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Chapter 417: Profit is greater than face

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Just as the two were silent, there was a knock on the office door. Li Dong sighed with relief and hurriedly said, "Come in." Chen Ke pushed the door in, and after greeting Li Dong Shen Xi, he then said with a somewhat odd face, "Mr. Li, someone is looking for you." "Who?" "Chen Hongming." "Chen Hongming ……" Li Dong looked suspicious, feeling some familiarity with this name, but did not remember for a while. Chen Ke explained a sentence: "It's the one from the hotel last time." Chen Ke said so, Li Dong immediately remembered, and then his face showed doubt, "He is looking for me? Just him?" "No, there is also a young man who said he is your friend, Mr. Li." "My friend? Did he say what his name was?" "He said his name is Wang Ming." "Shit, how did this guy get mixed up with them?" Li Dong muttered to himself, next to Shen Xi curiously said, "Who is Wang Ming?" "It's the guy who worked with me and Xu Shengzhe last time, the one who invested 10 million and picked up 60 million for nothing." When Li Dong said, Shen Xi also knew this person. Before Li Dong when they went to the new city, happened to meet Wang Ming's group also went to buy land, in order to prevent conflict, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe finally decided to cooperate with Wang Ming. Wang Ming scraped together 10 million, and the result was a sevenfold increase in a month's time, netting a profit of 60 million. It is impossible to say that Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe did not mind at all. But since that cooperation, Wang Ming also has self-awareness, did not contact Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe, Li Dong almost forget this guy. I didn't expect this guy now and Chen Hongming's group stirred together, it seems that after earning money, Wang Ming can not be idle, I'm afraid it is ready to do a big job. Li Dong knocked on the table and pondered for a while and asked Shen Xi, "Chen Hongming seems to be in the real estate business, right?" "Well, he and that Wang Baldy are in real estate, you mean they are rushing to that piece of land?" "It's very likely." To say that the one who came to him was the woman, the one named Xia Ran, Li Dong was not surprised. The jewelry company and the supermarket cooperation, this is not strange, but the one who came is Chen Hongming and not Xia Ran, then in all probability is rushing to this piece of land. The background of these people Li Dong also checked, but Li Dong did not consider them before, mainly because the other party does not seem to be strong enough, more than three billion of land, they should not eat. But now the other party came to the door, does it mean that the heart has the bottom? In any case, we still have to see, the other party is a local tycoon in Shudu, Li Dong wants to enter Shudu to develop, always need to develop some contacts to do. Shudu is too far away, usually Li Dong also can not have the time to go over, now since the other party door, that just to test. …… far conference room. Waiting for the small assistant to pour the tea out the door, Chen Hongming only whispered: "Li Dong will see us?" Wang Ming said comfortingly, "Surely he will, or else just say he's not in, not in a hurry to eat hot tofu, Mr. Chen wait again." Chen Hongming nodded, then laughed bitterly: "Last time that thing really made a big mess, should have known it was Li Dong's people …… alas, forget it, it's too late to talk about this." Wang Ming laughed: "In fact, it is not a big deal, are businessmen, who does not do business to make money? Li Dong is also a human being, there is money to be made, how to take a punch, Wang was broken a rib, lying in the hospital is not still thinking about making money, if you give me a punch, let alone let me earn a hundred million, a hundred thousand I will do." Chen Hongming swept him a glance, after a moment suddenly said, "Really?" "Cough ……" Wang Ming coughed dryly, crying and laughing, "Mr. Chen, I just made an analogy, you still take it seriously." Chen Hongming shook his head and let out a laugh, and did not continue to flirt with him. For those of them, interest is greater than face, but that also depends on how big the interest. For example, Wang Ming, you hit him a black eye, a million he may forget, because he thinks a million is a good deal. But if 100,000 yuan, to be honest, for a business made 60 million Wang Ming, this money is not enough to make him embarrassed. By the same token, Li Dong received a punch, but also on the newspaper, if you can make a lot of money, naturally will not be and these guys. But if Li Dong feel that the money earned is not enough to make up for the previous loss, then what cooperation is false. During their small talk, Li Dong and Shen Xi entered the conference room together. As soon as they saw Li Dong enter, Chen Hongming and Wang Ming hurriedly stood up, Chen Hongming reached out and smiled: "Mr. Li, Mr. Shen, I'm really sorry about the last time. Old Wang is still in the hospital, so he asked me to apologize on his behalf, so please bear with me." Li Dong reached out to shake his hand and said with a light smile, "There is no need to apologize, last time my men didn't have a good grasp of the situation and hurt Mr. Wang and Mr. Chen, it is me who should say sorry." "Mr. Li is joking, it's all our fault ……" The two of them were polite for a while before Wang Ming next to them interjected and laughed: "Mr. Li, we meet again." Li Dong nodded, also smiled: "Wang Ming, some days have not seen, where to make a fortune?" Wang Ming laughed bitterly: "What fortune, without Mr. Li's guidance, it's not bad if I don't lose money. I am now just sitting on the mountain, this is not heard of Chen and Wang side of the total opportunity, also came to join the fun, can not make money, later also depends on the total Li you appreciate the mouth to eat." Wang Ming and Chen Hongming posture are put very low. Wang Ming not to mention, he can make a fortune, borrowed the light of Li Dong, posture lowered a little normal. But Chen Hongming is also a person in Shudu, considered a local tycoon, can put the posture so low, really not ordinary people can do. When Wang Ming finished, Li Dong didn't be too polite with them and asked, "Is it for the land on the pedestrian street?" Li Dong opened the door and Wang Ming and Chen Hongming were both a bit surprised. But soon they reacted, Wang Ming nodded: "Exactly, these days you and Tianyu Dafeng are talking about this matter, we heard the news and came to explore the situation, Mr. Li, you have not reached an agreement, right?" "No." Hearing Li Dong directly admitted that no agreement was reached, both faces were happy. These days, the hottest speculation in the Jiangbei real estate sector is this piece of land. Originally, this piece of land was auctioned off by Li Dong, and everyone lost heart, because this guy has always been only in and out. But when everyone knew that Li Dong did not want the land, the previous auction was only a consensus with a few groups outside the province, powerful real estate developers began to be moved. Walking Street is indeed a good piece of land, plus after the auction, prices rose again, land prices also rose.