranteed monthly sales of one million, what do you think?" "This is not difficult. The jewelry industry, monthly sales of more than a million, in fact, is just about the same. One event down, monthly sales of more than ten million is not unexpected." "Okay, that's it then." Li Dong repeated Shen Xi's comments on the document, and then said, "The Land Bureau will sign the contract as soon as possible. Also, the land on the pedestrian street should be transferred before signing the contract, otherwise the contract will be transferred twice, and the tax is not a small amount. We have no problem transferring it privately, do you want to say hello in advance?" "No, I said hello yesterday, the Land Office side is fine, as long as not less than their money." "That's good." Talking with Shen Xi, Li Dong is also very relaxed. Sometimes he did not think of things, Shen Xi helped to deal with, Li Dong is also much more relaxed. After talking about these two things, Li Dong started talking to Shen Xi about the mall again. After two months of operation, the mall has gradually come to the right track. Express side also developed rapidly, less than two months, from the original ten distribution points, to now in Pingchuan has thirty distribution points, almost covering the entire Pingchuan.