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Chapter 416 Who swallowed my 7 billion!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Although said to leave the country, but Li Dong is not so fast to go. The two things are not done, Li Dong certainly can not leave. 3 morning, Li Dong took Wu Shengnan Shen Xi and his party went to the Land Bureau. Because of the advance greeting, Li Dong when they came, the director of the Land Bureau personally appeared to receive them. Do not look at the face of the Buddha, even if you do not give face to Li Dong, Shen Xi face or to give. In the official circles of Pingchuan, who does not know the identity of Miss Shen. The signing of the contract is quite smooth, pay ten percent of the deposit, the rest of the payment in a year, which does not violate the policy, the Land Bureau naturally will not set obstacles for Li Dong. However, in addition to the ten percent deposit, other taxes must be paid in one lump sum. Originally, Li Dong thought it was not much money, but when the financial report came out, the corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched. Eighty million! Yes, it is 80 million, the total value of the two pieces of land 2.2 billion, the deed tax, stamp duty, VAT …… a long list of taxes together, the tax alone is more than 80 million. If you add the down payment of $220 million, just three hundred million thrown out. Heartache to heartache, but the money can not be less, Li Dong gritted his teeth after the down payment, and then go to pay taxes. A morning run down, the contract is finally done, but the money also smashed several hundred million into. After signing the contract, the Land Office side and deliberately dictated. Two issues, first, within a year's time, Li Dong must pay the remaining amount, or even with Shen Xi's face in, the land will be taken back without compensation. Second, the land must not be idle for more than two years, if more than two years without development, the state also has the right to take back the land without compensation. Of course, this second point actually has little impact, many real estate companies have a way to cope with the time to casually build a small building on the ground, even if a workers' room, can also be fooled. Li Dong nodded his head to show his understanding, and the director of the Land Bureau polite for a while before leaving the Land Bureau. …… a morning time, spent three hundred million. Then Li Dong transferred fifty million dollars to Dongyu Real Estate, Shen Xi borrowed his five hundred million dollars only 150 million dollars left. In the afternoon, Li Dong did not go out, but sat in the office to write and calculate. The calculation is naturally how much money he can still use. Now he still has 150 million dollars on hand, and tomorrow the 300 million reserve from the far side will also arrive, which is 450 million dollars. In addition, there are 50 million Swiss franc bonds, if this money arrives, together with about eight hundred million. As for Longhua side, although still owes Li Dong seven hundred million, but not to mention the end of August to arrive, even if the account now, in fact, the seven hundred million also has little to do with Li Dong. Among the seven hundred million, Li Dong probably private almost four hundred million. But four hundred million of them, three hundred million to make up for the hole in the far side, after all, the acquisition of the era is imminent, Li Dong can not recklessly divert the money of the far side. The remaining one hundred million, thirty million to return Xu Shengzhe, thirty million is the previous find someone to split the loan, twenty million is Zhang Lan Yu, Li Dong can actually get his hands on less than twenty million, this money can be almost negligible. And he can use the eight hundred million, fifty million Swiss francs is still lying in the Swiss National Bank, temporarily did not arrive. The remaining 450 million, even Shen Xi's capital is not enough. Calculation, Li Dong again became a big negative, debt-ridden kind! Do not forget, the land piece, Li Dong still owe nearly two billion! Thinking of this, Li Dong sighed a long sigh, no wonder they say the richer you are, the more money you lack, in fact, he is now really not low, but owe more debt. Far side of the initial loan of 300 million, followed by a loan of 500 million, and owed Shen Xi 500 million, 2 billion land, which is 3.3 billion. When the acquisition of the times, the most Far Side can take out 1.5 billion, and have to owe 900 million, a calculation, 4.2 billion in debt! Thinking about all feel horrible, Li Dong shivered, this if you can not pay back the money, you really have to die abroad. Of course, the possibility of not being able to pay back is very low. At that time, Li Dong had two big supermarkets, Yuanfang and Time, as well as Dong Yu Real Estate, which owns several plots of land, and some of the Baidu stock, plus the 800 million in hand now. Li Dong hurriedly did some more calculations. Since the acquisition of several small and medium-sized supermarkets, as well as the opening of thirty stores in South Lake and Mingcheng, now valued at nearly 2 billion. The current valuation of the Times is also about 2 billion, plus a few pieces of land on the side of Dongyu real estate, as well as Baidu shares and 800 million cash, a total of about 7.5 billion. This is still this year, wait until next year, far and times are in profit, the valuation will also rise. If the land does not need more, earn a billion or 800 million, then Li Dong's industry breakthrough ten billion is not really difficult. Even after paying off the debt, that also has 6 billion, if in the stock market to get a deal, next year Li Dong really may reach 10 billion, think about it is exciting enough. 04 April he was reborn back, even if the end of next year, that is only three years.